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Venus in Fire signs
People with their Venus in Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are passionate, fiery lovers. Love is all-consuming, exciting, fun and exuberant. These Venus signs come alive in a relationship and they are generous with their partner. They want their friends and their partner to feel loved and valued, so they usually become their cheerleader and do nothing but love and support them. The downside to these Venus signs is that they can be too demanding of what they want and their expectations are so high, so high that they don’t even live up to them.

Venus in Earth signs
People with their Venus in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are loyal, committing and solid lovers. These Venus signs prefer a long-lasting relationship and so they could definitely take time in developing feelings for someone. They approach everything with caution and why wouldn’t they? They’re smart when it comes to relationships and friendships: they choose who will benefit them. The downside to these Venus signs is that they can miss many opportunities because of their constant waiting around and possibly beating around the bush.

Venus in Air signs
People with their Venus in Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) love playfully and romantically. These Venus signs possess a lot of charm and a flirtatious nature that can lure anyone in. They most value a partner (or friend) who can communicate with them anything troubling. Hiding something from them is not ideal and can be a turn off. The downside to them is that they are notorious for being flighty and may not be the type to like being tied down; they value their freedom.

Venus in Water signs
People with their Venus in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) love wholeheartedly and deeply. People with their Venus in a Water sign are sensitive when it comes to their heart, but they often do attract the wrong people. They want to become one with their partner and will eternally love and care for them no matter the circumstances. The downside of these Venus signs is that if they are not careful, they could get stuck in a bad relationship because they are so attached to their partner and can be too forgiving.

A solitary Imbolc ritual

In temperate climates of the Northern Hemisphere where winter is coming to an end, neopagans often observe February 1st or 2nd as Imbolc and celebrate a variation of the pagan festival to honor the coming spring and the waking of the year. This Imbolc ritual is designed for the solitary eclectic and involves planting seeds, which you must care for afterward.


  • An Imbolc altar setup, if desired
  • Spring flower seed(s)*
  • A flower pot and soil
  • A bowl of water**
  • Candles

Assemble your ritual space so that you are facing south. Cast a circle if desired and start, as if the perimeter had markings like a compass, from the east point (corresponding to dawn and beginnings) or southeast point (corresponding to the position of Imbolc represented on the wheel of the year). Arrange the candles in an arc around your ritual materials and light them sequentially, going from left (East) to right (West). Say:

Just as the sun will rise and fall, the seasons cycle on
The grip of winter yields when comes the time for spring to dawn

Take a moment to become calm and quiet. Cup your hands around the bowl of water and use visualization to bless and purify it by imagining the water suffused with light, warmth, and any sort of energy you wish.

Then take the seeds you’ll plant and hold them in the palm of your non-dominant hand. Reflect on specific values you wish to instill in them. When you are ready to plant them, say:

The dormant Earth will waken as the young Sun thaws the cold
And so, too, will these seeds fulfill the promise that they hold

Place them into the soil one by one, making sure you follow guidelines for how best to grow the kind if seeds you have. For each, affirm,

I plant this seed for… (value)

Pour the water into the soil in a circle and complete the affirmations with,

So may it be.

If you’d like to meditate at this point, take some time to do so. Then conclude the ritual work by stating:

This Imbolc day the Earth’s great turning furthers us toward spring
I greet with joy the coming days and all that they will bring

End your rite.

(*Decide what to use based on your gardening skill and what you plan to do with the plant afterwards. If you want to plant it outside after it’s grown into seedling, make sure you use one that is native or naturalized in your area. If you want to keep it potted and inside, choose something that works well as a house plant. You might also opt for something other than flowers, such as herbs. Familiarize yourself with how best to care for whatever you choose.

**Assuming you perform your ritual where it is above freezing in temperature, you can opt to fill the bowl with pieces of ice or, if you have it, snow. It will melt throughout your ritual and meditation, adding further symbolism to your rite. If you think it will not melt fast enough you can add tepid water to the bowl as well.)

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Why do you have to define people by their signs? It's like suddenly being told that Aha, you have large knuckles so you are never going to rise above being a certain kind of person - boring, petty, something of that ilk - because it was just written in your stars. I'm not personally interested in astrology, and I don't at all mind if people are, but - why must you snub people and imply that they can never become better when all they're doing is their best?

