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Valve also shoots down any white supremist view points from being put in by "fans". I remember a few years back someone asked a TF2 developer if Medic was a n**i and they legit responded no because no one would like his character and it felt like a disservice. Like that's brave considering how most companies don't combat white supremacy out of the fear of loosing money.

Okay but “our character isn’t a nazi” is pretty much the only thing they’ve done in the past 10 years on the subject, and Steam is pretty much crawling with Nazis


A few photos from the Valve shoot we had on Saturday. It was nice to get a photo of a perfect MvM team as well!

Red Sniper with the rifle is zeekbearconductor

Red Snipers from left (after Zeek) to right are Bryan, Sam, Krysta, and the Sniper to the far right is czar-koz

Blu Medic is Sarah

Blu Scout is Philip 

And if you see yourself, feel free to let me know so I can add credit c: