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How I Really Feel

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 2 51
: smut , bites , blood sharing ..
summary : Reader is a part of the MF gang and a which with a different kind of powers. She likes him but Kai doesn’t seem to like her but that’s not exactly true.
*not my gif

NOTE : I maay have gotten a tiny little bit carried away with this one… 😅🙈 _______________________

“Just another boring day in Mystic Falls…” she thought out loud , walking around the town square. It was summer vacation but there weren’t many summer activities to do in her small hometown , so Y/N and her friends hung out together either at Grill or the swimming hole or at the Salvatores.
Y/N stopped in the middle of the street , seeing Kai only a hundred meters away walking down the sidewalk with his phone in his hands. They had welcomed , reluctantly , Kai into their group. He acted ‘nice’ towards every single one of her friends except her. She didn’t understand why and sometimes wondered if it was because her magic was a bit different than the one most witches have. Y/N had too much of it and sometimes when she was upset things like earthquakes , hurricanes , wild fires and so not typically naturally happening events happened. When she had been a little girl and her dog had dissapeared , Mystic Falls had suffered by pouring rain for days until the cute little fella had returned safely home. Y/N actually liked Kai. He was funny , charming but also dangerous. There was something very exciting about him and she felt drawn to him more and more each day but it was useless. No matter what she did , he still seemed to dislike her.
“Hey!” she said , blocking his way. He looked up at her , surprise in his eyes for a moment before his eyes returned to his phone screen.
“Heey …” he trailed off , stepping aside continuing on his way , leaving Y/N feeling hurt yet again.
Every time it was like this - he’d utter a few words to her and then just go away to talk to someone else. That’s why she had been surprised when a few days after running into him , he had walked up to her , offering his help to control her magic from creating mayhem and destruction around town. Y/N had agreed partially because she wanted to spend time with him and maybe figure out why he doesn’t like her , the other half of her had said yes because her magic was starting to get out of hand.

