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The hardest thing is to accept that someone you care about is treating you badly. Maybe not on purpose, and maybe not all the time, but you have a self worth and a value and if you pretend that you don’t know what it is, so will everyone else.

mattykinsel  asked:

How do you know the surplus theory of value is real? Like.. you know? And what about situations where you lend a hand for a neighbour and they give you cash for helping idk, clean their garage or something with them. Is that an appropriation of surplus value - how so? Thanks so much!

I’m not sure what you mean by the first part. We live in a class system where the owning class gets to handle the material surplus (generated by the working class) by virtue of their ownership over society’s productive gears; it’s an objective fact that class stratification is real, and class stratification is materially realized in the exploitation of labor and the appropriation of the surplus. 

As for the second part, the communist goal is to make money and market transactions obsolete, not to send some bureaucratic committee around constantly blocking them when they do show up. Like, we don’t concern ourselves with some feudal baron coming into our towns and forcing us into serfdom because we have advanced beyond feudalism, and to suggest that we arrange ourselves in that way is just, well, silly – no one would take you seriously. Modes of production change according to material factors, which in turn influence social factors, which in turn acclimate people to different ways of living, and so on and so forth. Once socialism/communism firmly cements itself, the idea of subjecting everything to hierarchical market transactions and private property rights will seem absolutely ridiculous. Common ownership over the common inheritance will just be taken for granted. 

There’s this persistent argument coming from ancaps and right-wing libertarian types: “If someone wants to sell their labor to me in exchange for a wage, who are you to stop me??” This overlooks the fact that pretty much everyone does not willingly submit to wage labor if they have, ya know, literally any other viable option. If your needs can be more readily provided for through democratic production, in a scenario where you actually get a say in the work you do, why would you “voluntarily” choose to work beneath someone else who takes the bulk of the final product? To reiterate the above point, imagine some feudal landlord asking a bourgeois revolutionary in 1730, “if the peasant prefers to be tied to my land and prefers to pledge loyalty to me, who are you to stop me??” In the end, the bourgeoisie gained power and used enclosures and state violence to drive those peasants into cities to become industrial proletariat, forcing them to adjust to a new system of production. Class stratification isn’t voluntary. 

That tangent aside, it’s about transforming the material realities of society by harnessing power and technology for democratic/grassroots ends, not about dogmatically trying to institute the changes from above. Hopefully I was clear in my explanation, and thanks for the question!


this is serious!

Oregonians!! Take action now! OREGON PEOPLE:
Have you heard the news that yesterday the State Land Board voted to sell all 90,000 acres of Oregon’s oldest forest to loggers, the Elliot State Forest - public land held in trust that includes critical old growth habitat - to a logging company. This wasn’t supposed to happen. There are two Democrats and one Republican on the Board. Governor Kate Brown fought the sale vehemently. Our new State Treasurer, Democrat Tobias Read, violated his campaign promises and voted to sell the ancient forest. What’s more, the bid is nearly $140 million less than what the lands appraised value - if you can even place a dollar number on Oregon’s most significant carbon sink.
BUT - there’s a glimmer of hope. Governor Brown secured one final vote that is scheduled for April. If you care about our green Oregon, and leaving a healthy state for our children,
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Don’t let him get away with this.
Copy and share - spread the word!
Make your voice heard and let’s Save The Elliot!

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mattykinsel  asked:

Ahh, thank you! You're also so polite and kind. Often times I feel nervous asking leftists stuff because some of them can be very knee-jerk it seems. Idk. Anyways, I mean like.. about the "first part"... maybe I just don't understand surplus value and expropriation of the extra value etc etc like you explained. Do you have any links or resources that explain it super simply?Thank you so so much! I'm just concerned that it's (theft of surplus value) not real or *provable* - just an abstract rly

Oh yeah, no problem! =) Richard Wolff is a Marxian economist who does a fantastic job at simplifying many of the original anti-capitalist concepts, and this link HERE will take you to one of his lecture videos where he discusses surplus value. 

In a condensed summary, a capitalist will not hire a worker unless they can squeeze more value out of of them than they actually pay them. Surplus is the total value a worker generates minus the amount the capitalist ends up paying them. A McDondald’s cashier may bring in hundreds of dollars of value to the company each hour, but they’re only paid minuscule fractions of that. As far as capitalists are concerned, the lower the better, because that means more surplus for them. There are more details to it, and Richard Wolff covers them nicely in the above video. I understand not wanting the idea to be reduced to “just a theory” when you’re trying to convince someone – it’s tough because people take capitalist exploitation of labor for granted, as though it were an unalterable fact of nature. Wolff is great at putting all of the Marxist jargon into layman’s terms. 




Word Count: 2266

Warnings: None:)

A/N: Riverdale is my newest obsession and obviously my favorite character is Jughead Jones. I’ve never read the comics but I’ve seen that there he is asexual, however, I’m pretty sure the show is changing him (AKA Bughead) and that’s how I want to write him. I’m sorry if that offends you, but come on, who doesn’t want a little fluff/smut from the mysterious closed-off hottie in the gray beanie? Also, I wrote this at 2 AM when I couldn’t sleep so if it is complete trash, let me know. I value you all comments unless it involves hate. :) 

Sidenote: Thank you to all of the people that followed me after Holy Trench Coat! I love you all so much and you are the best!

