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Zom’s Useful Synonyms for Balls

Hey smut writers. Having a hard day in the sweaty, moan-filled mines of the naughty imagination cave? Do you find yourself yearning for synonyms that truly capture the beauty and majesty of nature’s most important dangly bits? Well yearn no more! Here it is, the masterpost no one wanted you’ve all been waiting for: every term I could think of to describe testicles!!

  • Leathery man hamsters
  • Sacks of surging flappiness
  • Wiggly wand huggers
  • Shriveled, quivering seed warmers
  • Bulbous thwappin’ sacks
  • Bean bag rejects
  • Dryer lint covered sweat holders
  • Stanky dribblers
  • Ticklish twitchers
  • Discarded giblets full o’ gravy
  • Crevice keepers
  • Wrinkled thrusting pillows
  • Veiny crotch pouches
  • Hairy muppet eyes
  • Dick cushions
  • Penis pals
  • Balding, twitchy gerbils
  • Trembling love juice holders
  • Naughty nuggets
  • Floppy. Just floppy. 
  • Dejected gerbils
  • Sad sin saucemakers
  • Gonzo’s empty stare
  • Kibbles and bitterness
  • God’s lumpy accidents
  • Rubbery dickstache mounts

Well, I think that’s about all I have in me for now. Feel free to add your own!

Why Paladins is not a rip-off of Overwatch:

Before I start, this is going to be a really, really long post.  Just a warning.  Also, note that they are both great games and I’m not hating on Overwatch, only telling you not to hate on Paladins. I’m gonna go through each Paladins character (excluding ones that haven’t been accused of copying) in alphabetical order and tell you why it isn’t from Overwatch:

1) Androxus:

Androxus is usually described as “McReaper,” meaning “Reaper with McCree’s abilities.” First, let’s check those:

McCree’s abilities:

  • A pistol with the ability to fire an entire round at once at the cost of an accuracy drop
  • Somersault
  • Stun grenade
  • Ult–autoaims deadly bullets at all opponents in line of vision 


  • Pistol which has a similar feature to McCree’s except it only fires three bullets max
  • Dashes forward in whatever direction Andro is facing, including up (three separate charges)
  • Damage reflection
  • Ult–Andro gets 4 supercharged shots and can’t fall if airborne for the duration unless hit by knockback

Okay, they do have one similar attack, which is their right-click (unloading their magazine). Of course, Blizzard didn’t invent this, but whatever.  What about Reaper?  Come on, both are basically just edgy batman-ish characters, and Reaper’s design follows a basic archetype much more than Andro’s.

Update: Just as I was writing this, Hi-Rez announced a new character.  Her name is Ash.  Nobody’s commented on her yet, but let’s clear that up before it starts.

2) Ash:

Her design doesn’t match or even resemble any of the Overwatch characters, so I better not see anyone complaining about that.

She has a cannon.  A proper cannon, unlike that lame beam thing Zarya has.  Her charge ability is a bit like Reinhardt’s, but they’re both basically just basic charging attacks, and they are a bit different.  She can deploy a shield, which is shaped a little bit like Orisa’s, but her’s moves forward, and no, that doesn’t mean she’s a Symmetra ripoff.  Also, Barik has had a non-moving one for ages, so you definitely can’t accuse that of copying.  More on that later.  Her ult plants a flag on the ground, knocking enemies back and making her invincible as long as she’s near it.  I personally don’t see how that’s like anything in ow, but I’m sure ya’ll’ll think of something.

3) Barik:

At first glance, it kinda looks like Hi-Rez just took Torbjörn and made some small changes.  Not true.  They are both dwarves who build turrets, but the similarities pretty much end there.  They have completely different attacks (and by that I mean only one of their abilities is the same) and the one attack that they have in common was in not only tf2 but Global Agenda as well.  For those of you who don’t know, Global Agenda is an MMO made by Hi-Rez, the makers of Paladins.  It has 4 classes that pretty much match the classes in ow/pcotr right now (think about that the next time you criticize pcotr’s class system).

