▴▲We are the last;▲▴

                                              Now we act on our vow

                                     As                                          One.

Banner credit: @f0xxtr0t


So… Rathteu’s outfit went through satan’s asshole and back trying to become a final product. Here’s the ones I managed to scrounge and save and not throw out in frustration.

It was initially going to be some incredibly flashy armour; then, re-reading Miss Deande’s description of the festival, I decided it was Too Much. From there, a downward spiral of trying to decide what kind of theme I was shooting for can be seen.

I ditched the longer headpiece so @dreadwind‘s longer-haired Rath could stand out more next to him. I added more gauze and layers [as much as possible anyhow without unbalancing the look]

Eventually I settled on a mix of feminine and robe-like combinations of stuff. I was considering putting him in tights, but it didn’t look chunky enough, if I wanted to go for the Keeper look.

The bottom one is interesting; it’s something the cape-like drape on his back can do, a direct inspiration from male belly dancers and the flare-lookin things they can ripple about. Rathteu’s been practicing some cute lil dances with that thing, so hopefully we’ll get a taste of that!

BUT YEAH. THIS JOURNEY WAS OVER. Mama MIA it should NOT have been that hard. Holy dicKS

maliwarm replied to your post “I got frustrated at something whilst in the kitchen and my hand…”

Ban Rath from kitchen duty forever.

He calls it..

Or, alternatively, Lifestolen Salad


-Dead spinach

-Assorted Dead Vegetables

-Dead cranberries

-Fresh croutons

The crew sitting there staring at it at dinnertime like WTF is this Rath is our #1 salad maker

what do you have to say for yourself Verod