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“Is he…is Dimitri a Strigoi?”

Mason hesitated only a moment, like he was afraid to answer me, and then–he nodded.


[and I hope that you don’t catch the bourbon on my breath || adrian ivashkov and rose hathaway] ʺI loved you, and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up.ʺ

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Dear VA fandom,

After seeing all the things on my dash about the movie, I decided to read the books. I soon became hooked (like 2 pages in) and have just finished Shadow Kiss and OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :( I’m very sad now :(

I can not see this series having a happy ending and I’m a little (or y'know a lot) heartbroken right now and it’s your fault :’(

Time to start reading Blood Promise

ooc→My sister's reaction to the VA movie news
  • Me: So I just read they have a screenplay for the VA movie.
  • Sister: *hoping up and down excitedly* OhmygodthatssogreatIcantwait!!!!!
  • Me: It was written by the guy who wrote Heathers.
  • Sister: ..........
  • Sister: ..........
  • Sister: The movie where Winona Ryder wore a monocle to read and we were supposed to think it was cool?
  • Sister: Where they used the line 'Lick it up baby' in reference to vomit? *goes to kitchen and starts rummaging through drawer*
  • Me: WTF are you doing?
  • Sister: *pulls out meat cleaver* Get your coat. We're going to Hollywood.
  • Me: *smirking* You're going to stop them with a cleaver?
  • Sister: *dead serious expression* This is an emergency. They're ruining my baby. I don't have time to make napalm.