vampire compass

Compass points in the direction of your soulmate au.

Everyone is born with a compass on their arm that points in the genral direction of their ‘soulmate’.

-So I’ve worked out that my soulmate is in this city, and they work in a strip club????

-Realising you just mugged your soulmate.

-A casually walks in on B and C doing the do.

-I’m being arrested, and my compass is pointing at you officer.

-Doing CPR on a patient that just came in while the compass spins on their arm.

-Person A knowing their soulmate lives in this big old mansion in the woods and works up the courage to knock on the door.  

-I’ve been living alone for years and you have just knocked on my door. 

-Also I have a lot of cats and your allergic. 

-So my soulmates a vampire- 

-”Turns out my soulmate is really fucking rich holy hell.” 

-A finding their soulmate and becoming best friends, B being completly oblivious to this and marrying someone else.

- Private detective.

-You always deliver pizza on a sunday why the obsession???

-Walking in on a bunch of criminals.

-Does this dog belong to you?

-Being at a concert and your compass pointing directly at the singer.

-That politician you dislike? Yep they are your soulmate. 

-Rivals in a big sports event like the olympics.  

-Oh shit your tol.               

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I know that you've said a few times that you aren't that interested in gifts when it comes to vampires and that you prefer vampires without a gift; but are there any gifts that you think would be interesting to see? Or that you think could provide interesting conflict?

I’d rather see more subtle gifts than X-Men stuff. I like Jasper’s gift a lot better when it’s more low-key and under-the-radar than the basically mind-control I’ve seen in fics where he can make people feel something so strongly he can basically make them do things (make two people so lustful they have sex, for example, or make a vampire so thirsty [not an emotion!] that they snap and kill someone despite being a vegetarian, or whatever). I didn’t get that sense from the book at all. 

We have vampires that know the truth (their from mind-reading or special truth-knowing senses) but what about a vampire who sort of compels you to tell the truth? Again, not in a mind-control way, but more of a subtle aura that makes you more inclined to open up to them, or just find it difficult to lie to them. 

I also love the idea of kind of useless powers.  A vampire with a really good sense of direction.  “That’s north.” “Thanks, don’t care. We hunt by scent, not by a compass.”  A vampire who can just guess what every human’s favorite food is. “How is that helpful?” “It’s not, although I tend to find people who like spicy foods have tastier blood.”  A vampire who always knows where there’s wifi.  “You’re a nomad. You don’t even have a phone or tablet.” “Yeah but when I was human wifi was really important to me. There’s a hotspot over there.”

The Solar Clan 1

Fandom: Mamamoo
Pairing: Wheesa, Moonsun
Rating: T (for now)
Word Count: 877
Tags: Vampire AU, mafia AU, scifi, angst, sexual themes, dark themes,
TW: blood, violence
Summary: No one knew it at the time, but that was the beginning of the Solar Clan. The notorious Solar Clan led by Queen Yongsun, an all-female crime syndicate known for their particularly cunning and brutal methods of business.
A/N: Chapter 1 of 6. Chapter 2

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It was human error to assume a wooden stake through the heart could kill a vampire.

Folktales of angry mobs wielding pitchforks and torches and wooden stakes, shouting profanities and ill wishes at the wretched monsters that lurked the black of night, riddled human storybooks with false moral superiority.

It wasn’t the creatures of the night who were the monsters, it was the humans. With their easily-impressionable, feeble minds, mortals eager to boast their self-proclaimed righteousness tainted the twilight with their hatred for any who were different.

A time came when those who were different struck back. Armed with sharp claws and sharper teeth, those who were different drew blood. Upon the morning glory of their bloodbath, those who were different retreated into caves and caverns, leaving only bloodless caracasses for the buzzards to pick at.

Over time, isolation influenced evolution. Those who were different, those who sought blood, had violence coerced into their genetics as they hunted live meals. Village elders of human communities taught the children never to wander beyond the swamps where bones bleached white by sunlight built great ivory castles among the marsh. The savages who lived there, they explained to the children, were called vampires.

To err was human—but it was the error of the vampire to allow a human into their heart. Wooden stakes didn’t kill vampires, human compassion did.

