'squip squad' goes to cedar point

-the squad ended up going on a road trip down to ohio. so they had to go to one of the craziest amusement parks.
-they ended up getting there an hour early and waited for it to open.
-when they went inside they went on one of the babyiest rides which was the corkscrew.
-jeremy is petrified of heights (which is crazy bec in this world he’s only 4 inches shorter than jake) so he has to go on all the baby rides.
-unlike his boyf michael loved heights, so he went on almost every thrill ride.
-jenna loves the fried cheese there.
-jake really only went on the maverick. but he went like 30 times so.
-brooke and chloe went to the snoopy land and got a bunch of photos.
-christine loved the bumper carts, wicked twister, and the feris wheel.
-michael dragged jeremy on the raptor and jeremy threw up right afterwards.
-michael immediately felt bad and went on all the rides jeremy wanted to go on and got him some oreo churros.
-rich loved the valvaren (valvarn??) and had a blast on the ride !
-chloe and jenna really liked the millennium force.
-michael loves thrill rides sure but he has his limits and that is the top thrill dragster. jake said “michael mell i challenge you to top thrill dragster. if you chicken out you and jeremy can’t make physical contact for an hour.” and michael took him on but he replied with, “and if i go on it you and rich can’t see eacg other for 2 hours and you have to be dragged on whatever jeremy wants to ride.”
-michael did the ride.
-jake hated those 2 hours.
-but afterwards when he got to finally see rich, rich ran across the whole park and throwing himself onto jake with his legs arouns jales waist. they were very happy.
-jenna and christine got their photos drawn!!
-chloe and brooke went on the gemini and afterwards went to the frozen yogurt place they had.
-jeremy loves dip-n-dots !!!@
-jenna and christine love the blue streak !
-the squad all met up again towards vlosing time and went on the iron dragon, the gatekeeper, and magnum xl-200 (only beacuse rich thought the name was silly)
-they all went out to dinner and talked about what their favorite ride was.

hey!! i love cedar point it’s so much fun!! whoot also wr have 600+ followers oh my gosh, that’s insane !!! i love you guys♡♡♡(edit holy heck we have 700 followers now !!)