Kai rang on the doorbell , shifting nervously on his feet waiting for her to answer the door. Y/N opened less than a minute later, taking his breath away yet again. She was wearing a short dark blue dress with a slight floral pattern and ankle high boots , her hair pulled behind her back in a light braid. He had offered to help her with a spell to control her magic , now he was wondering how he was going to do that when all he could do was think about her in that dress. Every time he was around her , he had hard time to focus on anything.
“Hi.” Y/N said with a shy smile. “Come on in.”
Kai stepped inside , looking around her house. He had never been inside her house before and was absolutely fascinated how well everything inside suited her. It was as if he’d recognise this was her house no matter what.
“Nice house.” he said , picking up a picture of her from her graduation. It had been 5 years since the picture had been taken and she hadn’t changed much except she was even more beautiful now. His breath got caught in his throat. Kai returned the picture back in its place , turning towards her.
Y/N was leaning against the stair railing , her hands folded on her chest watching him with curious eyes. Kai put his hands in his pockets , trying hard not to shorten the distance between them and do what he had wanted since the day they met.
“You are unusually quiet. It’s making me nervous. Then again … you never say more than 5 words to me anyways … ” she said slighly rolling her eyes , pushing herself off and heading for the kitchen , Kai following her closely behind not taking his eyes off her. “So , how do we do this ?”
Kai glanced around the kitchen , putting some popcorn in the microwave.
“How does popcorn help us ?” she asked a little confused with a hint of annoyance in her voice.
Kai sighed. “Well , you seem tense and nervous and … the spell won’t work if you are acting like that. You need to relax in order for your concentration to be perfect otherwise who knows what might happen. So , we are going to sit on the couch watching TV until you losen up a bit.” he said trying hard not to think about the fact they’d be sitting on the couch less than a meter away from each other and he wouldn’t be able to touch her.
Y/N rolled her eyes , the sounds of popcorn popping in the microwave filling the silence. She got out a bowl ready and when the ding of the microwave came , she moved the popcorn into the bowl.
“Oh-kay. You are the expert…” she said ,waking a few light steps towards the couch and tossing herself on it. Kai sat down at the opposite end and she passed him the remote. “So , I was wondering … how does this whole heretic thing work ? Doesn’t it hurt when you siphon yourself ?”
Kai reached for the popcorn taking the bowl from her hands , their hands touching for a second , trying to find an answer to her question.
“It doesn’t hurt or at least so far it hasn’t. It kind of works like a wish but not quite exactly. It just happens..” he said tossing popcorn in his mouth. He reached into his pocket pulling out a folded old looking page , handing it to her. “That’s the spell. It should keep things under control at least for a while - you will have to cast it every few years if I understood it correctly. Although I don’t see why you’d want to use it. I like your magic just fine…” he trailed off , his eyes moving onto the TV switching to another channel.
Y/N studied his face for a moment , then the page.
“Of course you do…” she muttered more to herself than to him , getting up to get things for the spell ready.
Kai’s gaze followed her around the room , but each time she met his eyes he looked away. It took her a few minutes to spread the candles across the floor as instructed , drawing the circle and everything. Y/N glanced at Kai and sighed. He had agreed to help her but clearly still didn’t like her.
“Are you going to help me with that spell or not ?” Y/N called out to Kai , who was sitting on the couch tossing popcorn in his mouth while watching some TV show about superheroes completely ignoring her. “It was your idea to help me with this and for this to work I need you here with me. I can’t do this on my own…”
Kai glanced at her , pressing pause on the show he was watching and got up walking towards her.
“Fine , fine.” he said sounding slightly annoyed. “Take my hands , concentrate….and stop being so aggitated.”
Y/N took his hands , feeling a little nervous touching him.
His hands are so soft. she thought to herself , trying hard not to think what it would feel like if he touched her… pushing the thoughts aside.
She did as Kai asked concentrating and trying to be as calm as possible. They began chanting the spell , over and over again. The candle flame raising high around them. Y/N kept waiting to feel the change , to feel her magic put in between boundaries so her moods would stop affecting her surroundings but nothing happened… except another fire. She opened her eyes seeing the flames about to encinerate the living room. Kai was faster than her , chanting the spell putting the fire out.
“That’s it! I give up ! I’ll never find a way to get this under control…” she raised her voice turning around heading out of the room. Kai grabbed her hand spinning her around towards him.
