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h a t r e d

ship / female!reader x jughead

warnings / bad grammar

plot / y/n cannot escape the torture of constantly being reminded of how she liked her archenemy, jughead jones, in the fourth grade. but little did everyone else know, she still likes him, despite pretending to hate him. all goes swell and unnoticed, until a game of seven minutes in heaven, hosted by the infamous, cheryl blossom. 

a/n / this is my first imagine so be easy dudes. btw, y/b/i means your biggest insecurities. and don’t forget, requests! are! open!

y/n hated parties. especially when it’s the ones hosted by cheryl blossom.

it wasn’t her first choice to be here, in fact it wasn’t her choice at all. her mom thought a party would be a great way to make new friends, instead of staying in her room for copious amounts of hours at a time. veronica, of course, was the one who mentioned a party at thornhill. followed up by kevin, who encouraged the idea of y/n going.

which brings us to now, her trying to find an isolated corner of some sort to avoid confrontation from any other person there.

she walked into a beautiful fireplace which casted a warm tinted glow over the rest of the room. her eyes averted to an empty wall space, so she can just latch on there.

deep in thought, she was thinking of possible excuses to use in order to leave. kevin, veronica, betty, and archie left her in the dust. and quite frankly, y/n didn’t have a reason to stay in a creepy mansion filled with even creepier people. 

“well well well, if it isn’t for little miss vampira showing up at a party way out of her league. took me by surprise.” the familiar voice of her be-hated rival, jughead jones, ringing behind her.

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y/n gave him a sarcastic smile before snapping back, “i could say the same, i wouldn’t expect a weirdo, as so yourself, at a party in general.” y/n was not very witty, so it was hard to pull off a mean comeback. 

jughead chuckled before stepping closer, “my god that was almost as awful as your black lipstick. however that shade kind of resembles your whole death eater aesthetic. i wonder what your parents think of a goth case gone wrong like you.” his words stung.

y/n would be lying if she said that it didn’t bother her. in fact she wanted to cry right then and there. she retorted without thinking, “yeah well at least i can rest at night knowing my dad isn’t apart of some gang that is fully capable of killing!” she raised her voice higher, but luckily no one seemed to notice.

y/n was one of the very few that know about jughead’s dad’s relations with the southside serpents. she knew only because he let it slip in an argument. she knows she shouldn’t had used his dad against him, but she couldn’t help it.

jughead stepped even closer to her, towering over her small frame. he whispered, “are you implying my father had something to do with jason blossom’s death?” she shook her head confidently.

“at least my mom’s not some-” y/n interrupted, “at least my mom wants me!” she shouted loud enough for everyone to direct their attention towards the pair.

jughead’s eyes were glassy and his face was a bright red. his breathing was loud and he dared to step closer to y/n.

“at least i don’t have to deal with y/b/i!” jughead screamed. she was taken back and embarrassed. then again shed let it slip once in an argument about y/b/i. but she didn’t think he would just tell everyone.

she clenched her jaw before connecting her fist with his face. y/n has had enough. jughead didn’t move, nor did the punch affect him in any way.

he grabbed her fist in his hands before being faced with reggie.

“woah there bonnie and clyde, chill.” reggie laughed excitedly. “i think they’d be perfect for starting our seven minutes in heaven game, don’t you think?” cheryl chimed with that smirk of hers.

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“there is no way i’d spend seven, let alone a second, with this pshyco in a closet.” jughead said in defense.

“agreed.” y/n said, for the first time in forever.

“well i mean, archie and i could replace the two of you.” cheryl grinned mischievously.

y/n knew betty liked archie, and she didn’t want to let that happen to her. she would just have to get over her stupid hatred for jughead for just seven minutes.

betty looked over at y/n with pleading eyes. she knew that she had to oblige.

“yes plea-” she interrupted jughead once again, “no, we’ll do it.” 

jughead shot y/n a death glare. he began to open his mouth, but then y/n shoved her hands over his lips so all that came out was a muffled noise. she continued to rush in the closet pushing jughead with her. she then saw betty whisper a thank you to her, and that was worth it.

the door was shut and it was just the two of them. alone.

“before you start your whining i did it for betty. she likes archie and i can’t just let cheryl ruin that.” she said not making eye contact with him.

jughead stared at her blankly. y/n couldn’t tell if he was mad or what. “so you’re going to stare at me for the remanding minutes now? and on a random note, your aura gives me vibes of a reincarnated edward jones- queen victoria’s panty sniffer.” jughead couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.

“i hate you.” jughead mumbled not making eye contact either. y/n replied “the feeling is mutual.”

jughead then again stepped closer to y/n. he looked into her eyes as if he were searching for something. “on a random note, your eyes remind me of the scenery of minqin county in china. voted #8 of one of the bleakest and ugliest places in the world on buzzfeed”. y/n snorted, “i thought you were getting mushy on me, then your revolting ego stepped in the way.”

“well you did insult my family and me out there, so to make it a little special, my revolting ego is only for you, my dearest.” his voice fluttered in the most ironic way possible.

“i don’t feel bad, you exposed my y/b/i. i would say we are even, but i must really hate myself or something if i were trying to reason with you.” y/n tried to blow it off, but a sense of hurt was very evident in her voice.

jughead furrowed his brows, his eyes twinkling with some sort of remorse. y/n let out a soft stream of tears. she looked away once again getting prepared for jughead to make a big deal out of her crying.

instead, jughead reached out to y/n’s face, and his cold fingers gently stroked her cheek in a reassuring manor. “but your tears, they remind me of the angel falls in venezuela. crystal like water falling from a mountain, which the sun illuminates over. creating the almost-perfect reference to your face right now. the most beautiful stream of tears i’ve ever seen coming from the prettiest face with the brightest glow ever. and peep that it’s almost-perfect because i just noticed a large pimple on your forehead you tried to cover with foundation.” y/n was a bit hurt at that last part, but was too distracted at the fact words like that could come out of his mouth.

y/n playfully slapped jughead on the arm, before pulling him in to the biggest, and most sloppiest kiss she’s ever had yet.

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hello lovelies💞💞so this is technically my first post, let alone imagine ! i don’t think jughead is as gushy as i made him out to be in this one oops. i will happily take requests atm, so basically just submit what ship and plot you want to see next. i do write smut! too! maybe in another post i’ll write out a whole request form and whatnot. but anyway i hope you all enjoyed and don’t forget to submit ! -lilyxx