… listen if you’re a pisces and you want to become better don’t let evil tumblr user fleurdulys tell you otherwise. follow your dreams even if tumblr user fleurdulys doesn’t believe in you. believe in yourself. be the best pisces you can be.


Good Times in the Neutral Zone,

When I was a young peashooter I can remember the old, outdated history and geography books our class made due with for elementary social studies.  Being the nerdy nerd I am, I of course read ahead, looked at illustrations, and dutifully studied the many maps and graphs throughout the ancient tome.  When looking at maps of the Middle East, I noticed a geographical oddity which sparked my curiosity.  In between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as well as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, there were two large plots of land called, “Neutral Zones”.  I had to wonder, what were the Neutral Zones?  Why were they neutral? Did Klingons live there? My teacher didn’t have any answers, and told me to shut up :’{

In 1921 an Arabian nobleman named Ibn Abdul Azziz al Saud conquered the region of Njed, and added it to his kingdom.  Ibn Saud, who was supported by the British Government, was quickly uniting Arabia into a single kingdom, which would become the future Saudi Arabia. With the rise of a new nation state in Arabia and the Middle East, Britain demanded well defined borders between Saudi Arabia, and its dependencies such as Iraq and Kuwait.  At first Ibn Saud wanted to avoid boundaries.  After all, the borders wanted by Britain cut across the roaming territories of several nomadic peoples who owed little allegiance to kingdoms or nation states.  Setting strictly defined borders would only lead to future international incidents as nomadic tribes crossed them at will.  

On the 2nd of December, 1922 Ibn Saud and Britain came to a compromise called the Protocal of Uqair, which would hopefully rectify the situation.  A defined border between the Kingdom of Njed (Saudi Arabia) and Iraq. Near the Persian Gulf, two Neutral Zones were created along the Iraq-Saudi border and Kuwaiti-Saudi border.  The two zones,  7,044 km² and 5,770 km² respectively, contained a number of fresh water wells, the few that were available in the area.  For thousands of years, nomads had used those two areas as place or rest, were one could water his animals, bathe, and relax before continuing a rough journey into the desert.  Since rigid borders would cut off the nomadic tribes from their traditional watering holes, it was agreed that the two areas would become “Neutral Zones”, where neither nation could claim the land, and nomads from both nations could legally water their animals.

While the idea of having the Neutral Zone was a good one, modern times were against the nomads, and while the nomadic tribes valued their water wells, the world would come to value their oil wells.  Discovery of oil in the Saudi-Kuwaiti Neutral Zone would lead both countries to partition the zone in 1969.  Discovery of oil in the Saudi-Iraqi Neutral Zone would lead to partition in 1981, however the treaty was never finalized, and the Neutral Zone continued to exist despite the agreement.

In 1991, as the Gulf War loomed over the horizon, Iraq cancelled all international agreements with Saudi Arabia.  Likewise, Saudi Arabia cancelled all international agreements with Iraq.  Thus, the existence of the Saudi-Iraqi Neutral Zone came to an end, with the zone being partitioned evenly after the Gulf War.

Armed with this piece of knowledge, the next time I see my old elementary teacher, I shall have my revenge.

The order in which you say the elements most comfortably shows what personality traits you prioritize

If we were to ask a supercomputer or AI what the ideal diet would be, the AI, be it with all relevant data, would not include meat and probably not eggs or dairy in that diet. The AI would notice that it takes 20 times less land and hundreds of times less water, fuel and electricty to feed a plant-based population. This AI would  have crunched the numbers pertaining to the output vs. input value, land and water usage, nutritional density and peripheral societal costs/ advantages therein. It would decide, based off of nothing more than facts, that using animals for food is simply too inefficient and causative for most social ills in part, and many in full. The AI would point out that deforestation, world hunger, militancy, soil and water depletion, the rising levels of detrimental effects of carbon pollution, the declination of western economies, not to mention, the rise of heart disease and colon cancer-related death can all be traced back to a society that chooses to put the satiation of senses over objective reasoning. We can feed everybody, we can save the enviroment, and we can promote global peace and wellness if we, as a society, having been adequately informed and convicted, eliminate animal based ingredients from our food, or at the very least, reducing them by no less than 90%. When Epicurus, Da Vinci, Einstein, Edison, even Paul McCartney promoted meatlessness, it was due to their spiritual and/or moral beliefs, and so could be considered irrelavant in this context. I think the AI would find it a sound assertion, however, the words of Tolstoy: “As long as there are slaughter houses there will always be battlefields,” since it’s true that using animals the way we do is the reason for so much war and potentiality thereof. The AI would side with, objectively as possible, some of our history’s greatest minds, and advocate a diet that would be crucial to building a better safer, cleaner, cooler and happier world.
—  George Carlyon