“You are not a quitter. Things like that happen. Lets try it again…” he said , his voice calm. “You can do this. I believe in you.”
Y/N scoffed. “Spare me. You spend all your time acting as if I don’t exist and now you act as if you know me … ?!You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me.” she said freeing her hand and heading towards the door ready to kick him out , a step away Kai grabbed her hand again spinning her around towards him so fast she got smacked against him. He held her close , his blue eyes burning with fire , piercing into hers.
“Get out.” she raised her voice. “Why are you even here?! You don’t care about me or what my magic can do. You hate me… So just get out of my house and leave me alone! ”
Kai couldn’t take it anymore. It was one thing keeping his distance , acting as if he doesn’t like her but it was completely another hearing her say she thinks he hates her. There was something about her expression that broke a boundary he had created in his mind to bits. He didn’t like the thought of her thinking he doesn’t care about her.
“You want to know why I am here ?” he asked angrily , his eyes piercing into hers intensely. A long moment passed in silence before he spoke, his voice calmer than before. “You.” Kai said smashing his lips against hers backing her against the wall , scooping her up, Y/N hitching her legs around his waist , her hands cupping his face pulling him closer to her. “Let me show you how I really feel about you…” Kai trailed off , his lips smashing against hers again kissing her fiercely. “… how much I crave you and want to touch you … Kiss you … Make you scream my name as you fall apart under my touch.” he whispered in her ear , his hot breath tickling her skin a moment before he nibbled on her earlobe. “I want to make you mine … again and again.” he trailed off.
Y/N felt about a dozen butterflies flap their wings in her stomach , her cheeks flushed and her heart racing at his words. It’s not like she hadn’t thought about him that way , just never imagined it would actually happen specially considering how he was acting around her. Kai’s lips were hovering over hers , his eyes piercing into hers. She felt her breathing turn shallow , he pushed against her again his crotch grinding hard against hers , making her feel heat down her core with every movement. Y/N was at a loss for words , her head was spinning. Kai had taken her breath away completely.
“Then s-show me.” she stuttered , getting lost in his blue eyes noticing how they had turned a darker shade of blue , darkening still. A grin showed on his face , his lips smashing against hers again , drowning her in the kiss. Y/N felt his fingers gently brush her hair off her neck before his lips found their way there. He drew a few circles with his tongue in her skin before his lips pressed against her skin , sucking on a spot then another leaving splotches on her skin , marking as his. Y/N tangled her fingers in his curls , gripping on it slightly.
Kai let her feet onto the ground , a devilish smirk on his face as he pinned her wrists over her head. His hand tugging at her dress while he whispered in her ear all he wanted to do to her. Y/N felt his fingertips slowly moving up her hip , pulling her dress up. For a moment he teased her folds , never taking his eyes off hers. Kai pressed his fingers against her clit , seeing her close her eyes throwing her head back at the feeling , a soft moan tumbling off her lips.
“OH sweetheart , you’re so wet…” he said his nose brushing against hers , his voice dropping a few octaves. “…you will be dripping all over by time I’m done with you.” his hot breath intoxicating her , as his fingers kept playing with her clit.
A soft moan escaped Y/N’s lips , she felt her mind get cloudy just thinking about what everything he had planned. Kai’s fingers moved up , towards her stomach and then down grazing her clit for a second before disappearing.
“I hope you are not attached to this dress.” he whispered ripping it off her. “Oops…” he bit his lip at the sight of her semi naked body. He reached his hand behind her back unclasping her bra , letting it fall on the floor. Kai pushed himself off her taking a step away , his eyes turning black with lust. She tried to move , to free her hands with no luck. He was a vampire , there was no way she’d be able to.
“Don’t move.” he said serious , letting her hands free to her side and she tried hard not to but it was torture. Y/N felt Kai’s fingers playing with the waistband on her panties before slowly pushing them down her legs , his fingertips grazing her skin the whole way down sending shivers all over her body. She wanted him , to kiss him , touch him ..
“Kai ..” she started to say but he shushed her , kneeling down in front of her , parting her legs. His lips leaving soft kisses on her thighs , his fingertips on her thighs definitely about to leave bruises. Somehow the thought excited her even more. Kai grazed his hand on her folds , a moan escaping her lips.
