Just Shut Up and Kiss Me

A/N: This started as a drabble….and bam. One shot. idk how it happened.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Just some fluffinnn. A little language I think

Word Count: 1.1k

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The first time was short and sweet; kind of awkward, just like you’d expect a first kiss to be. Except that it wasn’t your first kiss. It was Castiel’s. It happened just after a hunt where Cas had tagged along, it had been just you and the blue-eyed angel. At first you didn’t want to take him along; but he insisted, and it was a good thing that he did, because one of the vamps you were hunting almost took your damn head off with their teeth.

Once all of the vampires were properly decapitated, Castiel grabbed your shoulders and looked over you with worry; profusely asking you if you were okay. When he wouldn’t shut up, you grabbed the lapels of his trench coat – that were at that point smeared with vampire guts – and planted a kiss on his lips. He’d barely begun to kiss you back when you pulled away, but you sure did feel your cheeks turn beet red along with the sensation of butterflies in your stomach.

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No Dean
  • Sam: So get this... Someone got turned into a vampire and a werewolf...
  • Castiel: Was it a werewolf first..? Or a vampire?
  • Sam: I have no clue.
  • Castiel: How would we kill it?
  • Sam: Cut it's head off... I guess.
  • Dean: You know... Saying that it's a vampire and a werewolf wastes breath.
  • Sam: Then what do you think we should call it?
  • Dean: ....
  • Castiel: ....
  • Sam: ....
  • Dean: A Werepire!
Live Bait

*Image credit goes to @atc74, she is the best!*

Summary: When Castiel suggest to use the reader as bait Dean isn’t too happy about it.

Characters: Y/N, Dean, Castiel, Sam

Word Count: 2,000 ish

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Dean being over protective, Crack-ish, fluff

A/N:  This is my entry for @creatively-charlie ‘s Anniversary Writing Challenge and my prompt were “Excuse me I have to go make a scene” & “Hey, no threatening the Angel.”

This is also my entry for @atc74 follower celebration, my song was Down in the Mississippi (Up to no good) by Sugarland.  The line I had to use was “All these years without any help, well guess what honey? Clothes just don’t wash themselves.”

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Entwined: Part 2

Lucifer x Reader

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A/N: This has taken longer than I anticipated to get around to editing, mainly because of work. But I have a few days off, so here’s part 2. If you would like to be removed or added from my taglist, just drop me a message. I apologise in advance for any mistakes I may have missed during my editing!

In case you missed it:

Entwined masterlistPart 1

Warnings: Some graphic violence.

Word count: 2080

Entwined: Part 2;

“It’s okay, Dean. I can handle a few vamps on my own.”

“I’m an idiot,” you muttered to yourself, watching the blood drip from some unknown wound on your head into a slowly gathering puddle at your feet.

“I, am a goddamn idiot.”

Everything had gone perfectly. You’d done some research, investigated a little, located the nest and geared up. You’d followed the unofficial guide to hunting.

Getting into the nest had been the easy part, followed by taking down the eight vamps residing within. However, as you stood there, watching the flames lick over the headless bodies, you’d completely missed the shadow looming behind you.

Of course you’d lacked the vital information that the nest had been split with an additional eight or nine vamps travelling further away to add some new members to their creepy family.

Next thing you knew, you woke up tied to a chair with a bleeding face, which considering your captors were blood drinkers, was a worst case scenario.

You took a moment and then raised your head, wincing slightly. The room you were currently trapped in was surprisingly not as dusty as you had expected, in fact it was clean of dust but almost completely bereft of furniture; despite that it still looked like one of those rooms you just know you’re going to die in.

Your weapons had been removed from your person and you felt the rope around your wrists biting into your skin. The vamps had obviously tied you tighter than their usual meals because you were a hunter. Realising there was no way for you to get out, you closed your eyes and sent a quick prayer to Castiel.

Seconds past and the angel had yet to appear.