In a time where humans understood very little about the world around them, vampirekind evolved greatly. Human medicine was weak, their streets were rancid, and their minds were infantile. Religion and politics scandalized civilizations, hindering human progress.

In 541 AD, the first pandemic of plague swept through the Mediterranean basin, killing most of the civilized world. As humans perished, vampires fed off their decaying bodies—consuming rich, healthy blood was impossible due to the devastation of the living population. In its destructive wake, the lingering plague introduced neophyte immunity to vampiric genetics from their desperate survival tactics.

In the thirteenth century, the second pandemic of plague pillaged Europe so swiftly, it was remembered by history as The Black Death. Humans, still infantile in their progress through earth’s timeline, took to cloaking themselves in heavy, black gowns with thick gloves, spectacles, and a bird-like mask that stowed bundles of dried herbs. They called themselves plague doctors, and they visited the homes of the sick to splice the buboes of plague on their ill-stricken bodies. Their efforts were futile, for The Black Death had permeated every crevice of Europe. Death was unavoidable, inevitable. Too few humans remained to even bury their dead.

Again, human bodies adorned the streets for hungry vampires to feast off of. Some vampires were not as lucky as others—perhaps they were sired from a poor bloodline—and The Black Death claimed them too. For those who survived, the exposure bolstered their neophyte immunity, evolving their very genes to withstand the perils of humankind.

And for some humans, if they begged on their hands and knees with tears in their eyes and sorrow in their hearts, vampirekind would grant them a merciful death so they would not wither from The Black Death. One woman in particular, the daughter of a merchant and a woman of childbearing age, did not beg for death—she begged for life, to be undead, to carry the spite she nursed in her bosom since her birth into the afterlife.

No one knew it at the time, but that was the beginning of the Solar Clan. The notorious Solar Clan led by Queen Yongsun, an all-female crime syndicate known for their particularly cunning and brutal methods of business.

Queen Yongsun wasn’t always a queen. To be a queen meant to slay and to conquer. In a world dominated by men and kings, a woman had to be undeniably terrifying to steal the crown. Yongsun was out for blood.

In just short of a decade, Yongsun shook the vampire world by slaughtering the elder who sired her, claiming he was ‘too delicate of a man to carry out business.’ Murder of an elder was more than disrespectful, it was heinous. In a time when the Council of Elders ordered for a more civilized existence of vampirekind—hoping to permanently stow away memories of blatant savagery of decaying human bodies due to catastrophic thirst for blood in times of old—Yongsun rebelled in the worst way.

She was shunned by traditionalist vampires. A target on her back, she dodged attempts at her life for years. She fed for sustenance, and if her mortal victim was pretty, she’d turn them; promising her fledgling vampire childe the world, she fueled them with empty compliments and great sex—unbeknownst to them, she used them as pawns in the deadly game she played with the Council of Elders. Bloodlust consumed her just as rage did.

All empathy she felt as a human died the night she sliced the last remaining elder’s throat.

That was the night vampirekind saw a shift in power. Vampirekind was now a matriarchy led by the most gruesome, beautiful vampiress to have ever lived.

With Queen Yongsun, a new bloodline impervious to human illness began. A bloodline, the Solar Clan, cradling human civilization in its bloody hands. A bloodline so divine it was beyond human error, vampire error, all error…

Or so she thought.

Surprise! The Sequel. [TVD 1x12 Review]

Welcome to the 12th review of season 1! As per usual, here are the guidelines: Considering that I haven’t sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I will start with my usual disclaimer: I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena senitments and I feel the need to say there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism and anti-blackness. OK. Ready? Let’s go.

I love how Stefan and Elena are lying down on her bed, talking about what’s happening in the town, that level of intimacy just in the fact that they’re together on her bed and it isn’t sexual, it’s about how comfortable they are with each other.

I still think it’s bullshit that Jeremy would invite the pizza guy in. I also really hate this scene because I want more details, like at least see vampire hoodie dude get into a car with the actual pizza delivery guy bleeding in the backseat.

Paul’s jeans fit much better now.

Omg Paul is just all chiselled features. This man is beautiful.

