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Maester Steven, I can't find anything on the borders of the Valyrian Freehold. They don't seem to have ever spread east of the Bone Mountains, but there's also nothing stating the Sarnorians or Qartheen were under their control. So, what are your thoughts on the extent of their territory?

Good question!

The Valyrian empire did not extend into the lands of the Sarnori: “the confederation of cities later called the Kingdom of Sarnor survived the Valyrian expansion thanks to the great plain that separated one from the other.” Indeed, the Valyrians tended to look west rather than east (”once the Ghiscari wars had ended, the dragonlords of Valyria turned their gaze to the west…With the destruction of the Rhoynar, Valyria soon achieved complete domination of the western half of Essos, from the narrow sea to Slaver’s Bay, and from the Summer Sea to the Shivering Sea.”) for conquest.

The Lands of Ice and Fire are also helpful here: 

Essaria (now known as Vaes Khadokh) was a Valyrian colony due east of Qohor, connected to the Free Cities by the Valyrian roads that connected the Freehold to its trading partners - to the port city of Saath in the north and Sarnath of the Tall Towers in the east. So we can conclude with a high degree of confidence that Valyria’s eastern border was somewhere around Essaria (perhaps at the banks of that enormous river?) and that at some point Valyria managed to work out a treaty allowing them to extend their roads into the Kingdom of Sarnor for the purposes of trade. 

Further to the south, we can look to the extent of Ghiscari territory to guess at how far east Valyria extended once old Ghis was conquered. Krazaaj Has, Vaes Mejhah, Vaes Efe, were all Ghiscari colonies, but Yinishar and Adakhakileki were not. So I’d say the furthest east Valyria got through its conquest of Old Ghis is Vaes Efe. 

I got a couple of asks on this subject so I figured I’d consolidate my reply into one post.

Talking about “how much Targaryen Blood” an individual has makes me uncomfortable, especially when throwing in percentage points. It feels much more to me like playing a game of racial purity rather than highlighting the intersection of race with the power structures within Westeros.  

That’s not to say that it’s not important to talk about multiracial Targaryens.  It absolutely is, especially in the more recent generations of Targaryens, there have been marriages multiple to House Martell and one to House Dayne, and whose impact on presented racial characteristics within House Targaryen is inconsistent at best (and sadly unsurprising given how Martin writes about race in ASOIAF).  

But to me boiling it down to “how much Jon and Dany are actually Targaryen” misses the point of both the power structures in Westeros and what House Identity means within ASOIAF and ends up undermining the fact that both have less Valyrian ancestry than the name “Targaryen” implies, and yet that “Targaryen” is what ultimately will validate their actions (+ Jon’s “Stark”). 

OK but I think an IMPORTANT THING gets ignored about Game of Thrones.  Everyone is all like “valar morghulis” and it’s basically the catchphrase of the show, right?  Other than “winter is coming,” which, fuck you.  But the tradition, when someone says “valar morghulis” to you, is to respond, “valar dohaerys.”  When someone comes up to you and says “all men must die,” you respond, “all men must serve.”  And that!  Is just as important!  Both to the culture of the Faceless!  And to Westerosi culture!  

It’s the ultimate affirmation of a democratic principle that is treasured but not realized.  If “valar morghulis” is equalizing in its nihilism, then “valar dohaerys” is equalizing in a much more positive, active way.  You might fill in the blank: all men must serve each other.  After all, the Faceless, whose words these originally are, came to be during a slave rebellion.  There’s little question as to which “men” these words are aimed at.  

So fast forward to the timeline of the show & books.  These phrases have become common in Braavos and the south, and have become recognizable even in the Seven Kingdoms.  Which means that, even in the most oppressive places, a little seed of equality is sown.  

So remember that when someone says “valar morghulis,” they’re not just being badass.  They’re not just implying a nihilistic worldview and saying everyone is out for themselves.  They’re also implying, “valar dohaerys.”  And that’s a bit of hope you don’t often see on the show.

It is not clear what color were Vhagar’s scales or flames, but judging from Visenya’s temper, it had to be bloody. 


The four really important characters to my story, their designs can have slight changes in the future (especially Kay lmao-)
I’ll talk about it shortly, so that there are no mistakes made. I can’t complain about people misunderstanding stuff if I don’t introduce it correctly!


The story takes place after a devastating war that occured a long time ago, where the world is trying to “repair” itself from all of it. Most countries are falling apart; governements too, the world being a mess and attacks being part of the daily life.
Public execution was one of the “trends”, to keep people in fear, so that they don’t want to rebel themselves against the current system.

Neige was one of those people that was going to be killed as a child, but got saved and escaped it because of Kay. While fighting against everyone, he noticed a strange ability to manipulate weapons of all kinds, and that’s how he’s gonna try to find out why.
Neige being part amnesic(?), she can’t help him to find out what happened in the past, but she will be an important part of everyone’s future…

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Where can I find what the high valyrian and other dialogues that are not in english in Game of Thrones mean? I tried everything, but even regular subtitles I download dont cover that parts. Please help me!

You know, if you have the officially licensed DVDs, they have subtitles. It’s only the pirated versions that don’t, so…

Anyway, you can always go here.

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