you hadent had a good sleep in days. Kai thought he could help. he had some spell that was supposed to be soothing. you woke up completely rested, turning around.

Kai was sleeping next to you, looking as peaceful as a puppy.

you grinned. you could get used to this

longhorse asked:

is there any good serket meta for today's update yet? :O you're my go to source for all the gr8 meta.

I’m gonna wait til the scene is done but essentially this whole situation reminds me of the plot in Buffy where Faith (who is essentially a human Vriska) switches bodies with Buffy and tries to take over her life, and they end up duking it out in a church and at one point Faith in Buffy’s body gets the upper hand and is just bashing her face in and suddenly she’s rageflipping her shit and yelling all this awful stuff that doesn’t apply to Buffy at all and where did all the anger come from and then it’s is like, oh shit, she’s talking to herself, this is the hidden rage, this is how much Faith hates Faith.

it’s a hugely powerful and awful moment in the series because after that, Faith can’t repress these feelings anymore, and she has to admit that she doesn’t want to be the way she is anymore, but she doesn’t know how to be anything different and she’s blown all her friendships that could help.

that’s what the Vriska-abusing-Virska scene reminds me of. I genuinely believe she’s going to be OK, in the end. I have had my fingers crossed that meeting dead Vriska will help her the way no one else could. How could it not? She doesn’t trust anyone else. all she has is herself, and herself is laaaaaaaame.

Hussie wouldn’t bring her this far along the path of self-discovery all clueless and dangerous, leaving a trail of victims behind her, only to dump her so miserable and broken and full of rage at herself at the end of it. no way. this is the wake up call she needs, and she will either be able to accept it or be defeated by it. 

either way, i’ve got the thing i wanted, i’ve seen vriska confirmed for Canon Reason For All Vriska’s Problems, so whichever she does, it’ll be amazing.