“Okay,” you muttered forcing away the brief panic. “Okay, think,” you told yourself sternly. You’d been in tighter spots than this, granted the Winchester’s were usually around to offer support.

You strain your ears, listening for any sound that would tell you anything about your captors and where they were. Nothing moved, you couldn’t even hear the wind. That made you a little nervous, and by a little nervous you meant a lot nervous.

Another sigh slipped past your lips and you clench your jaw before slowly moving your wrists against each other in an attempt to loosen the ropes. Your wrists burned and despite everything, you began to tear up.

Suddenly the silence was ruptured and pounding footsteps began to enclose on you room you were trapped in. The door was thrown open and you looked into the eyes of the vampire as his face twisted into a snarl.

“Little hunter, all alone and defenseless,” he mocked you. The look in his eyes was a little more than the usual hatred you saw in an enemy’s eyes.

You swallowed deeply and forced a grin. “I guess you saw my artwork downstairs,” you started, internally screaming at yourself for mouthing off when you were indeed alone and defenseless, “What a masterpiece, don’t you think?”

You must’ve struck a nerve because the vamp approached you swiftly and swung his fist into your face with reckless abandon and unimaginable strength. The sharp pain of the blow quickly descended into sharp pricks of agony as the bone cracked under the force.

You bit into your lip to silence the agonising cry threatening to come out. You could only imagine the state of your face by now as rivulets of blood began to flow down your chin from the mutilated lip.

“Not an art lover then?” you choked out, quickly regretting it as the vamps large hands wrapped around your throat and began to choke the life out of you.

Screaming sounded from the floor below and the vamp managed to lift your choking figure and the chair, throwing you into the wall. The chair you were attached to smashed to pieces and fell to the ground, your body landing immediately after.

The pain in your torso was almost unbearable and you were certain you’d broken a rib or two.

The vamp’s face twisted into a sick grin and he licked his lips as he slowly stalked towards you.

“I’m going to drink you dry, very slowly.”


Lucifer was unsure why he kept tabs on you, something about you seemed to call out to him and he hated it. Soon after that first meeting, Castiel had warded your ribs and whilst he could still feel your presence on the earth, he was unable to pinpoint your exact location; and for some reason, it irritated his very being.

It almost felt like his whole grace was vibrating the longer he was unaware of your location and well-being.  Eventually, it became too much of an annoyance and he sent some demons to find and follow you.

He sat on a bench, watching his father’s creations go about their unimportant lives when a demon appeared close by. Lucifer rolled his eyes as the human’s continued on, not noticing the very obvious sudden appearance of the man.

The demon walked to Lucifer and kept his gaze on the ground as he opened his mouth to relay information to his master.

“Sir, it’s the hunter girl,” he mentioned, “She walked into a vampire nest, she killed all of them.”

Lucifer turned his eyes to demon and sighed.

“And we’re all very proud, do you have anything useful to tell me?” He asked, his tone bored and impatient.

“Well, you asked to be informed if anything critical happened and, well-” the demon stammered, his mouth opening and closing trying to form sentences in his nervous state.

Lucifer’s eyes flickered red. “If you don’t spit it out in the next 10 seconds, I’ll paint this street with your insides,” he threatened.

“More vampires arrived and she hasn’t come out of the house,” the demon blurted out.

Lucifer’s temper flared and he stood. “Where?” he growled out.

The demon scrambled to tell him the address and then Lucifer raised a hand and clicked his fingers. Blood and guts splattered across the pavement and passersby began screaming at the empty spot where the man had once stood.


Your entire body ached as you tried to back up from the vampire’s approaching figure. The wall behind you stopped your escape. Pricks of light were visible through the cracked floorboards beneath you and your heart leapt.

That sort of light only came from an angel smiting someone. ‘Castiel,’ you thought with joy; all you had to do was survive until they found you. The light had briefly distracted the vamp and quickly you pulled your tied hands down the back of your legs and forced your feet through the gap.

