Illustration for the artshow „Guillermo Del Toro: In Service Of Monsters“ that took place in Gallery 1988. It was a group art show in tribute to the films of Guillermo Del Toro‘s: Cronos, Mimic, The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II, Hellboy, Pan’s Labrinth, Hellboy II, Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak. The art show was curated by Chogrin and Gary Deocampo. Del Toro himself visited the show – what an honor!

How They React When You Bring Them Home for Thanksgiving


(I know these preferences are super short, but this is just me trying it out for the first time. If I decide to keep doing these, I promise they will be a lot longer.)

Damon Salvatore: He’s very polite and confident and knows exactly how to win over your family. He uses his sense of humor to charm all of your family into liking him. Also, he is very open with your relationship, and doesn’t mind that your family is exposed to some minor PDA.

Stefan Salvatore: He’s very polite and relatively quiet. He really wants to make sure your family likes him. He shows some affections towards you during the night, but tries to limit it because your family is watching.

Alaric Saltzman: He’s very polite, but also comes off somewhat awkward because of how nervous he is. His clumsiness comes out towards the beginning. However, as the night progresses, he gets more comfortable and eases into his normal self.

Elijah Mikaelson: He’s very formal when meeting your family. He wanted to ensure that everyone likes him and immediately knows how to charm them. You’re probably more nervous than he is about him meeting your family, so throughout the night he makes small gestures (squeezing your hand, winking, etc.) to show that everything is going well.

Enzo St. John: He’s secretly nervous about meeting everyone, because he wants them to like him, but he does not show it. He’s polite and utilizes his sense of humor to get people to like him.

Klaus Mikaelson: He’s polite and appears very confident, but secretly he’s nervous about what your family will think of him. He does whatever he can to make everyone like him and make sure everyone can see how happy you two are together.

Kai Parker: He doesn’t care what your family thinks, but he cares that you are happy so he tries his best to please everyone. He occasionally makes strange/inappropate comments, but after you give him a stern look, he immediately fixes his attitude. He actually finds it entertaining being among your family in such a normal environment.

Kol Mikaelson: He knows you’re nervous about him meeting your family and he does not help ease your mind. He’s very polite and knows exactly what he’s doing, but he’ll occasionally say/do something bad just to make you kind of nervous.

Matt Donovan: He’s somewhat nervous, but he does everything perfect. He’s exactly the kind of guy you’re supposed to bring home and he shows that. He’s very polite and knows just how to get on your family’s good side.

Tyler Lockwood: He’s confident that the dinner will go fine, but the moment he gets there, the nerves set in. He’s polite, but occasionally comes off awkward because he overthinks something. He just wants to make sure that your family likes him and thinks he’s good for you.


I really really enjoy the side eye Kurogane is shooting Kamui for not sharing this information EARLIER when it was useful.

What I enjoy even more is Yuuko actually sitting down and going “Okay so I’m just going to confirm and deny the relevant pieces of Vampire lore for you now”, because you KNOW I’ve been thinking about this constantly for a week straight.

Vampire Myths: Busted

excuse me what