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Tagged by @dancingalone21. Pick three fictional characters that describe your personality.

1) Louisa Clark from Me Before You

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(She’s dorky and tries to be cheerful at all times and does more for others than for herself)

2) Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy

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(Book’s Rose was awesome [I love the saga asoisfhabv] Sadly the gifs on tumblr are mostly of her and the bae and I don’t want those so yeah. I was hoping there would be a gif of when she broke the other bitch’s nose. Anyways, she’s sassy, not afraid to pick a fight and mostly loyal)

3) Dean Winchester from Supernatural

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(SELFLESS. MOTHER. TRUCKER. I’m like that too hahahah I don’t have a little brother to protect but I’m Dean when it comes to my friends. I would die for them in a heartbeat.)

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P.S.: I’m not dead, just overwhelmed with school and work till a very little while ago and I’m trying to write something for y’all. Suggestions and requests are welcome :D

When you pick up the first book in a series you read years ago to reread it is the weirdest and best thing.
You can feel yourself being sucked back into something that never went away, but feels new and nostalgic at the same time.
You find the hidden gems and watch the characters fumble and deny and develop while knowing what’s to come