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Human Mate

(Benjamin x Reader)

Request:  Hi, can I get an imagine where you’re Bella’s human twin and you’re extremely clumsy and one day you accidentally trip and crash into a rather sexual position with Benjamin, who luck and comedy has - you’re his mate?

You sometimes wondered if they had switched you at birth because you and Bella were nothing alike. She was your twin sister but you couldn’t be more different.

There wasn’t a day where you didn’t trip or drop something around the house. When Bella moved back here your dad had been exceptionally glad she was not as clumsy as you were. You had been happy to have her back as well, though you’d been visiting her and your mother very often, living together again was great.

Finding out Bella had become a vampire was strange enough and when she introduced her daughter to you, you weren’t even surprised anymore.

You had met the Cullens, they were nice people though you couldn’t quite understand Bella’s fascination with them. Being immortal and living forever sounded, well long. You couldn’t imagine watching everyone you love dying.

Normally you’d visit them more often but with all the vampires there right now you kept your distant. You only went over because Renesmee had forgotten some of her things the last time they visited and you knew how much she’d miss them.

When you arrived at the house it was very quiet. Everyone was probably out training or doing…something else.

“Bella? Renesmee?” You shouted into the empty house, maybe someone was here after all and you just hadn’t heard them. You decided to just leave her stuff up in Edwards room and go back home. You put everything down and headed down the stairs.

Somehow you stumbled over your own foot and fell head first down the stairs. You braced yourself for the harsh impact but it never came. You opened your eyes, looking back into two red ones. You blinked a few times but the guy was still there so you hadn’t imagined him. You sat awkwardly in his lap, your hands around his neck. He smiled up at you, his on hands on your waist, holding you in a tight grip.

“Are you hurt?”

“N-no…” You mutter, blushing a little when you realize the position you’re into. You shuffle around a little and he loosens his grip on you.

“You’re so small.” He says while looking you over with a warm smile. You hadn’t seen him before and probably should have been scared but he did not look threatening to you. There was something interesting about him that intrigued you.


“I’m Benjamin and you must be Bella’s sister right?”

“Mhhm.” You say a bit in a daze while you look at him. You suddenly remember that you probably should get up and stumble to your feet.

“The others will be back soon if you want to wait for them.”

“No that’s alright I was just dropping something off.”

“Are you sure?” He asks a little disappointed, “I could entertain you in the meantime.”

“And how would you do that?” You say with a raised eyebrow, laughing a little at his comment.

“This way.” He walks to the front door and into the woods. You watch as he moves his hands and the leaves are beginning to swirl around you in what looks like a little tornado. You look in awe, fascinated by his powers.

“Wow…” You breathe out, “That is entertaining but I have to go back right now anyway.”

“Okay. I’m sure I’ll see you around again.”


Benjamin watched as you left, smiling to himself. He never thought his mate would be a human but after seeing you he was sure you were the one he’d spent his life with.

001.          in the years since bella became a vampire,           she has taken a great interest in the history of the cullen family.          she could listen to carlisle tell stories for hours about all the people he’s met,          the friends he has made across history.          she starts to meet them in denali,           and falls more and more in love with her family.          with edward           &           the life that he has given her.           she also finds a few strong role models in the strong women she meets,          coven leaders and nomads,          but also the ones who don’t seem so remarkable upon first glance.           she finds whom she aspires to be in the people she meets.