Look at me princess. I want you to look at me.” his voice demaning. Kai’s eyes met her eyes as he teased her folds , spreading her arousal getting his fingers covered with it. Y/N tried hard not to close her eyes getting lost in the feeling but it was becoming harder with every passing moment. Her heart was racing as if it might leap out of her chest. Kai pushed two fingers inside her curling them around slowly before pulling out and pushing them again , each time going a little faster. She felt his light breath on her core as he pressed the flat on his tongue against her clit. Y/N’s mouth hang open , her soft moans filling the air. Every time he pushed his fingers inside and her eyelids closed or started to close , Kai demanded she opened them. Y/N moved her hips down on his mouth as he sucked her clit with swift motions. Kai hummed and moaned in response , the vibrations adding pleasure , his fingers curling inside her exploring every inch. Her hands reached for him but he used his magic to pin them back up.
“K-Kai I’m close ..” her eyes rolling in her head , her eyes fluttering closed , feeling her release getting closer. Kai’s fingers fastened their movements curling inside her , pushing in and pulling out. He used his magic to hold her still against the wall feeling how her knees were about to buckle at any moment. She screamed his name , her orgasm washing over her , her body shaking. He didn’t stop , instead his fingers curled inside her with an even bigger force , going deeper than before , his ring grazing her clit a little.
“You taste fucking amazing” he said , placing a soft kiss on her thigh feeling a different kind of hunger. Her moans were getting louder , turning into small screams as his fingers pushed in and out of her , slowing down for a few seconds before speeding up , faster than before. If it wasn’t for Kai’s magic holding her still she’d be on the floor. Her walls clenched around his fingers as another orgasm wave hit her , stronger than the first one. She couldn’t keep her eyes open as he demanded even if she tried , but this time he didn’t protest. Kai watched her body arch off the wall, her mouth semi open , loud moans escaping her lips mixed with his name.
He released his magic hold on her , catching her in time just as her knees buckled. Y/N was out of breath , feeling as if flames were licking her skin. Everywhere Kai touched her bare skin it felt as if another fire started.
“Look at you , my beautiful princess.” Kai said smiling , lifting her up bridal style. “You can’t stand on your feet because of me…” he said lovingly , his lips finding hers. “… and I have barely just started.” he whispered. For a moment he got worried he might’ve pushed it too far , except when Y/N hooked her hands around his neck she whispered in his ear. ‘Fuck me.’
Y/N had no idea how Kai was able to drive her this crazy. Even in her wildest dreams she hadn’t imagined how good it would feel being with him like that. He was a little rough , he knew what he wanted but he was also gentle.
Kai carried her upstairs in human speed giving her a little time to recover before tossing her onto the bed like a rag doll crawling over her. His lips finding hers , leaving sloppy kisses on the way down while his fingertips traced up her thighs. Y/N tried to push her thighs together not sure she could survive another massive release , but it was useless. The second Kai touched her bare skin she turned into melted all over again. He parted her legs not taking his eyes off hers as his lips kissed every inch of her thighs on their way up , his fingertips tracing patterns on her skin. He was teasing her , letting her catch her breath for a moment before he continued playing with her.
“Don’t scream.” said Kai , his fangs coming out sinking into her thigh super close to her core. A loud gasp escaped her lips at the sensation followed by a moan , not expecting it to feel this good. Kai pulled away and she could feel his tongue on her thigh not letting any drop of her blood go to waste. His fingertips played at her entrance , teasing her rubbing her clit at rough eights and slowly spreading her arousal before entering her again. Y/N arched her back , her hands grabbing for the sheets. Kai curled his fingers around her walls , moving at an agonisingly slow motion while his thumb drew light eights with her clit , pulling his fingers out and pushing them in going at a faster rhythm getting her closer to another release and just as she was about to get over the edge he pulled out his fingers , blowing at her clit for a second.
“Please Kai .. I need it.” she moaned , her fingers reaching for her clit but he swatted her hands away. Y/N felt herself dripping onto the sheets , aching for his touch more than before.
“Tsk - tsk … no , no … Did you forget ?” his tone soft at first before getting serious again. “Don’t move.” Quickly Kai took off his shirt , pushing down his jeans and boxers at once. His fingertips tracing their way up her thigh , glazing across her clit (a soft moan escaping her lips) not stopping for a second on their way up to her breasts as he crawled over her. He cupped them , the flat of his tongue pressing against her right nipple , then repeating his actions on the left one , sucking on them listening to her moans , getting lost in her. His hands massaged her breasts , squeezing her nipples between his thumb and index finger ,making her moan out a little louder.