“What about his gun?”

Barik has a crystal powered Shotgun which practically qualifies as a melee attack.  Sorry.

“But their designs are so similar!”

They’re a lot less similar than you think.  Considering that they’re both dwarves (dwarves tend to be pretty much the same from universe to universe), they’re fairly different.  They have different armor, different weapons, and different abilities.  Next!

4) Bomb King:

Ah, yes.  Bomb King vs. Junkrat.  They do share two similar abilities, and this, unlike some other arguments here *cough cough Buck cough cough* is actually worth my time.  They share an attack in Concussion Mine/Poppy Bomb, but that’s in tf2 for Demoman as Sticky Jumper.  That leaves us with their ults, because I’m not spending my valuable time going over their designs.  They do have similar ultimates, actually, but the two do have their differences.  For starters, one throws a bomb while the other is a bomb, and one stuns while the other climbs walls.  

5) Buck:

Apparently, since both he and Zenyatta are monks, (and technically they aren’t, Buck dresses like one but it isn’t canon yet) one is a copy of the other.  Other than that one similarity which they might not even have, they have as different designs/abilities as Mario and Bowser.

6) Cassie:

So apparently there are actual people who think Cassie is a ripoff of Hanzo.  I don’t even know what to tell you on this one.

7) Drogoz:

I can understand this one.  His design is pretty different from Pharah, but their attacks are almost identical.  Unfortunately, they’re all from Global Agenda, from the jetpack, to the rocket launcher, to the explosive projectile.  You know what else was in GA?  Pharah’s anubis armor.  But that’s none of my business…

8) Evie:

Alright, I’ll give you this one.  Ice Block/Cryo-Freeze and Ice Storm/Blizzard are pretty similar, but if that’s all you got, you’re gonna have to try harder.

9) Fernando

It’s finally time.  The champion that started this whole debate.  Let’s do a comparison with Reinhardt:

Reinhardt’s attacks:

  • Rocket Hammer
  • Barrier Field 
  • Charge
  • Fire Strike
  • Ult–Earthshatter

Fernando’s attacks:

  • Flame Lance
  • Shield
  • Fireball
  • Charge
  • Ult–Immortal

Let’s start with the easy things.  Fireball was in Smite.  (Seriously, if you think ow invented Fireballs, I don’t know what to tell you.)  Their charges are different, despite sharing a name.  Now, here’s the real issue: the shield.  I’m not gonna lie, the shields are pretty much the same.  

“So it is a copy of Overwatch!”

No, I said they were they same.  I didn’t say one took it from the other.  Remember good ol’ Global Agenda?  Yeah, well, the Robotics class has a blue energy shield, which Nando’s shield is just a souped-up version of.  Also, that energy shield is actually part of a two-part weapon.  The other half is a rocket-powered melee weapon.  Sound familiar?

10) Inara:

A wall summoning character =/= a copy of every other wall summoning character.  Also, Thor had it in Smite first.

11) Kinessa:

You really think Kinessa is a copy of WM because she’s a sniper?  Are you kidding me?  I’m not even wasting my breath typing for this one.

12) Lex:

…and of course having two guns makes you a ripoff, even if you don’t have anything else in common…

13) Maeve:

Genji and Maeve have practically opposite designs, different weapons,  completely different ultimates, not to mention that one has a projectile reflection ability and the other has a healing/effect remover + Speed boost.  But of course, one is a copy because they have a double jump and a dash.

Side note: Maeve’s “Speed Boost” (Prowl) and “Dash” (Pounce) are separate abilities.  Prowl makes Maeve run faster and jump higher for a short time, while Pounce just propels her a short distance, dealing damage and knocking Maeve back if she hits an enemy.

14) Makoa:

So, Makoa is a copy of Roadhog because they have a similar attack–which would be a good argument if anything else about the character was remotely similar.

15) Ruckus:

A copy of D.Va ‘cause he has a robot.  Oh, wait!  The robot has


!  That changes everything!