You know what the coolest thing about Avatar is? The female characters. Katara is not only an advanced water bender she fought and stood up to traditional values in the Northern Water Tribe so girls can waterbend, Kyoshi warriors are women, Toph invented metal bending, Ursa sacrificed her whole way of living for Zukos safety, even the female villains are badass. Azula is a leader (crazy and cruel but still a leader), Hama invented blood bending, and by the looks of the episodes, The Fire Nation has men and women generals and women serve higher ranks as well.

Sokka: ENTJ [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

ENTJ Follower Favorite 2016.

Dominant Function, Extroverted Thinking, Te: Sokka lives in a world of logical, rational, and proven principles. This order in the outer world is what makes the most sense to him. When they are in the swamp he starts cutting the plants, because he has never seen or observed plants that are conscious. He doesn’t trust Aang’s “gut feeling.” Every other time he has cut plants they were typical plants as we know them. This kind of mentality is often mistaken for Si, but is in fact Te in its purest form. Sokka approaches most things on their journey in this way. We see this when they encounter the oracle. He abhors their lack of logic and their inability to see how Te works and is in fact a useful tool. If you always wear red shoes then of course you will meet your true love wearing red shoes! Sokka grows infuriated. 

Sokka’s dominant Te is what makes him focused when compared to Aang’s Ne dominance as an ENFP. Aang wants to take vacations and help people along the way. Sokka handles projects one at a time and hates all of these detours from their one mission to defeat the Fire Nation. How Sokka spends his “vacation” is very indicative to his Te dominance. He chooses to go to a library to collect information helpful to the task at hand, defeating Ozai. If he has to be slowed down, Sokka will find a way to move forward none the less. 

Sokka has been mistaken as a perceiver, but no where is it more evident that he is not a perceiving dominant than when they are in the Secret Tunnel. We see his strong and stubborn Te come out to play and dammit if it didn’t work out for him. As the hippies and Aang are all perceiving the new information of the tunnel, Sokka immediately executes his Te and is finding a way, a plan, to get out of the tunnels. He doesn’t take time to solve the cave riddle like Aang and Katara together, but instead uses giant badger moles to budge through and exit the tunnels. He doesn’t use Se or Ne to approach this situation, but Te. That is what it means to have a dominant function, it is the first one you use in most situations.

Part of Te is wanting a role within the system. For Sokka that involves two roles. We have his need to be a leader for the Water Nation and his need to find his place in Team Avatar as the non-bender. He takes his leadership role very seriously. When his dad told him to look after the tribe, Sokka took up that role honoring his responsibility and upholding the values of the Water Tribe system. When it comes to Team Avatar, he may not be  a bender, but he saw that they also needed leadership in the form of an organizer. Someone to help the team focus and get the job done. That is the role he takes up. 

Auxiliary Function, Introverted Intuition, Ni: Introverted intuition is what often leads people to mistype Sokka as an ENTP. Sokka starts to look like an ENTP inventor type when does things like start sketching out plans for new air balloons. Understanding his Ni helps back up his Te dominance illustrates how and why Sokka does this. We see he is not going about these situations as an ENTP would (Ne-Ti). Sokka is focused with Te on fighting the Fire Nation and Ni is an imaginative function that when is it second to Te helps him use this imagination to improve upon an existing system, plan, etc. Sokka’s Te-Ni function order leads him to improve upon an existing prototype to improve upon his current strategies of defeating the Fire Nation. He isn’t using Ne to see possibilities and Ti to put it all together. He is doing everything he can to improve upon pre-existing systems and plans in order to achieve his goal. He makes the air balloons more efficient to fight back against the Fire Nation.

