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February 7th, Daily Divination 

“Stupid Cupid” spread

Very interesting reading. I was happy to see Strength as my current state of my heart. Also the Six of Swords as what needs my attention the most is a very interesting development. I could stand to get out a bit more, I’ve been cooped up in the house for what feels like a month! The Four of Swords in my heart’s direction is a nice relief as well, I sure could use a break. Love this spread, and how nice these cards look with my Valentine cloth! 


Deck: Vampire Tarot
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anonymous asked:

May I request a tarot reading? This summer I'm going to London to study Shakespeare at the Central School of Speech and Drama. It's a short course but I'm excited! I'd like to know if this venture will result in any significant career opportunities. Will somebody notice me? (Vampire deck)

I pulled “Two of Holy Water”.

The scene depicted on this card shows Van Helsing saving Lucy with a transfusion from her lover, Arthur Holmwood. As the sharing of blood is a sexual metaphor in Dracula, the transfusion may represent a sexual encounter, but it can also represent love, attraction, care, healing, and nurturing. This card can symbolise a deep connection between people. My intuition is telling me that by going on this course you will be noticed by many, and have a great chance to establish connections between people which can help you gain easier access into your chosen career path and industry.

While shuffling the deck, a card forcefully popped out so I placed it beside the other chosen card. Once I turned it over, it showed “The World” and this is an excellent omen. Sometimes when shuffling cards and meditating on the question, a card will fly out of the deck which is important as it tends to be another message from the universe which is eager to be delivered. The imagery depicted on this card includes Mina Harker in the nude, in the centre of a wreath holding a mirror next to a snake. The top of the card shines the light, with the darkness stooping below it. This card symbolises success, the completion of an initiation, and the achievement of one’s goals. It may also symbolise what is good or desired. At the highest level of interpretation it symbolises a mystical state of wisdom and understanding.

Overall, the cards definitely say that this course will be extremely beneficial to you. I wish you all the luck in London!

Okay, decks that I’m looking at

the Steampunk Tarot: I’m obsessed with this imagery, but I’m getting the vibe that it would be super similar to my Vampire deck. 

Wildwood Tarot: can’t decide on this one, but it feels very Norse and I kinda like it…kinda feel like I’m not on its wavelength. 

Tarot of Trees: Kind of in love

Mystic Gate Tarot: the nerd in me wants, but I’m not sure I’d ever use it for divination 

I also have two decks in my closet I keep forgetting about. I’m gonna dig those out and see if they’re fairly non sexual. 

I really shouldn’t spend more money period, especially on tarot, but I’m in love with some of these

*i’m also super obsessed with the modern spellcasters tarot, though that one is a bit too sexual for me rn* 

anonymous asked:

i am really on the fence about reading the quick... could you give some selling points? you always convince me!!

  • torrid queer victorian love affair
  • main character gets turned into a vampire due to an embarrassing case of mistaken identity
  • dowdy no-nonsense heroine packs her shit and hightails it to London to try and rescue her hapless, accidentally vampiric brother
  • there are your standard rich, aristocratic vampires but there is also a whole community of poor street urchin vampires who’re constantly feuding with the rich, aristocratic vampires and it’s great
  • genuinely engrossing and quite spooky with a [chest clutch] ending 

anonymous asked:

I'd so appreciate you pulling a card for me. I'm wondering if I should fight for my relationship or if it is time to walk away.

I pulled “The Tower” from the vampire tarot deck.

The card depicts a treacherous road leading to a mountain peak occupied with Dracula’s castle. It is illuminated with a flash of lightning, and Dracula in the form of a bat is flying towards us. This card symbolises a shattering of illusions, a rude awakening, or a flash of insight that is enlightening. It can represent a sudden change of circumstances, such as the loss of a job or relationship. It can also represent a beginning of an adventure. This card may be advising you to discontinue your relationship if it is causing you so much trouble and you are fighting for it. I received an intuitive image of a vampire being burned by fire - the card “The Sun” also comes to mind, which can represent a burning away of the ego. Has this relationship been “burning” your heart?

In Dracula, it is in the tower that Jonathan Harker shatters away the deceit and illusions of his host - who he comes to realise that he is in fact a vampire. Very much the same, you are aware of negativity happening within the relationship. Jonathan did not succumb to darkness of the castle and the ghostly brides - he made his eventual escape. Will you?

anonymous asked:

May I ask a tarot question anonymously? I want to ask: what kind of romance can I expect this year? I'm beginning to think I may never get married.

For you I pulled “Knight of Stakes” from the vampire tarot deck.

On this card is illustrated a portrait of Edgar Allen Poe, a famous American poet and writer. He is pale and dressed in a black suit, with a comfortable white scarf wrapped around his neck. His eyes stare deeply into your soul, calling forth all your deepest and purest desires.

Poe’s work is of highly intuitive aesthetic but it also captures powerful moods and feelings. This card represents someone who you will meet this year that is introverted, highly aware of their feelings, but also comfortable using sensation and intuitive functions. I sense someone who has strong ties with lunar and feminine energy. Perhaps they enjoy going out at night on peaceful walks around the block or sitting on a bench quietly enjoying nature. This person will connect to the deepest parts of your soul. Perhaps they are hiding in plain sight, or you are yet to meet them. As long as you do not cloud your judgment instantly, you will develop strong romantic feelings for them.