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As far as I’m concerned Bonnie and Damon have been together for years, and uh in the second to last episode they get married and in the last episode shows a flash forward of their lives as vampire and immortal witch who have two kids, Damian (Bonnie refused to call their son Damon jr so they settled for second best) and Luna. Yup.

The show was called the bamon diaries.

A show about a witch and vampire who hated each other but go through a lot of shit together and end up loving each other, the end.

20 reasons why Damon and Bonnie are meant to be {Books and Show}

1. Because they have an “understanding”. 
2. She saw something in him than no one else had - his humanity. 
3. They look hot together ;) 
4. They have intense chemistry. 
5. They have fun together.
6. Because when Damon falls in love he falls hard. 
7. You can’t deny their sexual chemistry.
8. Because was never really in love, she just loved Elena because it was an obsession as she looked like Katherine, but then Bonnie showed up.
9. Because their love is forbidden. 
10. Because their love is like a roller coaster; a lot of backwards and forwards. 
11. They have a love/hate relationship. 
12. Because Damon would do anything for her. Even give her up. 
13. Because there is a possibility they won’t be endgame; but we keep hoping they will be.
14. Because they would have gorgeous babies (If vampires could have babies!)
15. Because even Sybil saw that something is going on between them! 
16. Because Damon threatened Enzo that he’ll kill him if he hurts her.
17. Because she wear his shirts. (season 6)
18. Did I mention eye sex? ;) 
19. Because their cute scenes are going to give Delena’s a run for their money! 
20. Because their love is eternal; they will always found a way to get back to each other - Enzo is dead, but Damon isn’t; Elena is meant to be with Stefan, it’s Damon’s turn for love.

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  1. Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco
  2. Question (translation/cover) by Nathan Sharp
  3. Listen by One OK Rock
  4. Deliver Us from the Prince of Egypt OST
  5. Bon Voage by One OK Rock
  6. I Can Talk by Two Door Cinema Club
  7. Tokyo (Vampires & Werewolves) by The Wombats
  8. Right Now by Asain Kung Fu Generation
  9. Holiday (cover) by Nathan Sharp*
  10. Comic Relief by Hello Sleepwalkers

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