16) Sha Lin:

Well, looks like ya finally got me.  Sha Lin and Hanzo…are both archers.  That’s literally it.  Nice try.

“But they’re both Asian!”

I’ve gotten this argument more than you’d think.  Because all Asians are exactly the same.  You’re treading on thin ice here.

17) Skye:

You do realize that Skye came before Sombra, and not after, right?

18) Torvald:

I don’t really wanna waste my time on this one.  How ‘bout you go look at Symmetra’s attacks, and then go look at Torvald’s, and tell me if they’re similar. (Spoiler: They aren’t.)

19) Viktor:

Aside from Reinhardt/Nando, this is the one I hear about the most, which i find a bit strange, since they only share two abilities, one being a gun and the other being running.  That’s right, one of the main arguments towards why pcotr copied ow is that pcotr has a character that can run.  No joke.

That about wraps it up for the characters. 

But none of this even matters!

Listen to these:

  • “Genji is a copy of ssb because he can double jump!”
  • “McCree is a copy of Spy because he has a pistol!”
  • “Pharah is a copy of GA because she has a jetpack, blue anubis themed armor, a rocket launcher, and explosive projectiles!”
  • “Reaper is a copy of DC’s Red Hood because he has a mask and two guns!”
  • “Soldier: 76 is a copy of Soldier because they have guns, running, explosives and “soldier” in their name!”
  • “Sombra is a copy of Skye because they both have a purple/black color scheme and a small handheld weapon with a high RoF as well as invisibility and the ability to disrupt the enemy team!”
  • “Tracer is a copy of The Doctor because they’re both British time-travellers with eccentric outfits!”
  • “Bastion is a copy of Ultron because he’s a powerful and versatile robot who can heal himself and is also the cause of a robot apocalypse!”
  • “Hanzo is a copy of Hawkeye/Green Arrow because they’re both archers!”
  • “Junkrat is a copy of Bomberman because they both make explosions!”
  • “Mei is a copy of any ice character ever!”
  • “Torbjörn is a copy of Engineer because they both build turrets!”
  • “Widowmaker is a copy of Sniper because they’re both snipers!”
  • “D.Va is a copy of the Pink Ranger because they both pilot pink robots to fight people!”
  • “Orisa is a copy of Ruckus, Barik, Seris, and Inara because her attacks are bascally a combination of theirs!”
  • “Reinhardt is a copy of GA because he has a rocket powered melee weapon and a blue energy shield!”
  • “Roadhog is a copy of Spider-Man because they both have grappling-hook-like weapons used to bring enemies closer!”
  • “Winston is a copy of Marvel’s The Beast because they’re animal-like but intelligent!”
  • “Zarya is a copy of Soldier because she has a cannon!”
  • “Ana is a copy of Medic because she can both heal and deal damage!”
  • “Lúcio is a copy of that breakdancing guy from Pokémon BW because they look exactly the same!”
  • “Mercy is a copy of the Overseers from Infinity Wars because she’s an angel with a gun!”
  • “Symmetra is a copy of Dr. Light because she can use solid light to create structures!”
  • “Zenyatta is a copy of the Jeskai in mtg because he’s a monk!”

They sound dumb, right?  They should, it’s the same logic you use when trashing on Paladins.  Overwatch isn’t a ripoff of any of the franchises listed above, because that logic is flawed.  I think we’re done here.

Dear Sugar Daddies,

The less I have to pay for in my life the happier I shall be. The happier that I am, will equate to me being the life of the party when I am with you. My happiness will lead to your happiness.
It’s a beautiful circle, truly.

So please, stop being cheap.

Especially if you can afford to assist with my bills, AND spoil me. You need to understand the two are linked. I would rather have my bills paid first before my interests arises in that diamond bracelet. Because once my bills are paid, my stress is down, and I will happily take a smaller diamond bracelet.

If you’re in the chapter of life that can afford an expensive girlfriend, then don’t attempt it. Everyone ends up miserable, so live your life and let us live ours. We too have bills to pay, debts to demolish, and families to care for. Your time, as well as my time is tremendously valuable.

Remember to use your BIG head when entering the wonderful world of the sugar bowl. Not your dick.

Every legitimate SugarBaby💋👑
The real 'shy Trump' vote - how 53% of white women pushed him to victory
Early data suggest a clear majority of white women voted Republican, and supporters say Trump’s offensive remarks didn’t affect their decision
By Amber Jamieson

Dear White Women, 

You never cease to find new lows, do you?! 

As a fellow white woman, I’m beyond disgusted and disappointed by this neverending racist, sexist, and xenophobic crap but of course, I’m never surprised. And now, ^THIS^!!!!!

It’s gotta STOP!!!!


Route One, Study.

       Smoke rose from the herbal tea and lightly perfumed the air of the study that Reiji and I occupied, and had for the past few hours since my arrival at the manor from school. Where I knelt on the floor before the low wooden table which had my notes and books neatly organized by subject upon. And as my knees ached and my heals burned, I squirmed slightly pausing in my translation of German to my native tongue, all of the lines written by Reiji who sat comfortably in an overstuffed chair before me. His tea upon the small table next to him, as he kept his sharp and angular eyes focused on me. While he remained quick to point out the flaws not only in my translating but the lack of elegance in my handwriting.
   "Disgraceful that scribal, rewrite that line again. I refuse to have a pet who is imperfect so work well to achieve my expectations and quickly.“ He ordered, before he rephrased a line that often passed his lips. Reiji narrowed his eyes as he stood, with his ruler in hand, as he walked towards me, as he placed the tip of his ruler underneath my chin and pushed my head up with the sharp edge.
   The pain of the point of the ruler spurred the urge to wiggle more as I forced myself to stay still, as I internally fought my natural reaction. And took in a deep breath to steady the harsh pound of my heart as it beat against my fine cage. Before I winched at the realization that Reiji could hear my heart as it pounded with my chest.
    "Is there a reason you keep wiggling, here I am using my valuable time to help you with your school work.”

A. Keep silent and bare it.

B. Apologize and avoid eye contact.

C. “Your a vampire, you have all the time in the world. This is also rather painful, how do you expect me to learn!?”

Make your choice…

Keep reading

lessons I picked up from BTS


Namjoon is a leader, and he strives to better himself each day. We see this especially in his language endeavors :) Namjoon inspires me when I feel hopeless about language learning, and he reminds me that being able to connect with people is absolutely worth the tediousness and frustration of trying to learn a new language. I try to learn new words every day!


Seokjin loves food, and he reminds me that eating well is not a bad thing, no matter what the people around me say. Seokjin’s Eat Jim videos cheer me up when I feel sad about my looks, or when my parents comment on my appearance. Seokjin has inspired me to work harder at loving my body, and to cook for myself as a form of self-love!


Yoongi is ambitious, and he is disciplined enough to keep working towards his dreams, even when he is tired or sleep-deprived. Yoongi also has an affinity for naps, and he reminds me that resting is also a valuable use of my time. I study relentlessly, but I try to take naps when I can, especially on the weekends.


Hoseok is so very cheery, but that is the result of his ability to look on the bright side of many situations. Hoseok reminds me that passion and joy is contagious, so I try to share my passions and my smiles with those I love as much as I can. I am working on trusting more.


Jimin’s past as the top dance student at his arts school is so inspiring to me. Jimin has rekindled my passion for dance, which I plan to restart in the fall, and he also inspires me to aim for the top, to aim for the stars.


What leaves me in awe about Taehyung is his ability to love himself. I was in tears when I heard him say, “Welcome, pimple” on the VLive, simply because it was such simple self-love. Taehyung inspires me to do little things every day to remind myself that I do love myself.


Jungkook’s competitive spirit is clear in all of Bangtan’s videos, and I admire that he is so talented in so many different things. Jungkook inspires me to take on topics/skills that I want to master. I’m currently taking a language class, and I’m slowly learning to become a better cook. He also reminds me that a little competitive spirit is healthy.

