Scusami se non sono mai stata bella e magra come mi immaginavi.
Scusami se tutte le volte che sbagliavo non ti chiedevo scusa, ma avevo paura di averti deluso troppo e che tu non mi potessi perdonare.
Scusami per tutte le volte che ti ho deluso, non sai il bene che ti voglio e non avrei mai voluto farti del male.
Scusami se ho detto frasi o parole che ti hanno ferito o fatto dubitare del mio amore, non era mia intenzione farlo.
Scusami se non ti ho detto sempre quanto tu vali per me, quanto tengo a te, il bene che ti voglio.
Scusami se non ti ho mai detto grazie per i sacrifici che hai fatto per me, non pensare che io non li abbia notati, li ho visti eccome.
Scusami se non ti ho ascoltato quando mi hai detto che quella non era la mia scuola, ma io cocciuta ho voluto continuarla.
Scusami se ti ho deluso per essere uscita con solo 7 dalle medie.
Scusami se non sono riuscita a passare l'esame all'università.
Scusami se ho scelto una facoltà che a te non piace, perché dici che mi ritroverò senza lavoro.
Scusami per tutte le volte che ti ho urlato contro, è solo che non sempre mi riesci ad ascoltare a pieno.
Scusami per quando ti dicevo che di me non ti importava, di me ti importa eccome ma come sempre lo capisco troppo tardi.
Scusami per tutti gli errori che ho commesso, specie per quelli che non mi hanno insegnato nulla.
Scusami per tutto il male che ti posso aver fatto.
Scusami per non essere mai stata la figlia perfetta che volevi.
Scusami mamma.
—  🍁

anonymous asked:

What artists / bands have you seen live? It seems like you have good taste in music!

florence and the machine x 3 (once front row and she touched my hand ~ life highlight)
daughter (soon to be x2 eep!)
angus and julia x 2
vancouver sleep clinic x 2
jarryd james x 3
cloud control
little may x 2
meg mac x 3
ball park music
flight facilities x 2
hilltop hoods x 2
the preatures
san cisco
hiatus kyote
oh wonder
valis alps
jesse davidson


Adorable Albino Sea Animal Pillows by Dana Muskat 

Israeli fashion designer Dana Muskat spent most of her career in Paris working for big fashion houses, including Lavin,  Giambattista and Vali among others before she became a full-time toy maker. Conceived by chance, the first stuffed animal made by Muskat was for her baby niece. As a “welcome-to-the-world gift,” she gave her niece a big white octopus, measuring more than 3 feet long.

As fate would have, the former fashion designer, constructed another stuffed animal for one of her dear friend’s newborn once again. After word spread quickly about her adorably massive creations, Muskat began producing more albino stuffed animals for Big Stuffed. The humpback whale, a starfish, some sting rays, one long sardine, the sperm whale, and a huge crab quickly joined the octopus.

Lush and soft, the sea creatures are meant to be used as large teddy bears for comfort and embrace. They resemble the texture and function of a pillow. Composed of natural cotton, wool fabrics and pastel colors, each figure has a unique aesthetic. They are adorned with Big Stuffed’s trademark droopy eyes, which makes them irresistibility cute. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei PC-8801 Version Scan Archive

Download Link

It’s only been in recent years that Atlus fans outside of Japan have been able to widely engage with Megami Tensei at some of its deepest roots, namely the original Famicom games and their subsequent remakes, as well as the actual novels by Aya Nishitani that gave rise to the whole thing to begin with. But the story even in those early days is more complicated than many even within Japan know, thanks to another radically different adaptation produced for Japanese PCs (specifically the MSX, PC-8801, X1, and FM77AV) by way of Nihon Telenet, a developer you probably best know for the Valis games and as the former home of legendary RPG developers Wolfteam.

Aside from some shared aesthetic tastes, Nihon Telenet’s take on Megami Tensei couldn’t be much more different from Atlus’ “canonical” version. Indeed, not only is it something of an open-ended Gauntlet clone rather than a first-person dungeon crawling RPG, the PC versions also hew closer to the original novels, featuring a handful of characters that are never referenced in Atlus’ game. To many, the end result is probably overall a lot less engaging than the RPGs that have since codified the Megami Tensei’s true starting point, but it’s no less a fascinating historical tangent for it.

As someone with something of a soft spot for old Japanese computers, I recently decided to sit down and do the long, protracted dirty work involved in getting a proper copy of one of these alternative versions in 2016 and lo and behold, I wound up with the PC-8801 version, which is the one I happen to know best. But instead of dumping floppy discs that you can already readily find online and play in an emulator, I decided to fix what I saw as a glaring oversight on the part of the Japanese Internet and scan all of the printed material the PC-8801 version includes and put it all in an archive. So I did! That’s what the download link is for up top and it includes the following:

  • Cover art
  • Manual
  • Mini art booklet
  • Floppy discs and disc envelopes

While it’s all in Japanese, I’d argue it’s still worth a download, as there’s a lot of really neat artwork within both the manual and art booklet that show off a different take on Megami Tensei than the conventional Kaneko material we’re all used to. And if you do speak Japanese, you’ll find the manual to be helpful in elucidating some of the more obtuse aspects of the PC versions, information which is surprisingly hard to come by even when consulting Japanese walkthroughs.

I want to try and cover some of those more important details in another post here on the blog, but for now, I thought I’d at least get this archive out in the world for people to parse through and enjoy. Do note that you’re free to repost these scans to blogs, wikis, forums, etc, but I would greatly appreciate a credit and a link back to the Atlus Atlas if you do so.

Enjoy the history!


PS: You’ll find some visual defects here and there within the scans. That’s simply the condition in which all of this material arrived. Given that the game is nearly 30 years old, though, I think it can be forgiven. It should all still be very viewable regardless!