Thinking quickly, you grabbed the nearest possible weapon. With the broken chair leg in hand, you forced yourself to leap at the bloodsucker. The surprise of your attack gave an advantage and the vamp fell backwards onto the ground.

You brought the chair leg hard and fast against his temple, disorienting him. As he weakly scrambled to get you off him, you took the opportunity to slam the wood down onto his throat, the resounding snap of his neck was a relieving sound. The vampire tried desperately to claw at his throat but you brought the wood down again and again; adrenaline fueling your bloodlust as the skin began to break and flesh began to give way to the rough beating. The blood pumping in your ears made you oblivious to the door slamming open.

When the already broken chair leg snapped further beneath your bound hands, you threw it to the side and pushed your fingers into the hair of the vamp, placed your knee firmly into his chest and tugged hard, the ripping of his head detaching from his torso brought you back to reality.

You dropped the head to the ground with a thud, your hands and arms were covered in blood. Clapping interrupted any thoughts you had and with adrenaline still lacing your veins, you forced yourself to your feet and into a fighting stance as though it was second nature. You ribs sparked with pain in protest at your sudden movements but you did your best to breathe past it

“That was beautiful,” Lucifer’s voice penetrated the tense air, his tone light as though he was mocking you. You stood in shock and confusion. A single snap echoed through the room and your previously tied hands fell to your sides, the rope disappearing entirely. The fallen angel leant against the doorframe, surveying the scene with impressed eyes. If you didn’t know any better, you’d have said he looked almost in awe. He had one arm crossing his chest and the other was upright, allowing him to press the pad of his forefinger against his chin, almost in a thoughtful pose.

The skin on his right temple seemed to be peeling slightly and you assumed this was a consequence of his vessel not being able to hold him properly.

“Where are the Winchesters? What did you do to them?” you asked, trying to sound stronger than you felt, the worry for your friends dominating you. Lucifer’s brow creased in confusion.

“What makes you think I did anything to them?”

You glared at him. “I saw the light, someone was smiting the vampires and if Castiel is here then the Winchesters are here.”

Lucifer scoffed and pushed away from the doorframe. “Neither the Winchesters or their pet angel are anywhere near here.”

You killed the vampires?” your voice was quieter now, softer and raspier in the aftermath of your strangulation but also coated with disbelief.

“Is that such a surprise?” Lucifer asked, walking closer to you, rolling his eyes when you backed away. “I’m not as awful as you apes have been lead to believe… mostly.”

You narrowed your eyes at the oncoming figure. “I’m just supposed to believe you did that out of the goodness of your own heart? No, thanks. I’m not going to help you convince Sam to become your vessel,” your heart was beating fast, Lucifer could hear it as he came closer, stepping over the body on the floor and placing two fingers on your forehead.

You awaited your imminent death but instead of pain, a warm tingling feeling overcame you, rolling over you and taking the pain away.

“What did you do?” you asked as he placed his hand back at his side.

“I healed you,” he replied sharply, disappearing. You stood stock still, confused and surprised and becoming even more confused by the second. Your throat no longer hurt and as you brought your hands up to feel for the blood on your face, your wrists were no longer raw and bleeding.

Lucifer waited downstairs, still contemplating the many thoughts on why he had healed you and why exactly his grace seemed to recognise you. He already knew what it was, there was nothing else that it could be, but denying it seemed to be the best way to go about this until he was sure. If it came down to it, he’d have to kill you, you would become a distraction if his suspicions were correct.

You walked downstairs, eyes immediately latching onto the Devil’s figure.

You remained quiet as you picked up your scattered belongings that the vampires had obviously pillaged. You had so many questions, but nothing seemed to come out when you opened your mouth to ask. As you made for the front door, you realised that the archangel wasn’t following you.

You turned and were surprised to find him already staring at you with dangerous eyes. You felt something akin to ice in your veins and you were almost sure he was going to kill you… but why would he save you just to end you himself?