“Oh yeah, Elena and I had a blast!” You two were barely together.

Yay, more lunch! Sorry, I just couldn’t recall when they ever ate lunch so the fact that I’m seeing them eat it makes me happy because DETAILS. If only we got a class other than history that wasn’t in a dream.

“If it’s what you and Matt want then it’s not about me.” We don’t ever get a conversation like this about Steroline, like Elena just kept her mouth shut and she never talks about SC as a couple, which I find telling.

I also never understood why Nina uses her left hand to brush the right side of her face, like her hair out of her face, I always found that weird.

Lol Elena leaves Bonnie with the bill. Of course. And doesn’t say thank you.

It really annoys me that the first guy to show interest in Bonnie in the show is just using her. Ugh.

Especially since they could’ve been really hot. And cute. I’m annoyed.

“It’s because we’re predators, Elena. We hunt, we stalk, it’s often as exciting as the kill.” See, Stefan never once distances himself from the darker aspects of vampirism, so I don’t know where the DErs get of saying he pretends to be a saint.
The way he strokes her face, omg.

Matt and Caroline are so cute, their almost paint fight and the way he says, “I MEAN I thought you always told everyone else what to do.”

OK so Elena and Jenna do have separate cars.

“I’m really sorry it won’t be any help for your Diabolical Plan. The Sequel.” I love dry Stefan so much.

It’s kind of funny watching Ian’s hyperactive eyebrows against Paul’s pretty stationary ones.

“See that’s your problem, Damon, you apply all of your shortcomings to everyone else.” Ha, could say the same thing about DE shippers.

So, funny story. When I had cable and would watch my teen dramas, my mother would always complain about them and say how much she hates them but then I would see her standing in the hall watching them over my back. Happened with OTH. Happened with Gossip Girl. And it happened with TVD. So I’m at the scene where Elena is doing her hair and the compass is on her bed. I remember being soooooooo into the scene, like OMG THE SUSPENSE THE COMPASS IS MOVING and then I just hear my mom yell, “She is STUPID. If you’re in a town overrun by vampires and your vampire boyfriend gives you a vampire compass that finds vampires would you not have that damn compass everywhere you go??? SHE’S AN IDIOT. What’s her name? I don’t like her.” Lol. And now eight years later, I tend to agree.

It’s funny, in KDramas when a loved one’s number is saved it’s always something like “My Yoon Jae” or “My Gyu-woon” so just seeing “Elena Gilbert” on Stefan’s phone is like … aww, come on, can’t it be “My Elena”??? lol. Although tbh I probably wouldn’t like that. Kdramas get away with a lot of things that American TV can’t.

Aww Stefan’s hand on Elena’s leg as they talk about the vampire. So sweet. Simple gesture but it shows his protectiveness and his need to comfort her.

And then when Elena slips her hand over his to comfort him for being worried about her. My feeeeeeeeeeeeels.

Also Paul is total James Dean here. Who was that person who said Ian was more James Dean than Paul? Like … WHAT?

“What’s Damon doing here?” At least Bonnie looks mildly indignant.

Also it takes some kind of gall to stand before Bonnie and Caroline, two people who Damon had tried to kill and not feel a type of way.

I do still find Elena’s *turn to Stefan* “May I have this dance?” to be hilarious and necessary. And Stefan’s smile is amaaaaazing.

Paul’s hands are kinda low on Nina’s hips, lmao.

Anna’s hair is a little weird.

“You’re doing that thing again, where you pretend we’re dating even though we’re not” LOL that was a little harsh. The way Anna brushes it off is cool though.

I actually just noticed that when Matt walks up to Caroline and Bonnie at the Grill he’s actually smiling until Caroline is classist af.

Also totally forgot that Stefan and Elena actually have a blast dancing before he pretends he won’t dip her, like they’re smiling SO goofily.

And Damon is looking at them jealous for absolutely no reason because he’s hardly spent any time with Elena but seriously, that’s what love looks like Damon.

The fact that Damon can call himself Stefan’s legal guardian and none of the adults side eye his relationship with Elena? When she’s supposed to be the Rory Gilmore of Mystic Falls, beloved by the town?

