valve shoot

one thing that’s always impressed me about nascar is just how advanced the engines are for how simple of a design they’re constrained to

2 valves per cylinder, pushrod v8, they only started using fuel injection in 2009. and yet they’ve reached piston speeda that rival what F1 teams thought was possible through absolutely obsessive refinement of that basic design by applying cutting-edge materials science to every part of the engine and optimizing absolutely every point of friction to be as smooth as humanly possible.
i’m talking bespoke concentric valve springs whose manufacturer commissions their own steel. it’s that advanced

in 25 years when pretty much all the teams have brought the pushrod v8 to its platonic ideal and nascar is forced to legalize DOHC engines they’re going to get above 20,000 rpm.
sure, some fans are going to die when dale earnhardt III’s camshaft vaporizes due to sheer centrifugal force and shoots valves through the uprights at daytona but it’ll all be worth it