“Come here,” his tone was resolute and monotonous as he motioned you forward with his finger, breaking you from your thoughts. Your legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they carried you towards him.

He placed a finger on your forehead once more and there was a sudden flash of heat that made you feel as though you were burning from the inside out.

There was silence and he stared at you. You shuffled uncomfortably whilst working up the courage to ask him why he was watching you so intently and what exactly he’d just done to you. Then he was gone. Nothing but the brief fluttering of wings left behind.

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*Note. All readers so far are classified as female. I have absolutely nothing against male readers, its just my default, being female…*



The Deal Is Off

You make a deal to swap herself with a group of people kidnapped by vampires. Castiel, the dashing hero he is, shows up to save you, and then has a nice little conversation to convince you that you are worth saving.

Doctor Who:

Tenth Doctor:


You are kicked out of your apartment and find the Tardis but with no Doctor inside. You fall asleep waiting in the rain and wake up in your room in the Tardis.

A Promise Once Broken (1)

*Spoilers for Doctor Who special ‘The Waters Of Mars’*

You witness the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ and argue with him over his actions. You tell him in the Tardis later to take you home, despite a promise once made.

The Note

You stopped travelling with the Doctor a while back and return from work late one night to find a note in your apartment from the Doctor. At the end of the note, he gives the chance for you to join him on the Tardis again, saying he will leave by midnight if you decides not to. It’s almost midnight… Includes fluffy ending with little kids <3

Eleventh Doctor:

A Promise Twice Kept (2)

After the events with the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ you confronts a man who tried to follow you home, only to find the man you were least expecting with a new face. You resume your travels and later you catches sight of your Doctor, saying goodbye.

To Travel

You are working late one night when a disturbance has you finding a swarm of cybermites. You wake up with the Doctor, who helps you overpower the cyber technology before offering you a place on the Tardis.

The Fight

You and the Doctor fight about keeping each other safe and it ends in an awkward silence until you both apologize.

To Get To You (I)

You goes to visit your brother only to find him missing with his house trashed. The Doctor gives comfort and assures you that you’ll find him.

To Get To The Doctor (II)

The Doctor tracks down your brother and you run in Doctor style (without any plan whatsoever) to save him. Oncoming storm from both of you.

Absolutely Perfect

You and the Doctor kiss and the next morning the Doctor drops you home without an explanation. Two years later, he’s back.


Both sides of a breakup between the Doctor and the Reader.

Captain Jack Harkness:

The Best Thing

Captain Jack Harkness is the best thing to have ever happened to you, or that’s what you tell yourself one night walking back to Torchwood. It turns into a night at the bar with Jack when you get a little too drunk and admit your feelings.


You wake up in bed next to Jack with no memory of what had happened and a horrible hangover.

Series; Sweetie, Darling, Love:


You and River chatting in your cells in Stormcage gets a lot less boring when your friend the Doctor arrives.

Those Three Words

A nice trip gone bad turns into you and River facing down Daleks with the Doctor missing

The Library (1)

The events of Silence In The Library with an added character. (Mainly the Doctor and River’s interactions plus one)

The Death Of River Song (2)

The events of Forest Of The Dead plus one.


Sherlock Holmes:

Be Okay

You, an ex-soldier with a dis-honorable discharge, have a nightmare and wake up to Sherlock, who is ready to listen.

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anonymous asked:

What does 'whump' mean then?

…well, I know diminuel already answered this, and I’m assuming it came from the same anon, since it’d be a heck of a coincidence to get the same question to two different people on the same day?

But! In case people don’t know. :)

Whump is a relatively “old school” fandom term that means that the character in question is going to get the ever loving crap kicked out of them. So, if I wrote a story where, say, Dean gets beat up and almost killed by a gang of vampires and Castiel nurses him back to health, I might tag it as “hurt/comfort” and “Dean whump.” Whump implies more than just that a character gets their butt kicked (at least, it does to me) - it’s like, taking it to the next level, almost to the point of gratuitously hurting them (and don’t get me wrong, I like whump and I write whump), usually in a way they haven’t “earned” (like, if a character goes looking for trouble, gets into a fight, and gets hurt, I wouldn’t personally call that whump, but if a character is minding their own business while walking home, gets jumped, beaten, and left for dead, THAT would be whump). Whump pumps the angst level up to 11.

