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Would a vampire biting someone's neck be safe? Like possible diseases aside, where would be relatively safe places to bite without possibly causing the person to bleed out?

So the problem with vamp mythology is that vampire bites tend to go  for the artery (the neck, for example), which tend to bleed…. well, a lot. The wrist is another common target. 

But really, nicking an artery anywhere is perfectly liable to be lethal. 

I’ve seen this countered in vampire mythos in setups where the vamp’s spittle is a coagulant, and so they drink and then lick the wound to seal the blood vessel. I think this is a fine idea, and a perfectly reasonable adaptation: if a vamp can keep a victim (or thrall) alive, they can drink from the same well repeatedly, though realize that it takes about 42 days for a human to regenerate the blood lost from a donation, so if they are drinking solely from thralls, they’ll need quite a large group (depending on the volume the vamp needs to consume to stay alive).

Other locations vamps could bite but typically don’t: The inside of the thigh (femoral artery), the foot (pedalis dorsis), the back of the knee (popliteal artery), the elbow (brachial artery), the wrist (radial or ulnar artery), the inside of the ankle (medial malleolus). A good bite on the clavicle could even get at the subclavian artery, but the vamp would  have to come from over the shoulder unless they have bottom fangs as well as topfangs. 

If you have a willing partner, I would suggest you try to put your teeth around places where vampires supposedly bite and work out the logistics of things. Human teeth are designed more to rip than they are to actually puncture, meaning that if you or I bit someone the way vampires are supposed to, we would rip the skin off before we punctured the artery. 

Biting things is surprisingly awkward. 

Also realize that humans require pressure from both halves of the bite pattern in order to actually get the leverage to puncture anything. We don’t just produce a single clean hole, but a whole ring of tooth  marks. Even with elongated canines* (fangs), we still need a way to apply that force, which still implies applying force with the jaw. 

I hope this was helpful! Good luck with your mythbuilding!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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While I’m translating HTR because I greatly enjoyed it (so yes I recommend it), another reason is because of the Durarara x Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens crossovers. One was already done by Kisaki, the author of HTR, but the Durarara characters don’t appear that much in it. But the next one Narita is supposed to write it, so I expect more of the Durarara characters to appear. So regardless, I want to at least have the first volume available before during the first crossover.

If Narita is going to release the second Durarara x HTR crossover this year (especially before the new Izaya novel), I’d like to get those two done first. HTR first novel, then Kisaki’s crossover, then Narita’s crossover is what I’d like to do.

N: “By the way, my plans for this year are Fake 4, the Bleach novel, the final for Baccano 1936, Fake 5, DuraxTonkotsu (I’m in the middle of discussing with the editorial department which will be first), and then having time for original manga work or work scenarios. ……If I have time I want to write Vamp, the second volume for Otsuberu, and a new Izaya work……..*seething*……..”

F: “I’m always looking forward to it~. It’s cold, so take care of your health and good luck~ I’m supporting you.

Also,  I await for the Izaya Orihara series!!!”

N: “Thank you very much! I still have many more ideas for the Izaya series so I want to continue…….!”

Narita has done Fake 4, and I saw something about the Bleach novel already. So we’re at Baccano, Fake 5 (that’s what it said, but I’m surprised Fake 5 is on here honestly), and the DuraxTonkotsu part.

I already expected the new Izaya novel to come out in December at earliest. Maybe Narita will surprise me (or his editorial department), but I feel like the other mentioned works will come out before that.

Raws of Ryohgo Narita Novels

I’ve found a site with the raws of Baccano, Durarara and Vamp and I also have the three volumes of Hariyama-san so I uploaded them too. 

Baccano! (1-21) // DRRR!! (1-13, SH 1-2) // Vamp! (1-5) // Hariyama-san, Center of the World (1-3)

(These are not mine, of course. I’m actually kinda happy that someone was able to tear apart their books and I didn’t have to do it to mine:P)

edit: The files are down from the site, please PM me for the links if you need them. (they are also on nyaa)