Y/N could feel his hard length resting on her thigh and all she wanted was to touch him. Ignoring his words , she reached for his thick shaft wrapping her fingers around it , gently rubbing the tip in slow circles. A low growl came from deep in Kai’s throat , he lifted his head meeting her eyes , a small smile on her face.
“Naughty girl..” he cooed as purple / black veins showed under his eyes disappearing shortly after. Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat remember the feeling of absolute bliss she felt when he bit her. Kai pinned her hands over her head. “How much do you want it ?”
“Badly .. Please Kai … Fuck me , please ..”
Hearing her beg for him was music for his ears. Kai wanted to fuck her senseless and to taste her blood again. There had been something about it - she was delicious and seemed to enjoy the bites as much as he does. His fingers brushed her cheek before snaking around her neck , his grip getting a little stronger for a moment right before he sank his fangs into her neck.
There was no fair warning no nothing this time. Y/N let out a loud gasp , her body arching towards his. She tried to free her hands but he wouldn’t let her. He loved having complete control over her body.
“MMmm that feels amazing ..” she muttered feeling Kai drinking her blood. He didn’t bit for too long , only enough to get a taste. Somehow she freed her hands , pulling him in for a kiss , tasting her blood on his lips. Kai moaned into the kiss , his hard length entering her at once with a hard deep thrust at the same time. He was a little bigger than she had expected , stretching her out to the brim , the feeling completely taking over her.
“Fuck you are so tight..” he grunted , thrusting deep inside her slowly , feeling every inch of her around him. Y/N was holding onto him , her nails digging into his back drawing blood as he kept going , pushing in and out of her speeding up with every thrust finding their perfect rhythm. Kai rested his forehead on hers , looking into her eyes.
“F-faster Kai..” she moaned out , feeling his hot breath on her face intoxicating her. His lips touched hers barely as he started thrusting fast and deep hitting all the right spots. Every thrust leaving her wanting more.
Kai pulled himself up a little , his fingers wrapping around her neck strong enough to hold her in place as his hips met hers , the sounds of flesh on flesh filling the air. Y/N wrapped one of her hands around his wrist for support while the other reached for her clit.
“Let me.” he said pushing her hand away , rubbing it in rough eights , his thrusts never losing it’s pace. Her walls clenched around his shaft , a growl escaping his throat at the feeling and his vampirism showing again. His emotions were on overdrive blurring into one…
“Fuckk K-Kai , I’m clo- ”
Suddenly Kai leaned in sinking his teeth into her neck again , her third orgasm for the night washing over her pretty much at the same time. He flipped her onto her stomach , propping her ass up in the air , pushing her face onto the bed. Y/N could feel her liquids dripping down her thighs.
Kai placed his hands on her hips and entered her at once , the sounds of flesh on flesh mixing with their loud moans and grunts. Kai leaned in , placing a soft kiss on her shoulder.
“You won’t be able to walk straight tomorrow…” he whispered his breath tickling her skin. Kai grabbed at her hair pulling it slightly as he thrusted in particularly hard in her. Y/N’s hand reached for her clit , rubbing it. When he noticed , he pushed her hand away his fingers replacing hers.
“Fuckkk K-Kai… ” she moaned out , getting closer to another release her vision starting to get a little blurry. Kai felt her walls clench around his shaft , a loud grunt escaping his throat at the feeling.
“Fuck - ahh .. I’m close” she moaned out.
“Hold it …”
Kai’s thrusts started to get sloppier but never losing their pace , Y/N rolling her hips back at him. He wanted them to come at the same time.
“I d-don’t think I c-can..” she moaned out feeling about to tip over the edge.
“Yes you can , baby girl.. for me , just a little bit longer.”
His thrusts were getting harsher , deeper. He pressed his fingers onto her clit , rolling it between his thumb and index finger. Y/N moaned out his name louder unable to hold it anymore.
“Let yourself go baby girl” he grunted , feeling her walls clenching around his shaft as he came too. Kai held her body up , finishing her off with a few more thrusts before both of them collapsed onto the bed catching their breath. Their heavy breathing the only sounds in the room. He placed a kiss on her shoulder , rolling off her onto the bed. Kai rolled her over onto her side, a grin on his face at the large wet spot on the sheets. Y/N rolled back her hand on his neck as she leaned in to kiss him.
“Promise me we’ll do this again.”
Kai laughed pulling her closer to him.
“Just say the words … ” he bit his wrist bringing it to her lips. “Drink up.”
Y/N wrapped her fingers around his wrist , drinking his blood hearing him let out a sigh of pleasure. She looked up meeting his blue eyes , his other hand stroking her hair. Y/N let go of his wrist , blood dripping down her chin. Kai’s thumb reached for her lips , wiping off the blood before pulling her closer to him again.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017