“Tonight was so much better on paper.” Just like how the SC relationship was so much better on paper? I get it, Caroline.

Lmao I’m watching all these other people dance and yeah Paul’s hands on Nina’s hips has me like mmmhmm.

Lol he moved them up to her waist.

Oh back to the hips.

Their dance kiss is still one of my favourites, like it just shows how much he loves her.

The way Damon dances with that blonde is utterly ridiculous.

ALSO LOL. “My Boyfriend’s Back” is a song I did a vid to for Steroline and Stelena back in the day, I didn’t realize they played it in 1x12.

It’s actually good to see Elena active in a scene. This is one of my favourite Elena’s scenes [when she fights with Noah]

One of the things I actually like about the Stefan torturing Noah scene is Damon’s facial expressions in the background because he knows how much Stefan loves Elena so he’s just like lol yeah you shouldn’t play tough because he WILL make you suffer. Also seriously, Stefan’s intensity in this scene, that type of protectiveness over Elena that isn’t shown through “I will break your arm” so much love.

I think I really like Mattoline because it reminds me of me and my best friend in high school and it’s really realistic.

I also like the Mattoline kiss, it’s very cinematic.

Also find it cute that Elena is on her couch and Stefan is making her tea in her kitchen because they’re just so at home with each other.

And the way she looks at him giving her the tea, like isn’t my boyfriend so considerate?

“It’s going to take a lot more than a road trip and a rescue for me to forget who Damon really is.” Oh, so the necklace was the dealbreaker then? Also, it wasn’t a road trip, he kidnapped you. Also y’all are acting like he hasn’t damaged this town and that he’s just a dick. For Stefan that makes sense but Elena honestly should not be this calm.

At least with Spike, Xander and Willow only stop fearing him when there’s a chip in his head that makes it impossible for him to feed on humans so he’s no longer a threat to them.

This was a weak ending.

Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy Prologue Translation

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-Scene: A Bedroom In Merz’s Castle-

Shin: ――Nngh… …Mn, Nnn… …Haa… …

… …You’re as reluctant as ever. It’s bothersome if you struggle, but can’t you react a little?

Yui: … … … …

(… …How long has it been since I came here?)

(… …I don’t want to think about anything)

(Like whose fangs are piercing me, or whose hands are touching me)

(… …Any of it… …)

Shin: … …Tch!

*Shin Pushes Yui Away*

Shin: Whatever. We’re done for the day.

*Shin Leaves; Door Slams*

Yui: (… …I don’t have any regrets. I did this to help Ruki-kun and the others)

(… …But… …)

-Yui Closes Her Eyes; Fade to Black Screen-

Yui: (… …I want to see him)

(I want to see… …Ruki-kun… …)

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aster4jaden  asked:

I agree with Diabolik Lovers, a friend of mine asked me to watch it and I did. It was meh I couldn't get over how badly they treated female protagonist. Also I love your VK analysis your thorough/brutal but honest, it's very refreshing. Could you do a analysis on Zero please? I've read loads on Kaname, and i've tried to feel sympathy for him but I can't after reading the manga and novels knowing he manipulated Zero at every turn while acting God like all I can think is that he is a hypocrite.

I’m with you there on Diabolik Lovers. Everything I heard about it made me want to stay as far away as I could. ;) I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my analyses! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them in the future too! =) 

You’d like analysis on Zero, though, huh? Well, who can resist an analysis on Zero!

Meditations on Kiryuu Zero

Short answer: Zero is perfect.

Long answer: Zero is probably the most pivotal character in Vampire Knight. He is the source of its conflict, the source of it’s messages, and is likely going to be the source of its resolution as well by the time Vampire Knight Memories is through with him. He serves two key roles in the story:

  • He is the story’s moral compass, by which the heroine and the readers should judge the characters.
  • He is the story’s guiding light, by which salvation is granted to the characters.

Zero as moral compass

Zero is what I consider the “moral compass” of Vampire Knight. His values of right and wrong are the rubric by which all the other characters’ actions are judged. Yuuki, as heroine, has no moral code of her own but she guides herself by Zero’s moral code. If Zero had no moral code, Yuuki wouldn’t either. 