  • Sal: Q, you did mention something, and I started to realize why this pissed me off the most. You said it in the beginning and it’s so true, but I can’t stand wasting my time. If there’s traffic, I’d rather drive a longer way and get there later than sit in traffic. Time is all I have, you see. Time is all I believe any of us have. My time is literally my most valuable possession. No, time won’t give me time. Time makes lovers feel like they have something real.
  • Q: Are you just quoting ’80s songs right now? What are you doing?
  • Sal: That was just the last few sentences. Everything before that was my own feelings.

I saw a post on here earlier about being interested in someone, but your feelings aren’t reciprocated; so you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever find ‘the one’ or if you even deserve that kind of love. It’s something I really relate to, because I have my heart set on someone but at the same time I am letting go…through allowing myself to love this guy that I fell for.  I’ve spent a lot of nights overanalysing his actions, when really it’s wasn’t much…he never said or did anything to purposefully give the impression that he was interested in me…he was just this really sweet guy and being around him every day for 2 months…of course I fell for him.  So what I’ve been doing lately, if he crosses my mind…I welcome the memories with a smile and butterflies in my stomach; and I pray for him.  People like him…there’s a reason why you meet them; and maybe I met him, because God wanted to show me that the type of man that I’m praying for…he’s real and I just have to be patient.  It’s the easiest thing in the world to allow doubts to crawl into your heart and mind…especially in regards to things that we really want for our lives; when God…He just doesn’t seem to be listening!  I think he is though…and maybe that’s why we come across these amazing men that love Him; because He is listening and He’s showing us that they are real…and maybe right now is not the time for one of them to love us…because He has someone else in mind.  If I’m supposed to get married…if that’s my vocation…maybe I haven’t met him yet, because he’s working on himself and his faith; and God wants those parts of his life to be where it is supposed to be…before He brings us together.  I know that right now…I myself am not ready for the type of love that I am praying to have in a husband someday…I know I have a lot of healing to do before I become the woman that he’ll deserve…the woman that I want to be for myself and most importantly…the woman that God created me to be.  So I don’t really look at being single as something to bring me constant doubts…but valuable time that I can use to grow in my love for God and myself.  So in regards to this guy that seems to have my heart right now…I don’t think it’s wrong for me to be in love with him even though he doesn’t feel the same for me.  Now I simply pray for his future…for who he’ll marry someday…that’ll she’ll be just as amazing and beautiful as he is…and that he’ll find her when God decides that the time is right.  As for me and my heart…love is welcome here…so I’ll keep smiling and accepting the butterflies in my stomach…and I’ll keep praying for heaven for him and her…and for me and whomever God has planned for me.

 @lovelyishe you are so awesome and beautiful…I know it’s hard but keeping trusting God with this part of your life <3

The Pros and Cons of Going to College

[Ok. I know. I’ve written about this (but not in the past two years). BUT Someone just asked me this AND things keep changing all the time. So my answer.]

Getting a degree wasted five years of my life. I got an undergraduate degree in Computer Science in three years.

Then I went to graduate school for Computer Science but was thrown out after two years after failing four courses in a row. I wrote three or four novels during that time. Which had nothing to do with my courses.

I wrote a novel about a porn novelist who falls in love with a prostitute. I wrote a novel about a man who invents his own currency. I wrote a lot about my childhood. I wrote a religious history novel. Nothing got published.

I put in my 10,000 hours of programming. I knew how to build an operating system. I could take apart and put together a computer.

If I lived in the 1800s I probably could invent computers. I thought I was good.

When I got my first job in “the real world” I was a programmer. My second day on the job I crashed the entire network and lost everyone’s email.

My boss came into my cubicle (very embarrassing since everyone in the cubicles around could hear and would later gossip) and said, “We really want you to work out but it’s not so we are going to send you to remedial school on computers.”

I drove two hours every day to go to a remedial class in computer programming. I learned how to program then and eventually started three or four software companies and invested in dozens of others.

The above is not saying “colleges are bad”. There are many aspects. The above just says: here is what I learned, here is what good it did me.

Did it even get me that first job? No. I failed the interview miserably. I knew the answers to none of the questions.

Another coincidence got me the job. I wrote about it before. Suffice to say, two weeks later I was offered the job and with a signing bonus. Thanks Rob!

Later that day, my then-boss started yelling at me about something insignificant. He didn’t know that I had just been offered a job.

I held up my hand and said, “that’s fine. I don’t like to be yelled at, though, so I quit. Goodbye.”

He couldn’t believe it. He apologized. He wrote me an email and apologized. I wrote back, “don’t treat people how you don’t want to be treated.” And I still quit.

Six years later when I was running a venture capital firm he even pitched me a deal. I said, “Let me call you back on that.” And I never spoke to him again.

So this is my story of college to establish some credentials. I’ve written a lot about college. I had the #1 book on Amazon about “College Education” for about a year.

But let me tell you the latest pros and cons.

You don’t have to believe me. It’s very complicated. All I ask is that you see that the world is changing very fast.

And again, this is a trillion dollar industry that has other incentives than your education.

This is the honest truth:



There are no parents around. For me, I had a girlfriend for the first time. There’s nothing to prevent you from doing anything you want. So you do it. A lot.


I had never had alcohol or drugs before college.

By the end of my three years in college (I graduated a year earlier thanks to summer classes because I wanted to save money) I had gotten trashed many times and had tried marijuana and LSD.


When I was 19, my friends were 19. When I was 20, my friends were 20.

Now I’m 47. My friends range in age from 24 to 84, all different nationalities and sexual preferences, etc. This is real life. College is just extended high school.

I can’t think of any other “pros”.

What about an education?

I’ve been reading a few books a week since I was 23. It wasn’t until I left college that I learned to appreciate reading.

But other people do learn in college. I can’t argue with that. It’s person by person.

When you are force-fed books to read and facts to remember it’s very hard to enjoy them.

Imagine being locked in a cage and force-fed chocolate all day. You’d soon get sick of it.


1) COST and DEBT

This is usually cited as the biggest negative. It isn’t the biggest negative but I will put it here anyway.

The average college-educated person age 18-35 made $36,000 a year in 1990. Now that same average person makes $33,000. This is taken right out of tax data.

And yet, student loans have gone up from almost nothing to $1.4 trillion.

If you are 25, have a great idea that can change the world, and want to start a company, how will you do it if now you have to be chained to a cubicle to pay back your debt?

You can’t even declare bankruptcy to get rid of your debt. With one hand, the government feeds you to the slaughterhouse (college) and with the other, they seize all of your assets.

It’s a great business to be in if you can get it.


The other day I spoke to Scott Young. For $2000, and in ten months time, he got an MIT Computer Science degree.

How did he do it? They put their entire course load online. Maybe this will stop at some point.

They do it because they know people still think it’s worth it to spend $200,000 to do the exact same thing Scott did but still get that piece of paper that says “BS”.

When employers were asked, “would you hire Scott even though he doesn’t have the actual degree?” (he took all the courses and tests but of course could not get a piece of paper that said he did it) many of them said, “yes. He has initiative.”

Many schools put their curriculum online. Then there are online-only schools like code academy, lynda, coursera, udemy, creativelive, fedora, etc etc. where you can take GREAT courses.


I loved computers. But what if, instead of spending five years learning the academic version of computers (and then still having to take remedial classes), I had just simply started working with computers?

Maybe even starting a business? Who knows?

Many other well-known software companies started by 19 or 20 year olds started that way. What if I had done it?

Instead I had to wait 5 years before even considering it because i was using the most valuable time in my life to take classes that taught me nothing.

I’m not bitter (see the Pros) but I often wonder what would have been different.

What if you are not a scientist? Doesn’t matter. My daughter wants to study acting. Why can’t she just spend that time going to auditions and getting real roles.

I spoke to Mark Messick recently. He’s 16 years old, dropped out of school at 11, and now makes $4000 a month writing books. Living the dream.

He still goes to extracurricular activities at his school to maintain his friendships, but other than that he is light years ahead of his classmates in education and opportunity.


There was a study done: quiz students 1 minute after they get out of class and then 50 minutes after they get out of a class.

After 50 minutes they had almost zero retention of what they learned in the class.

The only way to learn something is to have a passionate interest in it, then learn it, then repeat it, then try to teach it to someone else.

This is not something taught in school. Kids are taught facts and not questions. And yet questioning the world is how all knowledge is learned.

After college, 80% of people never pick up a book again. If you just read 5 pages a day (10-20 minutes of time. The time it takes to read People Magazine) of something you are interested in, you’ll read 1800 pages more per year than everyone else.

Advantages are not created in a classroom, they are created in 1% a day of personal improvement.


Many universities, to tout their benefits, have done the exact same study: People who got a degree, 20 years later, have made up to $500,000, give or take, more in their career then people who didn’t have a degree.

This is a spurious study. It has no control group. It’s based on a demographic from the 1970s and 1980s when people from middle class families went to colleges and people from lower-class families, often didn’t.

This could be the entire reasons for the income difference but the studies don’t mention that.

Here’s a study: take everyone who got accepted to Harvard. Tell half of them you can’t go to college ever. Instead, get your four year head start on making money.

Then see who has more money 20 years later.


I ask my kids: why do you think it’s good to go to college. Despite my insistence (maybe because of it) they still think it’s a good idea to go to college.

My kids are actually rebelling against me by getting a traditional education.

They both say the same thing, “it’s a safety net so you can get a job”.

“Who tells you this?” They have no answer. It’s just in the air.

Forget the income numbers I cite above. There are changes happening.

Just this past week, Ernst & Young, the accounting firm, said they will no longer care if an applicant has a college degree.

Google has said they will stop looking at it.

More and more people will stop looking at whether or not you have a college degree.

And the safety net has disappeared. i see it in my own companies. Middle management across the United States is getting demoted.


  • Study many things. Study things you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy anything, work on a charity or travel the world (yes, this costs money but it’s cheaper than college).
  • Work at a job. If you want to be a doctor, work at a hospital and see if you really enjoy it.
  • Read every day. Five pages a day.
  • Learn these skills that are critical in every aspect of life but are never taught in college:

a. Sales
b. Negotiating
c. Well-being / Positive psychology
d. Failure
e. Communication

I was at a dinner once. Someone who was working for Mayor Bloomberg asked me, “Would you let someone who didn’t go to college give you brain surgery?”

I said, “It’s not about me. Would you let your son who has no interest in being a doctor, go to four years of school and another years of medical school just so he can operate on my brain even though he hates every minute of it and gets a million dollars into debt?”

The average person has 14 different careers in their life. But now because of the costs and the debt, they are chained to that first career forever.

Make the choices that allow you to cast away the chains as quickly as possible.

Go to the COLLEGE OF YOU. It has one course: every day wake up and ask, how can I improve 1% over where I was yesterday in any area of my life?

You have a mission here. Fly out of the nest and accomplish it.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have an opinion on the His Dark Materials series? It seems like something you would have read.

His Dark Materials is a strange and self-conscious and imaginative and striking series, and I really enjoyed it as a kid. I liked the ways it pushed me to think about curiosity and human intellect and the soul. I liked seeing myself in Lyra. I thought his criticisms of unchecked ideological power were fair and valuable, and I used to spend a lot of time wondering how my daemon would settle.

The vast majority of His Dark Materials is critiquing organized religion, which is genuinely important, and even a good message for children. God is for you to discover, kid, don’t just take the grown-ups’ word for it. Or not discover, whatever, it’s fine. 

