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I was sent a photo of some official Digimon book showing a Devimon sleeping in a coffin while using his wings as a blanket. Also I got some scans from an Adventure book and in these books they revealed that Vamdemon wouldn't allow himself to be tamed by humans, instead he'd probably just kidnap one for himself to raise. Also his mask is custom made appearently. And it's called "Vamde Mask". Also his cape's name is "Vamde Mantle". IDK I thought you might want to know this hilarious trivia. /Runs

You mean to tell me if a digmon evolved into a Myotismon they would, if they wanted to, customise their own mask? (unless it’s just that Myotismon because he’s a speshal snowflake).

Myo: Yes, I’d like my mask to be pink and sparkly, please. Thank you.

Why are digimon cute? Why are these two in particular cute? They need to leave.

Alright! I have Wizar, Orge, Devi, PicoDevi, Ete, Vamde and Venom done! All that remains are MetalEte, Masters and Apocalymon! (Also maybe the Obversatory/Spiral Mountain thing if it has anything interesting written on it, IDK if I’ll translate Mercure/Sephiroth properly either, again maybe if they have something particularly funny on them then maybe TIME WILL TELL)