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“You’ll never guess what I have to do for history.” You sighed as Stefan let you in and steered you away from Damon, into a side room.

“Recreate the renaissance?” He asked and you frowned at him. “I assumed you meant for me to guess.”

“No I have to find two historic figures from Mystic Falls and do a presentation on them if I want to pass… where do I find two historic figures that haven’t already been written about.” You slumped down in the chair and Stefan cleared his throat.

“You could use me and Damon.” Stefan offered and you gawked at him.

“Stefan, you go to the school!” You yelped and you heard Damon snicker as he walked past.

“But you could use us as our ancestors, we don’t have the same teacher so… I’ll help you convince Damon to dress in his old clothes.” Stefan pulled a face as if the thought alone should be tempting.

“And I could get him to read one of your journals.” You teased and he hopped up.

“That’s brilliant. That’s brilliant! Let’s do it!” He vanished and you smiled at the thought of Stefan helping you with the project.

 “Oh God, he’s serious.” You groaned when you went to find him and found his sizing up Damon and a frilly shirt.


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“Ok enough why’re you following me?” You sighed and turned to face Kol who’d been following you around since he’d bumped into you the week before.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for you." He muttered and you backed away a little.

“That’s starting to get annoying” You admitted and he flinched. “Look can’t you just tell me what you mean instead of following me around and saying you’ve been waiting for me?”

“No I get to nervous too talk to you.” He mumbled to himself and you laughed.

“Why don’t we start over, hi I’m (Y/N).” You held out your hand and he smiled as he kissed the back of it.

“Kol Mikaelson, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  His eyes met yours as his smile widened.

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I have a guilty pleasure watching cinema sins on youtube at 4am when I have nothing else to do with my life. I recently messaged him and asked if he would do an "everything wrong with: iwtv" and he just said he would "definitely look into it!" So I am pretty hyped right now and hopefully we might get a really funny iwtv cinema sins video in the future....

But there was so much that was good about movie!IWTV!… I know I know, it’s fun to poke fun at it regardless… movie!QOTD was much more cinema sinful. IWTV’s greatest sin was Antonio!Armand but c’mon, ppl who didn’t read the books didn’t know that… 

[WWDITS/IWTV mashup by @luthi69]

(I’m working on my own funny IWTV vid and your ask reminded me to get my butt in gear on it… stay tuned…)

yoongi one-shot teaser

This is that one shot I told you about, I’m still working on it. Yoongi’s your boyfriend’s roommate. The boyfriend was supposed to be Jungkook, but I couldn’t do him like that, so now it’s Mark haha.  Anyway…

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Author: novaterrors

Genre: Non!AU, Smut, PWP, Friends with benefits!AU

Rating: NC-17

Length: Oneshot

Kinks/Warnings: Blowjob, Handjob, Praise kink, Facial, Masturbation, Lipstick play ;)

Summary: Between dance practices and photoshoots, Jongin puts lipstick on and fantasizes about Kyungsoo’s cock.

Admin J’s Notes: novaterrors is a hidden smut goddess of the fandom and she wrote this baby for me!!!! Not to be dramatic but it saved my life :’) 

Admin I’s Notes: this is what it feels like to be in love