(Requested: For Avy's Birthday!) Damon wants someone who won’t defend his bad behavior, and Bonnie calls him out on his actions. She won’t change him (personality wise) but she won’t tolerate him killing or even given up. She let’s him believe an alternatives choices besides jumping to the conclusion of the worst one. Gifset 9-12 showed the growth in Damon, usually he’d lash out, or get angry, but instead he walks away and accept the truth.

Let me draw your attention to this for a moment. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this right here validates that. You don’t need to know the history of the Salvatore men to see the disdain that Giuseppe Salvatore carries for his son. 

The body language is clear proof of it. Look at the way Giuseppe and Stefan stand their shoulders brush together, and yet there is space between Damon and Giuseppe, actually quite the gap compared to Stefan. Damon remains the odd one one, the out cast. 

Now look at Giuseppe’s hand placement he’s resting his hand on Stefan’s shoulder that is the “this is my boy, my heir and I am proud to call him my son.” Then you look over at Damon and you don’t see the same action, instead Giuseppe has his hand resting on his cane. 

It’s history such as this which make me more drawn into the character of Damon Salvatore, because you get glimpses of why he is the way that he is. In some form or another for the longest time Damon was always seen as second best, and rather than joining the group he always remained stuck on the sidelines. 

Giuseppe -> choosing Stefan

Katherine -> choosing Stefan

Elena -> one point in time always choosing Stefan 

For so long Damon has held the burden of always being second choice, and that’s why I’m very curious to see what his relationship was with his mom. She is someone he holds dear to his heart and rarely speaks up which shows she was of great importance to him .