Se sai quanto vali non preoccuparti di chi se ne va. La gente sa cosa ha da perdere… Dovrebbero solo avere il coraggio di ammetterlo.

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Frasi che preferisci di Briga?

“Dormi e non pensarci più, che non è facile restare in questo posto, dormi che sono pazzo di te e non è strano che ti voglia ad ogni costo.“

“Fanculo, io non voglio tutto questo, io voglio solo te e poi lo butto il resto.”

“Ti voglio e lo scrivo a lettere cubiche, e non ho più dubbi che rimani nei piani, stravolgimi il domani, portami in alto come gli aeroplani.”

“È la mia donna e non sai quanto vali, non ha l'insonnia e non fa la mignotta nei locali, lei non abbraccia tutti, scaccia tutti i brutti tranne me, mente a tutti tranne a me, all I need is you.”

“So, Nadia, what did you do over the weekend?”

well, i’m so happy you asked because…

what’s this?

it sort of looks like






holy shitballs y’all! smack my ass and call me judy, hot damn i’m in business!

i would like to personally thank lolpersephone, theubergrump, drparisa, liquidlyrium, iheartapostates, elvasea, debussy-cat-dolls, sweet baby andraste and every mod forum post about patching that’s been archived on the internet since november.


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Wait what's he story with loki having past twins? Sorry I'm new and just trying to get up to date with your AMAZING comics... by the way if you didn't get it already, I'm completely in love with them!

Narfi and Nari
In Norse mythology, Narfi is a son of Loki, referred to in a number of sources. According to the Gylfaginning section of Snorri Sturluson’sProse Edda, he was also called Nari and was killed by his brother Váli, who was transformed into a wolf; in a prose passage at the end of the Eddic poemLokasenna”, Narfi became a wolf and his brother Nari was killed.

They aren’t technically twins, at least, it’s not specified in the stories, but that’s kind of how I saw them. 

Thanks for reading and enjoying them! :D 

It’s true! On November 10th we’ll be releasing the new single by Valys as a free digital download.

Why free? Because we think these guys deserve to be heard.

FFO: Make Do And Mend, (Early) Our Time Down Here, Modern Rock. 

So we guess it’s about time to make our big announcement;

On the 10th of November we’re going to be releasing our new single PRETTY BONES, exclusively for free download via our friends at Pornography For Cowards Zine.

The single sounds massive so GET FUCKING HYPED and prepare for a tune that’s going to make you wanna punch your nan.

In other news our next show is 28th October at the ringside in hull, a halloween special with the likes of The Departed, & Blind Ambitions.

Dress up, come down and punch your aptly dressed friends in the face.

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what do you think of val, duke, jenner, harrison, madison, phoenix and jess


Duke seems a bit.. serious. Too serious.

Harrison is cool I guess.

Madison who? I guess she doesn’t get around much.

Phoenix is honestly the most adorable person on planet Earth, what is he doing in a gang?

Seems just slutty to me.