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Some killer titles for the curious (and legal) anime fan:

AKIRA (in Japanese) Katsuhiro Otomo

PRINCESS MONONOKE (Neil Gaiman scripted dub) Hayao Miyazaki

MEMORIES Katsuhiro Otomo

GHOST IN THE SHELL (original in Japanese) Mamoru Oshii

JIN ROH (in Japanese) Hiroyuki Okiura

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (in English) Mamoru Oshii, Rumiko Takahashi

WINGS OF HONNEAMISE (in Japanese) Gainax

BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE (in Japanese) Hiroyuki Kitakubo

COWBOY BEBOP (in English)  Shinichirō Watanabe

THE GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES (In Japanese) Hayao Miyazaki

FUTURE BOY CONAN (in Japanese) Hayao Miyazaki

GALAXY EXPRESS 999 (in English) Leiji Matsumoto

KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE (in English or Japanese) Hayao Miyazaki

VAMPIRE HUNTER D (Original, in Japanese) Hideyuki Kikuchi 

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (in Japanese or English) Hayao Miyazaki

NINJA SCROLL (in English or Japanese) Yoshiaki Kawajiri

WICKED CITY (in English or Japanese) Hideyuki Kikuchi 


PARANOIA AGENT (English or Japanese) Satoshi Kon

PERFECT BLUE (in Japanese) Satoshi Kon

TOKYO GODFATHERS (in Japanese) Satoshi Kon

THE END OF EVANGELION (in Japanese) Gainax

PAPRIKA (in Japanese) Satoshi Kon

TOKYO GODFATHERS (in Japanese) Satoshi Kon

SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN (in Japanese) Ryutaro Nakamura

METROPOLIS (in English or Japanese) Osamu Tezuka Remake

SPIRITED AWAY (in Japanese) Hayao Miyazaki

NAUSSICA VALLEY OF THE WIND (in Japanese) Hayao Miyazaki

Some of these titles are originally for younger audiences, but are listed because their merit and/or vintage also appeals to mature audiences. 

Guys, I just got done reading @saltyshiro‘s shklance vampire AU fic on AO3, called The Hurricane in his Veins and…oh my god, pleeaaase for the love of god, go read it!! <3 It’s so good, and it’s chocked full o’ that sweet angst.

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demon king damato
fullmetal alchemist
dance in the vampire bund
chrome shelled regios
girls bravo
baka and test
kaze no stigma
corpse party
sword art online
fairy tail
blue exorcist
b gata H kei
soul eater
moon phase
ouran highschool host club
okami-san and her seven companions
my bride is a mermaid
blue exorcist
fruit basket
eden of the east
angel beats    

shugo chara                                                              

death note

hipster kinda things (my blog will have some things like this sometimes)

my chemical romance

all time low

fall out boy