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           It was Friday, the typical day that you rejoiced all your happiness because the week was finally over. You didn’t have to go to school, and you could sleep for as long as your mother allowed you to before she decides she needs to vacuum the house and wake you up.

           Normally, on Fridays, You would have a fantastic breakfast of waffles and bacon at Pop’s with a certain raven-haired boy as he typed and you drew, before you headed out to a prison that forced learning upon you. After you would serve your eight-hour sentence, you and sometimes Juggie, if he hadn’t already walked there, headed to Pop’s. Yes, you do interact with people on the way. It is a fair few and normally short conversations as your sarcastic humor is just not appreciated as much as it should be. 

           However, today is different. Your alarm casually didn’t go off and you were rudely awakened by a loud fist slamming into your door. Ever since you realized that your door had a lock on it, you made sure to use it and last night was no different. It definitely helped when your mother decided you didn’t need to sleep anymore.You thought you had fooled her but you were wrong and that was when she began to use the vacuum as punishment and to this day you can’t stand to look at that Dyson Dirt Devil. It even has devil in the name!

           Groaning, you stuck a pillow over your head trying to drown out the banging. After what felt like an hour, but was possibly only five minutes the knocking went away. A soft sigh left your lips as you snuggled deeper into your covers waiting for sleep to overtake you once more.

           However, you were sadly mistaken. The intruder did not go away and just as you were perfectly comfortable, your blanket was snatched off your body and the cold air from the AC unit blew goosebumps on your skin. Your eyes immediately sprung open and you sat up.

           The raven-haired boy didn’t even say anything, but as soon as you stood up his smug expression changed. You watched the smirk drop from his thin light pink lips and his brows furrow.

           “What the hell Juggie? How did you even get in?” Your eyes watched as his hand lifted to show the key that you had given him at the beginning of summer.

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An Apology

By Fisherman Swaffman

Well, as the title suggests, this article is more of an apology more than any actual news report. First off: I apologize for not keeping up with you, my valued readers. Things have been complicated, mainly because I’m about 75.3% sure that Orruk is dead somewhere. I’ve been trying to find him, but he’s a master of disguise. 

Secondly: I’d like to apologize to the guards and the nobles. I know words have been said on this paper, and I know feelings have been hurt. I just wanted to take a moment to say: Good. I hope they were hurt. I’m sorry you shits can run your noble houses, plot your schemes, fuck someone’s husband for your schemes, but you can’t take criticism. Perhaps your parents should’ve stopped breast feeding you at age 26. Maybe in the future you shits would stop focusing on yourselves and help out the common people. I went to the city to get my fishing pole repaired and I saw a fucking woman die. She straight up got stabbed by some man, screamed for the guards, and nobody came to help. The worse part was there was a group of nobles itching to climb into each other’s pants in the tavern right in front of the woman who had been stabbed. Now here I am, an old Gnome who walks with a cane and has dementia, the only one trying to help her. I did my best to track the man down, but it seems he just became thin air. Where were the guards? Oh, that’s right, off in their command center talking about how unfair the citizens are and how releasing a necromancer really isn’t that bad. It is, by the way. Alas, these are the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Lastly: I’d like to apologize for the shit situation the city has been put into. Stormwind’s king has died, and Anduin rose to power, yet he’s had more shit to deal with in these few months than Varian had in years. Sure, he faced the Lich King and Deathwing, but Anduin has to deal with corrupt guards and those damned petty noble squabbles! That’s not even mentioning the numerous fights in the Mage Quarter and the excessive fucking in the Cathedral’s Catacombs. Just the other day someone was fucking in the graveyard as well. I mean seriously?! GET A ROOM PEOPLE! 

Now I simply ask for everyone to put aside all of our problems. There’s too much discord going on within the city of Stormwind, we need to help out our fellow citizens. Remember that guy who stole your sweet roll? Get over it, demons are invading, the roll can wait. If our leaders can somehow find a way to work with the enemy against the Burning Legion, we too can find ways to mend these burned bridges to create cooperation in the city and Alliance. If we all can find it in our hearts to forgive each other, perhaps our world isn’t doomed to be devoured by Bolzudax the Devourer. I also ask that the Royal Courier finally submit to my wisdom, but that’s just a side question. Not a real priority. 

Will the guard, nobles, and public fuckers find a way to get along? Where is that damned necromancer? Is Orruk dead or hiding among the dwarves? Where did I leave my hat? Will the corrupt guards kill me for sexual favors from the nobles? These questions and more to be answered depending on if I live to see the light of tomorrow.

((Just an OOC reminder, everything in this article is the Fisherman’s IC opinion. In no way should anyone take OOC offense for this IC article))

@houseofnobles-wra @risrielthron @the-royal-courier @thestormwindguard

Reminders For Your Day!

• whatever number is on the scale, you’re just as worthy and just as beautiful as you have always been.
•drink lots of water!
•take your meds, they’re meant to help you. 💕
•health looks different for everyone. don’t compare yourself to others!
•take care of your responsibilities. don’t let things pile up on you.
•speak kindly to others and to yourself.
•know that you have value and worth, always and forever. ✨
•get a quick workout in, it will make you feel better.
•eat something today. your body needs food and you deserve to fuel your body.
•I believe in you. 🌸
•you will reach your goals

Keep pushing, beauties. 🌸💪🏼

- Abi xx

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