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Dean: Come here for a second. Sam: Yeah. Dean: This rattle could be a couple of things. I’m thinking it’s an out-of-tune carb. Sam: Okay. Dean: All right, see this thing? It’s a valve cover. Inside are all the parts that are on the head. Hand me that socket wrench.  All right, you with me so far? Sam: Yeah, uh, valve cover covers the heads. Dean: Very good. Now this is your intake manifold, okay, and on top of it? Sam: It’s, uh, uh, a carburetor. Dean: Carburetor. Sam: Yeah. Dean: Very good. Sam: What’s with the auto shop?… What, you don’t mean you want— Dean: Yeah, I do. You fix it. Sam: Dean, you barely let me drive this thing. Dean: Well, it’s time. You should know how to fix it. You’re gonna need to know these things for the future. And besides, that’s my job, right? Show my little brother the ropes?

3x07 “Fresh Blood”                                                                                                   – For Kaz , Happy Birthday! <3

Prompt: “Getting Bones to laugh and smile more often.” -Anon

Words: 1202

Author’s Note: This one was actually really hard to write, because I’ve never delved into a softer side of Bones before, or at least a softer one where he smiles.

There ended up being some Chaucer used in this (am I a giant nerd yet?) so I thought I’d give a modern English translation, as I wanted the character to have a knowledge of it in advance.

“But for to telle yow al hir beautee,/It lyth nat in my tonge, n’yn my konnyng;/I dar nat undertake so heigh a thyng.”

“But for to tell you all her beauty,/It lies not in my tongue, nor in my cunning;/I dare not undertake so high a thing.”

Please enjoy!

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loving someone with borderline personality disorder
is not only the best love youll experience but it will be the worst
it will be the hardest and most passionate love
it will be the kind of love that makes you want to scream about it in the best and the worst ways
it will make you feel like you never have before
it will make you feel numb and it will make you feel anything and everything all at once
my heart is not like every other neurotypical who has the ability to align their brain with their tear ducts and give you reason and understanding to what emotion theyre feeling how it came about and I might not even be able to tell you that emotion or even describe it in its entirety or half or a quarter because there is so much that is flowing between the valves between my head and my chest I will not know the difference but I will always know love
I will know that I cant breathe if you aren’t there to tell me its okay
to tell me that I’m not crazy and this will all subside if I just let you touch me if I just let you hold my hand and rub my back if I just let you kiss my forehead if I just let you tuck me in bed I will be okay
I will know your voice by the hum you let slip or by your cough or the noise you make when you stub your toe on the corner of the bed side table
I will know your laughs ins an outs and if its because youre angry or in love or just laughing because I made a joke you don’t think is quite funny
I will know your silence and if its comfortable or bothered and ill know what to do to console you if it happens to be the ladder
I will know what makes your eyes water and I will never use it against you
I will hold your fears in my hand I will never let them get to you and your insecurities will be washed away with my reassurance
sometimes I will cry over the smallest of inconveniences and upset you for no reason and for that I am sorry but we conform to who we love
and I will love you
and I know that its hard and that it I can be a pain and that love is not always smiles and forehead kisses. it is not always laughter and soft touches that sometimes it is yelling and heartache. but you will love me too.
—  and we will overcome my illness, together

Kakimoto NSX by SpeedHunters

345hp @ 6,900rpm, 362.8Nm (267.6 lb/ft) @ 5,900rpm

ø92 mm forged pistons, stock titanium connecting rods, balanced stock crankshaft, upgraded oil pump, custom profiled intake and exhaust camshafts (IN: P233º 9.3 mm lift, Hi295º 12.5 mm lift, S238º 9.7 mm lift – EX: P238º 8.4 mm lift, Hi 288º 12 mm lift, S243º 8.7 mm lift), strengthened valve springs, C32B intake valves, C32B head gasket, Kakimoto custom exhaust manifolds, Kakimoto custom exhaust system, ø48 mm six-throttle conversion, custom velocity stacks, carbon fiber airbox with titanium intake pipe, 370 cc/min injectors, Nismo high pressure fuel regulator, BNR34 in-tank fuel pump, custom collector tank, NGK #8 racing plugs, ARC racing radiator, Setrab oil cooler, Motec M84 ECU

NA2 six-speed transmission, Exedy twin plate metal clutch, lightened flywheel, 4.643 final, ATS 2-way meal LSD, Kakimoto custom-made transmission oil cooler with custom baffling and intakes

Kakimoto custom front tubular subframe/chassis, custom front suspension pick-up points, Kakimoto original adjustable suspension, Eibach 8.9kg/mm front springs, 23.2kg/mm rear springs, Kakimoto custom adjustable suspension arms all round, Endless six-pot front calipers, Endless front ø370 mm two-piece rotors, Brembo F360 four-pot rear calipers, Brembo ø340 mm rotors, Brembo single pot e-brake caliper, AP Racing master cylinder, Tilton brake balance adjuster

Rays Engineering Volk Racing CE28N 18×8.5 +30 (front), 18×10.5 +18 (rear), Kumho 245/35R18 (front), 285/30R18 (rear)

Kakimoto front lip spoiler/diffuser, Kakimoto front canards, Front wide body aero, Kakimoto rear bumper, rear trunk NACA ducts, carbon GT-Wing, Speed Glass lightweight front windscreen, Rasty lexan rear hatch glass, lexan glass all round, custom flat underfloor

Custom welded and riveted roll cage, Recaro SP-G bucket seat, Simpsons racing harness, Momo racing steering wheel, custom dash with Defi gauges (tachometers, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure), Defi Advance ZD multi display meter, custom center console, custom carbon switch panel, Neko Corporation LCD600 digital display, ATL Fuel gauge

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