Never forget [Kai Parker x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: Kai was (Y/N)’s best friend and crush before he was sent to the Prison World. now, he’s back and didn’t tell her about it. He realizes that he loved her all along and whole lot of feelings are brought out.

Warnings: one swear word, heated make out

A/N: feedback and requests would make me really happy!

Originally posted by clnriswood

Kai Parker, sociopath, heretic, siphoner… Finally, your best friend and crush. For all you knew the heretic was still stuck in the 1994 Prison World. Spoiler alert! He wasn’t. So, when you walked into the Mystic Grill talking with Jeremy Gilbert your ‘Kai Parker best friend replacement’ and looked for a booth you were surprised to find him sipping on what seemed like whiskey.

“What the hell is Kai doing here?’ you wondered

“Hey Jer?” you interrupted him in the middle of his story about Sarah and the pool thing you weren’t really listening to.

“Yeah (Y/N)?” he asked, raising his eyebrows at you.

“You remember me telling you about Kai Parker?” you inquired. Unaware that the saying of his name had caught Kai’s attention and that he was now watching you with Jeremy.

“Yeah, stuck in the Prison World, your best friend and cr-” you slapped your hand on his mouth before he could finish his sentence.

“He’s a vampire, he could very well be eavesdropping,” you said taking your hand off his mouth and shooting a look at the witch who was looking at his empty glass, “he doesn’t know about… that.”

A look a realization hit Jeremy’s face “Ooh! Okay, so he’s not in the Prison World then?” he smiled and you laughed.

When the sound of your laughter reached his ears a smile crept onto Kai’s face, he had missed this sound when he was in the Prison World. 

Suddenly, he realized that every day since you weren’t there in his life for at least an hour a day he’d missed and thought of you. His mind was filled with memories of you two spending time together and the urge he felt to kiss you at times. Ever since you met, you were the only person who could make him feel something other than the need to hurt. At that very moment, Kai Parker understood that he was in love with (Y/N) (L/N).

Before you had the time to respond, Kai stood up from his seat and vamp-sped you away from Jeremy and out of the Grill.

“How are you so young-looking (Y/N)?” he asked with a tender look in his blue-gray eyes.

“I’m a vampire Kai, like you.” You smiled nervously, “but is that really the first thing you want to say to me after seeing me for the first time in ages?”

“I-I don’t know what to say (Y/N), I thought you’d moved on, found a new and better version of me. I thought you-you’d forgotten about me after all this time.” He told you, looking down at his feet, “I assumed that staying away from you would be better for you because I am, according to Damon, ‘bad news’ and dangerous.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” you cupped his face and brought his eyes to yours “I have never and will never forget you Malachai Parker, there has not been a day were your face hasn’t crossed my mind. And how on earth could you think that I could forget about you? You’re my other half, my better part, my beating heart, Kai Parker. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a sociopath, so-called ‘dangerous’ or whatever because no matter what I will still love you. You may have lost your innocence but you will never lose me. Staying away from me isn’t ‘better for me’ Kai, if anything it’s worse! You are irreplaceable and I am completely, utterly in love with you. You might not feel the same way but I don’t care at all! You are a great, amazing, wonderf-” you were interrupted by Kai’s lips crashing against yours.

               It took a few seconds for you to realize what was happening and Kai reluctantly pulled away before you could kiss back.

“I’m so so sorry (Y/N), I sho-” this time you were the one to interrupt by wrapping your arms around his neck and smashed your lips against his.

               Immediately, Kai’s lips were kissing you back and fire exploded in your stomach. Kai’s hands placed themselves on your waist and went slightly under your top. Your lips molded together and Kai slipped his tongue into your mouth. Your tongues fought for dominance, Kai won and started scouring your mouth his tongue. Seconds passed until you pulled away to catch your breath.

“This place is too public, let’s head back to my place.” You told him. He nodded vigorously and you vamp-sped to your house. You unlocked the door and entered the house. Once you locked the door Kai slammed you against it and kissed you passionately while you wrapped your legs against his waist. He was leaving a wet trail of kisses down your neck until you moaned loudly when his lips reached your sweet spot, he grinned and started sucking your collarbone, creating a hickey and eliciting moans from you. You whined at the loss of contact when he detached his lips from your neck to vamp-speed you to your couch. He pushed you onto it and climbed over you grinding onto your crotch. He took off your top and his top then continued to make out with you. At that moment, you knew you were in for a great night.