Vampire Academy Meme [1] OTP → Lissa Dragomir & Christian Ozera

“In some ways, Lissa and Christian were perfect for each other. Maybe they were outcasts, but the Dragomirs and Ozeras had once been among the most powerful Moroi leaders. And in only a very short time, Lissa and Christian had started shaping one another in ways that could put them right up there with their ancestors. He was picking up some of her polish and social poise; she was learning to stand up for her passions. The more I watched them, the more I could see an energy and confidence radiating around them.
They weren’t going to stay down either.”


Vampire Academy Meme:

One OTP: Rose + Dimitri

- Do you think I’m pretty? 
- I think you’re beautiful.
- Beautiful?
- You’re so beautiful, it hurts me sometimes.

va meme: one of two locations

h e  C h u r c h

“Don’t you think we’re going to go to hell for this?” asked Lissa.

He reached out and touched her face, trailing his fingers along her cheek and neck and down to the top of her silky shirt. She breathed heavily at that touch, at the way it could be so gentle and small, yet evoke such a strong passion within her.

“For this?” He played with the shirt’s edge, letting his finger just barely brush inside of it.

“No,” she laughed. “For this.” She gestured around the attic. “This is a church. We shouldn’t be doing this kind of, um, thing up here.”

“Not true,” he argued. Gently, he pushed her onto her back and leaned over her. “The church is downstairs. This is just storage. God won’t mind.” 


VA/BLOODLINES MEME » one of five relationships

Sydney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov.  

“I tried to be a better person for her, but it was to impress her, to get her to want me. But when I’m around you, I want to be better because… well, because it feels right. Because I want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh … You have no clue how beautiful you are or how brightly you shine.”