Folks - that’s how I’ve always interpreted it, what about you?

One of These Nights (Part 1)

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Summary: Dean returns from purgatory with a new friend

Pairing: Eventual Benny x Reader

Song Inspiration: One of These Nights, by the Eagles

Word Count: 3,000

Warnings:  mild violence

A/N: This is the beginning of a Benny series I’ve been working on for a while! There are some timeline discrepancies because I live in a wonderful world of denial in which Benny Bobby and the Bunker all exist together. 

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The first time Emma Winchester digs a grave, she’s…well, it’s complicated.  She lived three days on earth before she got sent to Purgatory.  She spent an indeterminably hellish amount of time that felt a lot like forever in that grey, fetid, warzone before Dean, Benny, and Cas found her and she hitched a ride out.  She’s been back on earth for about six months.  She figures, all things considered, she’s probably like six months old earth time, but she’s fully grown by Amazon standards, and looks like a typical seventeen-year-old girl to anyone who doesn’t know any better.  Joke’s on them, she guesses.

Actually, scratch that: this whole fucking thing is a joke.  Her life is goddamn joke.  But this?  This fucking excursion is just insulting.  

She’s riding shotgun in the Impala and her fucking father is actually driving the speed limit for once.  She narrows her eyes at him.

“I’m doing this under duress,” she says.

Dean swallows, doesn’t take his eyes off the road.  Oh, he’ll spend the whole fucking drive gazing longingly at Castiel from the driver’s seat; he’ll put all their lives at risk to make eye contact with Sam while they cruise down the interstate talking about nothing; but Emma can’t be spared a first glance, let alone a second.  She has to count to ten in Enochian to keep her eyes from turning gold.

“I know, Emma,” he replies and adjusts his hands on the wheel.

“I’m here because Cas insisted,” she continues, firmly, sharply.

Dean clears his throat, readjusts his seat, “I know that.”

Emma glares, then turns to look out of her own window, the town speeding past in a blur of brown and grey, “Good.”


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Supernatural BSM #8 You have to seduce a guy for a case and they get uncomfortable

A/N: This is a day late, I know, but I forgot my laptop charger at school and yeah. Sorry! Also, I would like that money now anon. Jk.

Request: You have to seduce a guy for a case and they get uncomfortable

Age 17: You put in the last earring and with an annoyed huff attempted to pull the dress further down your exposed thighs. With an eye roll, you scolded yourself mentally. It aint gonna work, you thought, smacking your lips one more time and running a finger over your teeth to get rid of excess lipstick. You mussed up your hair, allowing a little smile to grace your makeup-stained face as the ringlets fell down your shoulders.

“Y/N? You ready?” Sam called and knocked on the bathroom door.


“Are we going to like it?” Dean shouted.

“Not one bit,” you answered your brother, and opened the door with a big smile. Both your brothers frowned, looking you up and down, and you chuckled when Dean started shaking his head.

“I can’t believe we’re letting this happen,” Sam sighed, running a hand down his face and then letting it card through his hair.

“Me neither. But we don’t have a choice. We need to lure this bloodsucker out. And he only goes for young girls. Like our dear sister,” Dean reminded with the fakest of smiles you had ever seen.

You crooned at the hunters, pinching their cheeks as you walked past them. “Sorry guys. Can’t help that I’m irresistible,” you joked, flipping your hair over your shoulder, doing your best to sashay out of the dingy motel room in your mile high heels.

When Sam and Dean finally joined you in the Impala, they were both grumbling and sending you looks of concern, and you would’ve worried, had you not been a hunter for most of your life.