This isn’t as evident in arc 1, because arc 1 spends a lot of time challenging Zero’s moral code. Are vampires truly “evil”? Is he right to hate them? Zero’s morality is put to the test in arc 1, and he is tempered by the forge of opposition. In arc 1, he is framed for a murder Kaname committed, is forced to face his own vampiric nature head on when he attacks Yuuki, must devour his own brother in the most vampiric of ways, fails to achieve his desired revenge for his family, and loses to his inner hatred of Purebloods when Yuuki is turned.

It’s important to note that, as a moral compass in arc 1, Zero fails. Literally everything he believes is right and true is stripped from him. The narrative denounces his perspective and runs him through the wringer for it. 

However, something very key happens in arc 2.

Arc 2 validates Zero’s hatred through Yuuki and Kaname. Both of them spend the majority of arc 2 trapped within Zero’s old views against Purebloods. The same prejudices Zero had in arc 1, Yuuki and Kaname have in arc 2. Kaname’s are his own prejudices which he hypocritically judged Zero on during arc 1. Yuuki’s are a direct result of her understanding of Zero. Yuuki flipflops multiple times in an attempt to fulfill Zero’s ideals in the story–first she goes around offering to murder Purebloods who want to die, then she reforms the Night Class to stop children from being hurt because it upsets Zero, then she works with Aidou to make the tablets to keep the vampires under control as repayment to Zero for his blood. Yuuki lives her life in arc 2 by Zero’s creed–or what she understands as Zero’s creed. Yuuki even refers to Zero’s devotion to duty in arc 2, something she clearly admires. 

However, in arc 2, Zero, after being reforged in the crucible of arc 1, begins to move down a different path of morality–the morality of tolerance and acceptance. As arc 2 moves forward, Zero begins guiding Yuuki, Aidou, the Night Class vampires, and the hunters toward a new direction–that of tolerance for vampires, and for Purebloods in particular. Although Zero still mouths off the platitudes he spouted in arc 1, his actions tell a different story–he encourages Aidou to support Yuuki’s bid to restart the Night Class, he supports Yuuki’s pills, he takes Sara’s blood to stop Kaname but not kill him, he refuses to hunt vampires unless they’re already on the list. The Zero of arc 2 is a reformed man in denial; it is not until he loses his memories in Night 88 and regains in them in Night 92 that he is able to accept his new morality.

Because it takes Zero so long to accept his new position, he fails to guide Yuuki and Kaname out of their own flawed morality. His attempts to reach them both in Night 92 fail, and he’s only capable of giving one of them–Yuuki–hope. Kaname is too far gone by this point for Zero to reach him. 

Vampire Knight Memories takes Zero’s moral compass role further–how he feels about the world directly affects the Hunters under his care. Where before they would have turned on him for his acceptance of Yuuki and Ai, now they just chide him but continue supporting him. The violence against Purebloods is now at an end; Zero continues to support justice for innocent humans, and to support Aidou’s research in helping Purebloods and other vampires escape their fates of eternity. Ideally, he will reprise his moral compass role in some capacity for Kaname when Kaname regains his memories, redeeming himself from his initial failure in the original series to correct the course Kaname was taking. 

Zero as guiding light

It’s so funny to be writing this, because in back in arc 1 this would sound preposterous. That Zero is the narrative’s guiding light, and not Yuuki who has been promoted ad nauseum as shining like the sun, still makes me chuckle. 

But the light he is. First he is Yuuki’s light–when he leaves her life, she enters “the Deep Dark Forest” and loses her spunk, her smile, and her joy. It’s interesting that Yuuki had virtually no interest in outside politics until she saw Zero distressed over the hunter Sara killed at the ball. Then suddenly she couldn’t just sit at home (which she’d been doing for a year)–she just had to do something to help Zero. This is the same girl who, without Zero to shine the light on the things that matter, was perfectly content to just sit at home and wait for Kaname. If Yuuki is a “light,” she is but a reflective one–a moon to another’s sun.

