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OMG!!!! Is our Dimirti/Danila!!! You heard that, let’s do this, team Romirti!!!!


Alright VAfamily, so we’ve lost battle after battle, but it’s not time to give up hope quite yet. We’re not a fandom to back down from a fight. So let’s do this.

Recently another fandom (Mortal Instruments) announced that their six books series would be turned into a television series after their debut movie flopped in theatres. Sound familiar?

Why not us?

Think of all the amazing possibilities with a television series. Every single detail from the book could be translated to the screen. We could watch the characters develop and relationships form weekly, and be sure that next week, we’d see them again rather than wait months for news. Then, once they’ve made it through all of the VA books, we could get the Bloodlines series as well. Also, as funds have been a huge issue for us, a tv series would also be cheaper to produce that a movie.

Now we realize that in the last couple of days, there has been talk of a sequel; however, at the moment, the sequel seems to be a big maybe. If Michael Preger does announce that he’s found a way for us to get Frostbite, we will, of course, wholeheartedly support him. But until that happens, we must keep fighting.

So we’ve created a petition to Richelle Mead so she can get the idea to someone who can make things happen for us, and now it’s time to create a little publicity. We encourage you to sign the petition and take to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to help us trend #buriacampaign.

Let’s get this idea out there and let them know we haven’t given up on Vampire Academy, and that we never will.

Let’s show them a storm. Tell them buria.

PenguinTeen has released the title and cover for Midnight Jewel, the upcoming sequel to The Glittering Court, Richelle Mead’s newest YA series! Midnight Jewel will hit bookstores on April 25th, 2017!

“Here’s the complete cover of TGC #2! Excited. Mira’s story is edgy, sexy, and full of daring deeds! April 25, 2017,” via Richelle Mead on Twitter.