Except that it wasn’t fine. Because when I was about fifteen, years after reading the trilogy, I learned that Philip Pullman has Very Definite opinions about where God can be discovered: ~up in the sky, with the unicorns and the tooth fairy and all the dogs your parents ever ‘sent to a farm upstate’~ This isn’t about organized religion, not really. Out here, in the real world? He’s talking about you.

He is, no joke, one of the most condescending, self-important, insufferable men I’ve ever had the misery of hearing interviewed. He’s a Richard Dawkins atheist, a smug white guy in rapturous love with his own intelligence, savoring every new opportunity to demonstrate contempt for the religious in a public arena. 

It was a nasty surprise. But, hey, I figured, there are plenty of authors with shitty views whose books I’ve continued to enjoy. So why not crack open His Dark Materials for old times’ sake?

Well, surprise, knowing how Pullman really feels completely changes those books. It all becomes so heavy-handed and pleased with itself, and the allegorical elements are a fucking joke. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over ferociously between those who want us to know more and be wiser and stronger, and those who want us to obey and be humble and submit.


Remember when the Authority is trapped in his crystal box and the minute the children release him he ~vanishes~? Because God is stupid and religion is silly and bad and people who believe in either of those things should be led into the light by their betters.

so in conclusion my daemon would settle as an upraised middle finger and then we would go sit on Philip Pullman’s lawn every day until he died.


Last night, we lost far too many precious, valuable, wonderful, American lives. My heart is breaking…
Let us not use this time to promote our political agendas. Let us not use this tragedy to debate religion. Let us not use this tragedy in any way that would dishonor or disrespect the beautiful lives that left this world far too soon.
Our country has endured a terrible tragedy. We will never be the same again. And neither will the friends and families of those beautiful people that we lost. My heart goes out to you all, and my prayers and thoughts are with you 🌈❤🌈

How I Spent My Summer Unemployment

Surprise, I spent it writing fanfic.

Role Models


It basically sprung from a conversation with Gogglesque about all the (generally fantastic) Genderbent Avengers fanart coming out in the wake of the movie, and how girlSteve is usually very femme and looks like a 40’s pinup, while girlTony has short hair and is more masculine. Mostly it went like:

Me: Have you seen Tony’s ridiculous beard? That girl would have an elaborate, time-consuming hairdo.

Gogglesque: And Steve would be totally masculine, because that’s what competence looked like, back then.

And then, 13,000 words later, it turned into a fic about 2nd wave feminism versus 3rd wave feminism. And also makeouts.

It’s a WIP, sorry, 5,500 words, chapter 1 of 3, but seeing as how I have 7,000 words of chapter 2 down already, the wait shouldn’t be too long. Then again, that’s what GRRM said, and he’s, like, a professional.



  1. AIM (American Indian Movement) occupies the headquarters of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, DC
  2. BLA (Black Liberation Army) rally to protest the imprisonment of Dessie Woods
  3. SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) members and supporters RALLY INSIDE A JAILHOUSE they were being booked into
  4. MOVE (Christian Movement for Life) member rally to protest the wholesale murders of most of their members by the Philly PD
  5. DFD (Deacons for Defense) rally, Louisiana
  6. BPP (Black Panther Party) members occupy the State Capitol in California to protest pending gun control legislation
  7. ATHLETES JOHN SMITH AND TOMMY CARLOS raise the Black Power salute at the 1968 Summer Olympic games

Y'all reblog the shit out of images like these during February… but then when people criticize that weak shit the Clippers called a “protest,” y'all start whining about ‘shaming’ and 'being divisive’ and blah blah blah.

You CANNOT be a PoC in white supremacist North America who will only consider protesting injustice in ways that will not anger your oppressor or disrupt the little creature comforts you’re used to  and expect to be taken seriously.

If ANYTHING about this post inspires you to offer a rebuttal… don’t waste the keystrokes; DO quit following this blog. Then go kick rocks. If you would object to any of the above, you weren’t going to put any of the info you find on blackourstory to good use anyway. I’m not spending my valuable time and expertise creating and reblogging select content here AND THEN ALSO justifying or debating about it with the milquetoast and benighted.