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We all confessing weird dreams? Cause I had one the other night of this vampire who kidnapped me. I fucking wanted to travel Europe. He wanted a legion of thralls & I wanted German cheese & beer. Then he told me I was too ugly to be a thrall & I was like, "GOOD! LET ME GO!" Lost a game of hide&seek so he turned me. He did hook me up with a Toshinori looking werewolf guy (all might form looking werewolf form.). Cause vamp dude wanted hybrid army. Took over europe. Had German beer & cheese.

o.O that was wild start to finish omg

it’s good you got the beer and cheese in the end!! xD

volturisecretary  asked:

How do you think the typical human is changed into a vampire? Do you think they are usually given some sort of choice in the matter or is it just sort of sprung on them? I hc Amun giving Demetri some sort of choice. But, then I guess Victoria (+other newborn army vamps) didn't give any of the vampires she created a choice; and I feel like that could potentially make unruly/conspicuous vampires, which is bad for the sire in a multitude of ways (and I think it is considered taboo in the vampire1/2

world for those reasons). I’d imagine “preparing” the human for vampirism would make the whole change less…disorienting (and therefore less dangerous for both of them). We see this with Bella I guess, and the Cullens sort of write it off as a “super-self control,” but I can’t help but think this has not been done before (at least by the Egyptian, Romanian, Volturi, +other powerful covens). P.S.: Excuse how rambly this is xD.

I have to think that accidental transformation was and remains very common, particularly among vampires who don’t have a good grasp on how the circulatory system works. The threshold event seems to be venom reaching the heart; if you make it until then, congratulations, you’re a vampire! Otherwise, you’re just dead. But, to estimate how soon a gravely injured or very sick person will die vs. how quickly venom will disperse through the body, you need some reasonably sophisticated medical knowledge. Consequently, I feel like vampires often underestimate their victims’ health, and turn a lot of injured soldiers/epidemic victims by accident. Of course, those victims wake up with no memories of their creators, so “abandoning” newborns like this is almost impossible to prosecute. 

As for giving people choices regarding immortality, I suspect that’s rooted in a vampire’s personal valuation of human life. For instance, I imagine the Volturi coven doesn’t struggle with turning people en masse because a) humans suck in their eyes and b) regardless of what the movie Gladiator claims, the Greek/Roman afterlife is pretty bad and also boring. They would have no reason to believe that they were depriving their victims/recruits of anything. Conversely, Amun– who presumably believes in an orderly, peaceful Egyptian afterlife– might be more inclined to offer informed choices. 

(Because I’m fascinated by the intersection of spirituality + vampirism, I will say that I don’t quite understand Carlisle’s choices in light of his beliefs. He must concede that Heaven/immortality of the soul is much easier to attain when you die human and don’t eat anybody. And yet, saving people from death is more important than preserving their best shot at true eternity to him. It’s all very odd.)

I agree with your idea re: lack of choice creating unruly vampires. I have to think that covens or individuals are more inclined to risk these consequences if they have a good narrative to keep newborns in line. The Volturi had their laws (and a whole prepared lecture about the specialness and honour of being chosen for transformation, let’s be real) to keep their propaganda-vampires compliant. Victoria and Maria pacified their newborn armies through threats and lies. A solitary vampire, who can’t put his or her own spin on reality, is much more likely to offer someone a meaningful choice.

Finally, I like the idea of sires “preparing” potential newborns for the transformation. It could be a very benevolent process– Luca wanting to ensure that Renata wasn’t terrified seems pretty cute– or manipulation at its finest. (Who wants to speculate about what Aro told Sulpicia? Oh, who are we kidding, she signed off on the dotted line as soon as she heard “blood-sucking monster but you’ll be pretty forever”. Replace those two with another couple. Amun and Kebi, maybe.) Either way, it ought to produce relatively restrained, Bella-like newborns. Older vampires might not be shocked by her apparently-amazing control, having created similar immortals themselves.

A Boy I'll Never Have
A Boy I'll Never Have

Written, sung and played by brads-skateboard.


You got that mischief in your smile
and the eyes to match
coconut complexion
yeah you’re quite the catch
And I’m reluctant to admit I’ve become attached
To a boy I’ve never met

You got that childish little laugh
that sets my heart alight
got your skinny jeans on holding you tighter
than I could ever do I know this aint right
you’re an addiction I will never regret
Cos I’m dancing to your songs
and jumping to your beat
the biggest hurricane but im only 5 foot 3
and how have i let you mean the world to me
you’re the boy I could never have

The husk in your voice is my heroin
the notes that leave your lips are pulling me in
and the curls upon your head have got me in a spin
im feeling oh so dizzy

you’re singing to me on the train ride home
when I’ve got my headphones in and im sitting on my own
its been a hard old day but its fixed by your song
you’re my saviour in this city

Cos I’m dancing to your songs
and jumping to your beat
the biggest hurricane but im only 5 foot 3
and how have i let you mean the world to me
you’re the boy I could never have

And I’ll never know your voice on the telephone
or the songs you used to like back when you were young
or the thoughts that keep you moving when you cant go on
whats your sunshine in the rain

d'ya like a book or a movie before you go to sleep
and what would you look like sitting next to me
on a sunday afternoon at half past three
Oh I think I’m going insane
Cos I’m dancing to your songs
and jumping to your beat
the biggest hurricane but im only 5 foot 3
and how have i let you mean the world to me
you’re the boy I could never have

“YAAAAaaaaaa!” -Shawn Mendes during Fan Army Celebration at the iHeart Radio Theater 3/26/15 snippet of singing Show You




The Permanent Rain Press Interview with The Vamps. (Watch in HD)

We had the opportunity to interview The Vamps at the Abbotsford stop of Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert Series earlier this month. Stay tuned to hear the band chat about their record label, acting, and upcoming sophomore album.

Tune in to Family Channel on September 25th at 7:30 PM ET/PT to watch the Big Ticket Summer Concert on your television screen!