Zero actually guides Aidou out of depression when Aidou loses his father–he’s the one who listens to Aidou’s pain, even though Aidou’s hurling accusations at him, and who encourages Aidou to support Yuuki anyway. It’s not Yuuki who supports Aidou and gives him a way out–it is Zero.

After Kaname abandons Yuuki, she at first remains depressed. But as soon as she finds ways to help Zero, she comes to life again. And once Zero offers her his blood, she is eager to repay him by living up to his expectations. She reflects Zero’s light all the way up until Night 88, where she makes the decision that takes the light literally out of the story for the next three chapters–she removes Zero’s memories.

It’s important to note that Zero without memories is still a light. His core traits of acceptance, tolerance, and kindness still exist even without Yuuki in his life. This is Hino’s way of telling us that Zero is a light by himself and would have been even without Yuuki in his life. We see this play out further while he is mind wiped when he gently chides Kaname for making Yuuki uncomfortable during the tea party in Night 90. 

I’ve said this before, of course, in my other posts on Zero, but once Zero regains his memories he actually almost saves Kaname and does actually save Yuuki. His reminder to her about what Ichiru asked of him gives her the strength to try to save Kaname one last time. His appeal to Kaname to defend the academy and not make Yuuki sad nearly stops Kaname’s plan. 

Zero-as-the-light is even more apparent in the sequel series. Ai literally learns the difference between “koi” and “ai” from Zero, not from her mother. Yuuki admits Zero saved her when he told her to live on for Ai in VKM 1. Zero saves Yuuki a second time in VKM 1 when he tells her to find happiness in the time she has left before she turns Kaname. When he dies, it’s very apparent Yuuki’s and the kids’ lives are no longer bright. Yuuki follows him in death soon after, and Ren and Ai are subdued and emotionally detached. His hunters clearly are following his example and have relaxed a lot of their angry, anti-vampire rhetoric. 

I fully expect that Zero-as-the-light will be very pivotal as VKM moves forward. I expect him to save not only Yuuki but also Kaname by the end of VKM, thus restoring his Vampire Knight title to him in full. 

Zero’s character growth

I just want to point out that Zero’s the only character in Vampire Knight who actually has a positive trajectory of character development. He grows from an angry, hurt young man who wants revenge against vampires into a tolerant, patient, forgiving adult who accepts the good and the bad of vampires and humans alike. 

Unfortunately, Kaname had no growth at all (he remained a stagnant character, as befitting an antagonist), and Yuuki had a negative character trajectory–she actually regressed as a character. These two will have to grow in VKM in order to earn their happy endings. 

Zero’s happy ending

As I was writing this, I realized why Zero can’t have his happy ending yet, in spite of his character growth. 

Zero is the eponymous Vampire Knight. But although he learned his lessons during the course of the original series, he wasn’t able to implement what he’d learned and affect the world around him. He wasn’t able to touch anyone’s heart with what he’d learned. He figured the truth out “too late.”

This is why he hasn’t earned his happy ending in the narrative sense, although he certainly has in a character development sense. Until he actually applies the lessons he learned in the original series to the new series, he won’t be able to find happiness.

The lessons he learned were to be true to himself and to not hold on to hatred. The problem is, in VKM, he’s not being true to himself. He’s holding back certain emotions from Yuuki in order to spare her feelings. He needs to hold her accountable for her end of the relationship before they can move forward. 

He also needs to guide Kaname out of the darkness, which was the task set before him in the original series and is the task he failed. Until he is honest with Yuuki and acts as Kaname’s guide, he won’t have earned his happy ending narratively. 

I might be wrong of course, but this is just my hunch on the unfinished business Zero still has in this story. 

Concluding thoughts

Phew that was long. I’m sorry I made you wait so long for this,  and I hope this was along the lines of what you were looking to read. =) Thanks for making this request! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Em! First let me say that you are a devastatingly beautiful writer. I can't believe I didn't know about your love of mermaids, did you happen to see that post on tumblr about a potential origin story for mermaids? That long ago, women on board a ship was considered bad luck and so they'd throw the women overboard and that these poor women were turned into mermaids as a chance of revenge against those who wronged her. Luring sailors to their death, in hopes they were her killers? Part 1/?