“Cheer up! It’s going to be fun. If you’re so worried, call Cas and ask him to help,” you suggested, unbuckling your seat so you could lean forward and rest your arm on the back of the front seat.

“Hey! Buckle up young lady!” Dean said immediately, and Sam slapped his arm to get him to focus on the road.

When you finally arrived at the bar, the vampire had chosen it’s victims from lately, both of your brothers had grown a rain cloud over their heads. They didn’t even smile when Castiel showed up with a light flutter of unmistakable wings, and a typical ‘Cas’ smile.

“Heya Cas. Don’t mind them. They’re not too happy about using me as bait,” you explained, jutting a thumb over your shoulder at your brothers. Castiel nodded, and raised an eyebrow at your appearance.

“Gotta look hot for the dead guy!” you crowed.

Sam and Dean protested behind you, earning a laugh from you and something resembling a laugh from the angel beside you.

Once inside, it didn’t take long before the vampire sought you out, and you looked to Dean, Sam and Castiel to confirm that it was indeed him. Dean nodded, but Sam was too busy staring at the vampire kissing your neck. You turned your back to the three angry men staring you down and gestured for them to look away behind your back.

When you later pretended to stumble drunkenly out of the bar, hanging off of the vampire, your brothers and angel followed, years of exercise allowing them to go by unnoticed by the bloodsucker.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, angel,” the vampire suddenly whispered, sinking his head so it rested against your shoulder, lips resting on your neck.

“I’ve got an even bigger one.” At this, Sam grabbed the vampire in a chokehold, Castiel grabbed and kept his fangs away from Sam’s forearm, and Dean somehow managed to cut his head off, despite Castiel’s hands being in the way.

“Woo! That was wild!” you cheered.

“You’re never going to be bait, ever again. And you’re never ever wearing that dress again.” You laughed at your eldest brother, throwing an arm around his shoulder so you were almost hanging off the ground. When Castiel was close enough, you threw the other arm around his shoulders, so you were now actually hanging between them, and started screeching at Sam when he picked up your legs, turned his back to you, and placed your ankles on his shoulder, so you were dangling dangerously in the air.

“Sam! My dress!” you squealed around your laughter, desperately clinging to Dean and Castiel.

“As if they can see over bigfoot,” Dean deadpanned.

“Bigfoot does not exist Dean,” Castiel told him matter-of-factly.

“I know Cas. I know.”



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Imagine Being a Shapeshifter….

Imagine Getting Turned Into a Vampire….

Imagine Being Castiels Younger Sister….

Imagine Being A Cambion….

Imagine A Supernatural Angel!Dean AU….

Imagine Being A Fallen Angel….

Imagine Being Childhood Friends With the Winchesters….

Imagine Being Deans Daughter….

Imagine the Winchesters Discovering they Have A Younger Sister….

Imagine Being Deans Girlfriend and Getting Into a Severe Car Accident….

Imagine Being The Winchesters Sister and Feeling Invisible….

Imagine Having Been Deans Girlfriend….

Imagine Being Sams Best Friend From Stanford….

Imagine Being The Winchesters Little Sister and Bobby Being Pissed at Them….

Imagine Dean Getting Captured By A Djinn….

Imagine You and Dean Being In Love but Not Telling Each Other….

Imagine Falling In Love With Dean….

Imagine Wanting to go on a Difficult hunt with the Guys….

Imagine Being Adams Twin Sister….

Imagine Being A Retired Hunter In Hiding….

Imagine Dean Discovering He Had A Daughter….

Imagine Being the Youngest Winchester Sibling and Feeling Invisible….

My multi-fandom Hufflepuff House

Originally posted by effortlesslygone

Head of House: Marcus Kane (The 100) or Fred Andrews (Riverdale)

Head Boy: Maxon Schreave (The Selection)

Head Girl: Lucy Pevensie (Narnia)

Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Alice Cullen (Twilight)

Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries)

Castiel (Supernatural)

Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf)

Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Angela Montenegró (Bones)

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