Ni also helps Sokka see things differently from his Te objectivity. Sokka can come off as cold and uncaring because his Te is being logical. They need to keep moving. They don’t have time to deal with other individual problems along the way. We see this in The Painted Lady. He is seeing the big picture that they can help these towns by taking down Ozai. But he doesn’t have the same reaction to helping this village like Aang and Katara do. His Thinking is not immediate and personal like Introverted Thinking. Aang and Katara often force Sokka to confront his objective view point (Te) in order to see the individual view points (Ni). To see that helping these villagers isn’t a hindrance, but part of their job. 

Tertiary Function, Extroverted Sensing, Se: Se is an outlet for fun with Sokka. He can only have fun after they have finished their tasks though. As a Te dominant that comes first. The gang often asks Sokka for permission to have fun. But when he does have fun, he goes all out. He loves material goods, fashion, and the sensate pleasures of life. This is the part of him goofing around with Aang and Toph. This is the part of him that buys a bag to match his belt. The part of him that bought Hawkie. 

Inferior Function, Introverted Feeling, Fi: As with everyone, Sokka’s inferior function is in direct conflict with how his dominant function sees things. Fi is immediate, subjective, and focused inwards. Fi demands that Sokka find who he is separate from Te systems. Not who is Sokka in the Water Tribe or who is Sokka in Team Avatar, but who IS Sokka? Who is he an an individual independent of others? This really sticks out when he gets a Sword Master. He doesn’t feel less than the others, but he wants to know who he is and needs to do something for himself. So he becomes Piandao’s student. This helps him find himself and really rounds out Sokka’s character giving him a strength being part of the system again that he did not have before.

It’s never the value of water but thirst, it’s never the value of life but death and it’s never about the friendship but trust.
—  Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

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What are some things you keep in mind when painting water?

*~ * ~ welcum to alyssa’s art corner ~ * ~* first off, use reference so your water direction will make more sense than what it will probably look like in your head lol. i think the most important things i keep in mind is to identify the darkest values and build and blend off from there and the other is knowing how far away the water is:

the closer the wave, the more it becomes a triangle; the further the wave, the more it becomes a thin line:

my process usually goes like: base color -> blend subtle tones to make a gradient -> draw in the shadow shapes -> build midtones from there -> highlights

here are some of my techniquez of how i lay down the values of water under the cut

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Words: 5675
Dean x Reader
Summary: Reader goes on a hunt alone and hides more serious injuries from Sam and Dean. She heads to Bobby’s to recover only to have the boys show up shortly after.
Warnings: mild language
Requested by anonymous

A/N: So this one ran away on me and got kind of long! But yay! It was fun to write Bobby too! Thanks for the request. I LOVE YOU ALL I hope you like it!

Side note: …I had that gif saved on my computer as “efffffffff”. Yeah. Yeah. *melts*

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Rivulets of water and splattered rain were blurring the neon sign of the motel as you pulled back into the parking lot. You threw your truck into park as the hood came to rest mere feet in front of your room door. You pulled the key from the ignition, cramming it into your jacket pocket and leaned your head back on the headrest, listening to the soothing sound of the rain on the metal roof. You hated to admit it but you were exhausted. Getting thrown around by a witch could really take a lot out of you… You allowed your eyes to rest closed and attempted to calm yourself. Your heart was still pounding and your hands were still slightly shaking from the adrenaline that had coursed into your bloodstream. The fat raindrops sounded peaceful and you took deep breaths. The soothing effect was almost instantaneous.

Rousing yourself, you pushed open the truck door, wincing a little as you landed on your feet on the hard blacktop. You fished your room key out of your bag and made your way through the driving rain up to the door. You were feeling weary but satisfied; a little worse for wear from the hunt perhaps… but you’d live. Pain wasn’t something you were unfamiliar with although you had to admit that this was a little more than you had bargained for in terms of take home from the hunt. The characteristic grinding noise of the deadbolt sounded and you pushed on the door.

As soon as the door was cracked open barely a millimeter your instincts kicked in. You were positive you had turned all the lights off when you left but there was warm light glowing inside. Your duffel bag was off your shoulder and your sawed-off shotgun was drawn in one instinctive motion as the door swung open in front of you to reveal two figures inside.

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