There’s more to this idea, but I don’t want to flood you (and I can’t find the original ask I sent someone else). Imagine the mermaid origin story but applied to Omegas in an A/B/O ‘verse. Stiles as an Omega, traveling in secret to visit his father. Peter as the captain who spitefully reveals Stiles’ status because Stiles rejected his advances. Peter cowardly fleeing the sea because Stiles is constantly searching for him, instead meeting (and falling for) Peter’s descendant, Derek.

Alright, I am going to tell you now, if you want to flood my inbox with mermaid headcanons, lore and messages, never question it. JUST DO IT. Because mermaids are my thing. I mean, one night I sat for three hours watching a “scientific documentary” about merfolk and was still captivated by it. I LET PEOPLE CONVINCE ME MERMAIDS HAPPENED. DON’T JUDGE, IT WAS 4AM.

As for this fic idea, I adore it. I really need to write more mer!Stiles (because mer!Stiles is my favourite). And so, maybe Peter throws him over but because he’s part spark the ocean saves him by turning him into a merman. And at first, Stiles is like all merfolf, he’s angry and bitter and wants to kill the man responsible for his death. And most merfolk stay this way; most stay dark and bitter and seek death as much as land humans seek love. 

And one day, after years of searching, Stiles finds the same ship he was thrown off of. Except instead of finding Peter, he finds Derek. And, you know, Stiles doesn’t have any humanity left in him, no moral compass (think vampires in Buffy) and he thinks, well, good enough, he can kill this man for now. 

However, Stiles is still just a baby merman, and he isn’t a match for Derek’s crew- Erica, Boyd and Isaac- who manage to capture Stiles and put him in a kind of special tank (this can be modern day, shhh). 

Anyway, OF COURSE, bonding will start to happen and there are moments when Stiles remembers his old life, remembers his mom, remembers his dad, remembers Scott and Lydia and other moments of being human. And they don’t last for long but Derek can’t bare to let him go back to the sea, he is convinced there is a way to bring Stiles back because PLOT TWIST, DEREK KNOWS STILES FROM WHEN THEY WERE KIDS. He was really close to Stiles, they dated, but then a war broke out and Derek had to go to sea and Stiles’ father was captured, leaving his only son to stand with the soldiers on the home front. And his dad was all Stiles had left, so he agreed to let Peter take him on his ship even though Stiles always hated Peter and Stiles suspects he may be on the opposing side of the war (I don’t know what the war is, maybe supernatural vs supernatural hunters). Peter is easily bribed so he could be working for the other side, he has no allegiance to anyone or anything. All he cares about his power.

And THEN LET THERE BE A SLOW BUILD UP. MAYBE ONE DAY STILES MANAGES TO BREAK OUT OF THE TANK, BUT INSTEAD OF DYING HE FINDS HIMSELF HUMAN AGAIN. AND THE OLD STILES RETURNS. BUT HE CAN NEVER STAY THAT WAY FOR LONG. And so, every night Stiles must go back in the tank and become a merman again. And it becomes sadder and sadder because Derek and Stiles fall in love but every time Stiles becomes a merman again he wants to kill Derek. And it breaks both of their hearts, especially Stiles’ who always remembers everything the next day (think Nogitsune, almost). And of course there might even be a love scene which is very angsty and sad because they want to stay together like this always and there are long painful kisses and holding each other close and I love yous whispered.


And the war isn’t over yet, not by a long shot, but Derek and Stiles are together and they know they will be okay as long as they are together. 


Watch as Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and the Hollywood Vampires helped to show compassion to the patients at our Portugal hearing mission!

Damon & Elena
  • Damon "Ti ho salvato la vita ieri notte, grazie mille eh"
  • Elena "Non hai un minimo di compassione per Bonnie?"
  • Damon "Mmh lo so, hai ragione. Lei e sua madre devono essere disperate ora. Gli mando una lasagna?"
  • Elena "Ecco, adesso sei perfido"
  • Damon "Io sono perfido, tu mi odi, la Terra è tornata sul suo asse"
  • Elena "Se continui a respingere le persone, ti ritroverai da solo"