Roleplay Follow List

Okay. I know a lot of you don’t necessarily LIKE to follow rp blogs - for whatever reason. I honestly don’t see why. But whatever. 

I’ve been roleplaying for a while, and there’s a handful of blogs that I think you should follow for all your DBSK loving needs, some of which write smut - but most of which just write in their ships relationships etc. etc..

Firstly. These are two blogs you should follow, not because they write beautiful smut or ship the best ships or anything, but because they’re the greatest people I’ve ever seen with the best hearts. 

I’ve seriously loved these two rp'ers for a very long time, they both have a special place in my heart for their kind words and their wonderful advice. Really I’ve never seen such wonderful people before. <3 If you follow no one else on this list - I suggest you follow them, they will make your blog beautiful. Though Donghae loves to post his own face, but Donghae’s beautiful so its okay :D

Onto the DBSK rp blogs.

Originally I was just going to leave you a list of my favorite RP'ers for every character, but instead I’ll leave you RP'ers by ships ^^.  **Not all write smut, but they do still tend to interact on the dash**


and another couple that don’t interact much on the dash anymore but are still lovely and have a special place in my heart:


2U: (warning: angst)

JaeMin: (warning: A SHIT TON OF ANGST)


and there’s another I only just found out about so idk about them.

That’s everyone~ ^^. Seriously, if you don’t follow any RP blogs, you’re missing an entire world of laughs and fun. Just keep in mind that these are people behind a blog, and not the actual idols. A lot of rp'ers get anti-fan anons that think they’re the real idols… please don’t be one of those people ;_;~.

I know a lot of my followers follow really obscure ships that there’s not a plethora of fics for, so hopefully this will help. Especially the ones that write on the dash - live fanfics guys. LIVE. 


note: if you like angst. which I know some of you do - I seriously advise you follow the demigods… they love angst. And I mean, they *love* angst.