vampire deck

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❄ = Christmas themed

Niece Knows Best

Icing Trouble ❄

The Heart of the Ocean (titanic!au)

A Helping Hand (neighbor!au)

Color (blind!yoongi)

Winter Wonderland (blind!yoongi) ❄

Partners In Crime (heist!au)

We Own The Night (small-town!au)

You Are In Love

Lilac (soulmate!au)

The Visitor (demon!yoongi)

7 Kisses

Dance With Me ❄

Bite (vampire!Au)

Deck the Halls  

Brain Games (mind-reader!namjoon)


Give You My Heart (doctor!jimin)

The Great Light Fight ❄

Tenebris Occultis (psychic!jimin)

Masterpiece (art-student!jimin)

Let It Snow ❄

Skater Heart (skaterboy!taehyung)

The Meaning of Time (time-traveler!taehyung)

Spiders ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

Polarity ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

Baseball Pants ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

Insecure (poly!au) Burden &  Jealousy

Medicine (hospital!au)

Pick a Side ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

In Public ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

Q & A ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

Good Company ft. Jungkook (poly!au)

Blueberries and Bad Boys (badboy!au)

The Fire Enigma (demon!jungkook)

Bad Boy for Christmas (badboy!au) ❄

Almost Human (fallen-angel!jungkook)

Spiders ft.Taehyung (poly!au)

Polarity ft. Taehyung (poly!au)

Baseball Pants ft. Taehyung (poly!au)

Insecure (poly!au) Burden & Jealousy

Pick a Side ft. Taehyung (poly!au)

In Public ft. Taehyung (poly!au)


Curse Words (soulmate!au)

Q & A ft. Taehyung (poly!au)

Good Company ft. Taehyung (poly!au)


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↠ OT7

BTS as Greek Gods

BTS in High School


You Tease Them Over Childhood Stories

You Tell Them You’re Pregnant

Best Friend Taehyung and Boyfriend Yoongi

Staying Late at the Company (Jimin)

You’re Insecure (Jimin & Yoongi)

They Tease You Over Childhood Stories

You Send Them To The Store to Buy Pads/Tampons

They Find Your Tumblr

Pick-Up Line War

Jealous/Posessive Yoongi

Accidentally Sending Them Your Confession

Your Brother Jin Finds Out You’re Dating Suga

They Forget Your Birthday

Random Boyfriend Yoongi

You Send Them Random Texts

They Text You About Your Sleeping Habits

Happy Birthday Jungkook!

Happy Birthday Namjoon!

When You’re On Your Period

Drunk In Love

Bangtan Comeback

Texting BTS “I Have a Secret To Tell You”


You’re Insecure (Jimin & Yoongi)

Staying Late at the Company (Jimin)

Best Friend Taehyung and  Boyfriend Yoongi

Convincing You Out of the House (Jungkook & Jin)

You’re Sick (Maknae Line)

They Tease You For Liking Taehyung

Confessing To You (Jin and Yoongi)

You’re Scared From a Movie (Yoongi)

Excited for Christmas (Taehyung)❄

Merry Christmas from  BTS❄

Sweet Jungkook

Caring Jimin + Sassy You

BTS + Winter Weather

Encouraging BTS

Jealous/Posessive Yoongi

Happy (V)alentine’s Day (Taehyung) 

Your Brother Jin Finds Out You’re Dating Suga

You’re Their Sister

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Random Boyfriend Yoongi

Happy Birthday Jungkook!

Happy Birthday Namjoon!

Boyfriend Yoongi Misses You

Poly!Taekook When The Power Goes Out 


You’re a Bad Cook

Seeing You In Your Prom Dress

You Believe In the Supernatual

You Falling

Their Kid Getting Injured At School

You Walking Down the Aisle

You Only Getting a Few Hours of Sleep

You Having a Lot of Pictures of Them On Your Phone 

You Fainting After Riding a Rollercoaster 

You Painting Their Nails Pink While They Sleep

You Reject Them

You’re Their Idol Crush and On the Same Variety Show

Your House Gets Broken Into When They Aren’t Home (Hyung Line)

You’re Child Is a Daddy’s Girl/Boy


All Members









The 1975 Drabbles 


5/4/17 As much as I love my Les Vampires deck…. I needed something different….so tonight for the first time since buying the deck….
The Healing Oracle … crystal reading cards…
I just drew one card….
Forgiveness…. I struggle with this on a daily bases…. its so hard…. but for me to have peace its something I must do!