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So apparently Valvasor was the first person to describe vampires in print? observer. com/2017/10/history-of-vampires-johann-weichard-valvasor/

Yes! And Jure Grando is indeed considered to have been the earliest reported case of vampirism that we know of (you could say that he’s the prototype of “vampires” as we know them through popular culture today). He lived in the part of Istria that is now part of Croatia but yeah, I totally forgot it was Valvasor who described it!

Look at this guy! It’s like an axolotl snake!

This is the Olm, Proteus anguinus

It’s also a neotenic amphibian, but this one is native to caves in Slovenia.

Because they live in dark caves, their eyes are undeveloped, leaving them blind.

They take 14 years to reach sexual maturity, and are estimated to be able to live past 100 years. Controlled experiments have shown that they can survive up to 10 years without food.

They were first described in 1689 by the naturalist Valvasor, who reported that they would wash up from underground waters after heavy rains, and locals believed them to be baby cave dragons.

How cool!