values charter

The Canadian province of Quebec is far more connected to French European culture and ‘values’ and makes a distinct effort to separate itself from the rest of Canada in that regard.

Quebec is the same province that tried to enforce a 'charter of values’ which would disallow Muslims from wearing headscarves, Sikh individuals from wearing turbans, Jewish people for wearing kippah/headscarves–or any 'conspicuous religious symbol’ at public offices/school/university in an attempt to emulate French laws of the same nature.

Islamophobic attacks rose by 500% during this time, many minorities were brutalized and several Muslim women were attacked in public places.

Demonstrators take part in a protest against Quebec’s proposed “values charter” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Saturday Sept. 14, 2013. The separatist Parti Quebecois government said the proposed law would forbid government workers from wearing religious headwear such as hijabs, turbans, and kippas and will be introduced for debate later in the year. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Ryan Remiorz)

Our Values (Whether you believe in them or not)

I promised I’d have more on Quebec’s new charter of Values, that Thing to which I’m likely to have to adhere in spite of not identifying as a Quebecer and not believing in the values they cite in the way that they expect.  The basic, most publicized portions of the charter claim to: 

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