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Best Thing In My Life

Summary: Reader goes on a demon hunt with Simon who goes with the angels. 51. “I fucking love you” & 71. “I’ve never told anyone”

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild

Fandom: Shadowhunters(TV)

Word Count: 516

Requested: @snowflakexss

AN: This is the shortest thing I have written so I’m sorry about that. I know I said I would have it in a day or two but I couldn’t help it. I wrote it and I wanted to post it. I hope this is kinda what you were looking for, if not my apologies. 

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Love and... love

You can really tell how much spare time I’ve has this week considering I went through all the episodes transcripts to find every instant someone has said “I love/loved you” and wow. It was certainly interesting. So here’s the list I put together undated to include all of season 12.

Note, this is every instant someone has said “I love/loved you” to the actual person, not to a third person.

I also decided to break this down into seasons and to see what kind of love we’re talking about. All under the cut:

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ookami-chan  asked:

Fluff headcanon nevra x gardienne please ☺

Sorry for the delay! After a while I thought nobody was interested so I left this blog for dead. I made it long to try to make up for the delay. Again, I’m so sorry!

Also I interpreted ‘gardienne’ as reader, so used the second person. Let me know if you’d prefer a different perspective!

Here are the headcanons!

  • Nevra is sooo unused to being steady with anybody; he becomes an entirely different person when you start dating.
  • He’s such a gentleman, opening doors for you, pulling out chairs, speaking so politely
  • You seriously begin to wonder if you’re dating Leiftan
  • It’s not until you pull him aside and tell him to be himself does he quit it
  • He’s still a gentleman, of course, but a Nevra type gentleman
  • He flirts with you like 10x more than he did before since his affection is all for you
  • Expect to be showered with forehead kisses and hugs whenever, cause this man can’t keep his hands to himself.
  • he simply adores how cute you look in his things and is more than willing to let you keep his stuff
  • Unless he’s going with you, prepare to have mama vamp cluck and coddle you every time you go on or return from a mission
  • Nevra can never stop worrying about you whenever you leave his side
  • Even though he’s usually the suavest vamp around, Nevra can, and has, done some cheesy af stuff.
  • His favourite? The whole ‘The sunset’s beautiful.’ ‘Not as beautiful as you’ shit.
  • Ez saw it once and teased him mercilessly.
  • Honey badger didn’t give a fuck tho.
  • Surprisingly, he’s not as suggestive with you and doesn’t drop as many innuendoes
  • He’s more invested in the emotional side of the relationship since he’s never experienced anything like it before.
  • He wants to explore that side properly before trying anything with you.
  • He loves taking you to hidden spots around the El and having your dates there
  • Less people means more time with you <3
  • Always introduces you as his girlfriend, even to people who already know you’re dating

The whole city was still dealing with what had happened, many of those injured were still in hospital and funerals being held for those who weren’t so lucky. Augustus, although not surprised, was relieved when he found his twin with only the mental trauma of helping an original vampire. He made sure to visit those that had been injured, including Josefine. Her injuries may have healed but Augustus knew that she was probably far from fine. “Mama vamp,” He called through the door as he knocked. “I come bringing Chinese food, and the delivery guy as a starter.” 


What Jody represented in 9x19 was a person devastated by grief and loss coming to terms with the fact that sometimes you can not fill the hole in your life with outside forces, or with other people. She knows she has things she needs to deal with, but she’s not hiding from them anymore. She’s not going to depend on someone else to be the thing that dulls the ache. She’s going to feel the ache because sometimes that’s all you can do. But she is going to live because she is strong, and so is Dean. What she realized in the end is something he will come to know as well.

While Jody represented this grief-stricken but hopeful future, Mama vamp represented the dark co-dependency that lives inside Dean. She also represented John and all of the things he placed on his boys. She is the thing inside his head telling him he can’t change, that this is all there is, that duty and family are everything. She manipulated Alex in to doing what she wanted, convinced her it was all there was, that she had to stay. Alex was terrified of letting her Mama down, and I was reminded of Sam’s confession to Dean in that church. That his greatest sin was all the times he felt he let Dean down.

Dean is co-dependent, but so is Sam, and he wants out. He wants out, but the hope manifested by Jody that lives inside Dean wants out as well. He just doesn’t know how to do it yet. When Jody killed Mama vamp that said to me that no matter how dark things are about to get, in the end Dean will claw his way out of the darkness. Dean will let go. He has to let go. He wants to let go, he just doesn’t know how to yet.

What Jody and Alex had in the end wasn’t a bond that was dependent on one another for survival, but one that acknowledged they can still lean on each other for love and support. This is what Sam and Dean need. Neither of them are ever going to be okay in the traditional sense, not with what they have come to know, and all the grief they have suffered. But what they can have is hope, and a relationship built on shared grief and love that isn’t toxic or suffocating. There is a light at the end of that tunnel, for both Sam and Dean, but in the end they will not choose each other. They will choose themselves, and then the healing can begin.

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I’m getting sad because everyone is talking about how awesome Jody is but none of it is actually about Jody but about how she wasn’t sexualized or how its so awesome she stood up for herself. So therefore a post dedicated to the sheer badassness that is Sheriff Jody Mills:

  • Watched her husband and son die- proceeded to save the entire fucking town while Dean and Bobby were literally in the closet
  • Handled a zombie situation with calm and dignity
  • Lied to the FBI twice and created a lot more work for herself to save Bobby’s ass
  • Figured out how to disable Leviathan
  • Pulled a stake out of her shoulder and killed a god while Sam was unconscious and Dean was in the basement
  • Saved herself from a pissed off mama vamp AND saved a innocent person (that Sam and Dean wanted to kill)
  • Survived a date with fucking Crowley
  • Stood up to the Winchesters when they questioned her faith
  • Keeps an eye out for the supernatural shit (that Bobby probably took care of before he died) that threatens her town and does something about it
  • Is the fucking Sheriff- not a deputy, not a officer, the head honcho- an elected official

In short Jody could be sexualized, she could be treated like a lot of women on Supernatural are and she would still be twice as badass as anyone else on this show