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The real 'shy Trump' vote - how 53% of white women pushed him to victory
Early data suggest a clear majority of white women voted Republican, and supporters say Trump’s offensive remarks didn’t affect their decision
By Amber Jamieson

Dear White Women, 

You never cease to find new lows, do you?! 

As a fellow white woman, I’m beyond disgusted and disappointed by this neverending racist, sexist, and xenophobic crap but of course, I’m never surprised. And now, ^THIS^!!!!!

It’s gotta STOP!!!!

Dear Sugar Daddies,

The less I have to pay for in my life the happier I shall be. The happier that I am, will equate to me being the life of the party when I am with you. My happiness will lead to your happiness.
It’s a beautiful circle, truly.

So please, stop being cheap.

Especially if you can afford to assist with my bills, AND spoil me. You need to understand the two are linked. I would rather have my bills paid first before my interests arises in that diamond bracelet. Because once my bills are paid, my stress is down, and I will happily take a smaller diamond bracelet.

If you’re in the chapter of life that can afford an expensive girlfriend, then don’t attempt it. Everyone ends up miserable, so live your life and let us live ours. We too have bills to pay, debts to demolish, and families to care for. Your time, as well as my time is tremendously valuable.

Remember to use your BIG head when entering the wonderful world of the sugar bowl. Not your dick.

Every legitimate SugarBaby💋👑

  • Sal: Q, you did mention something, and I started to realize why this pissed me off the most. You said it in the beginning and it’s so true, but I can’t stand wasting my time. If there’s traffic, I’d rather drive a longer way and get there later than sit in traffic. Time is all I have, you see. Time is all I believe any of us have. My time is literally my most valuable possession. No, time won’t give me time. Time makes lovers feel like they have something real.
  • Q: Are you just quoting ’80s songs right now? What are you doing?
  • Sal: That was just the last few sentences. Everything before that was my own feelings.

Last night, we lost far too many precious, valuable, wonderful, American lives. My heart is breaking…
Let us not use this time to promote our political agendas. Let us not use this tragedy to debate religion. Let us not use this tragedy in any way that would dishonor or disrespect the beautiful lives that left this world far too soon.
Our country has endured a terrible tragedy. We will never be the same again. And neither will the friends and families of those beautiful people that we lost. My heart goes out to you all, and my prayers and thoughts are with you 🌈❤🌈

Zom’s Useful Synonyms for Balls

Hey smut writers. Having a hard day in the sweaty, moan-filled mines of the naughty imagination cave? Do you find yourself yearning for synonyms that truly capture the beauty and majesty of nature’s most important dangly bits? Well yearn no more! Here it is, the masterpost no one wanted you’ve all been waiting for: every term I could think of to describe testicles!!

  • Leathery man hamsters
  • Sacks of surging flappiness
  • Wiggly wand huggers
  • Shriveled, quivering seed warmers
  • Bulbous thwappin’ sacks
  • Bean bag rejects
  • Dryer lint covered sweat holders
  • Stanky dribblers
  • Ticklish twitchers
  • Discarded giblets full o’ gravy
  • Crevice keepers
  • Wrinkled thrusting pillows
  • Veiny crotch pouches
  • Hairy muppet eyes
  • Dick cushions
  • Penis pals
  • Balding, twitchy gerbils
  • Trembling love juice holders
  • Naughty nuggets
  • Floppy. Just floppy. 
  • Dejected gerbils
  • Sad sin saucemakers
  • Gonzo’s empty stare
  • Kibbles and bitterness
  • God’s lumpy accidents
  • Rubbery dickstache mounts

Well, I think that’s about all I have in me for now. Feel free to add your own!

How I Spent My Summer Unemployment

Surprise, I spent it writing fanfic.

Role Models


It basically sprung from a conversation with Gogglesque about all the (generally fantastic) Genderbent Avengers fanart coming out in the wake of the movie, and how girlSteve is usually very femme and looks like a 40’s pinup, while girlTony has short hair and is more masculine. Mostly it went like:

Me: Have you seen Tony’s ridiculous beard? That girl would have an elaborate, time-consuming hairdo.

Gogglesque: And Steve would be totally masculine, because that’s what competence looked like, back then.

And then, 13,000 words later, it turned into a fic about 2nd wave feminism versus 3rd wave feminism. And also makeouts.

It’s a WIP, sorry, 5,500 words, chapter 1 of 3, but seeing as how I have 7,000 words of chapter 2 down already, the wait shouldn’t be too long. Then again, that’s what GRRM said, and he’s, like, a professional.

Hey! So as the title suggests, im opening commissions early to do them over winter break. But there’s a catch, unfortunately.

Extended Info:
  • Base prices
    Bust (digital) $20
    Full Body (digital) $40 +$10 for an additional character
    Watercolor (+gold/silverleaf if requested) $60
  • NSFW/Gore is not allowed, bruises/cuts/nosebleeds/small amounts of blood is allowed
  • You must be okay with me using your commission as a part of my senior portfolio
  • Character must be original, poc, fantastical/mythical or even a warrior. These are required so it fits with my concentration/artist statement.
  • Payment is via paypal only. Payment will be made once the initial sketch is drawn and won’t progress any further until received.
  • Please provide as many references as you can! It’ll be easier on me to make your character look just the way you imagine them to look.
  • Frequent correspondence is encouraged. Once the work has started, I’ll check in and show you the drawing, ask for feedback and if any changes are required at each stage.
  • Please check my art tag for examples!
  • If you commission for a watercolor or ink piece, i can mail it to you in the summer, free shipping, anywhere.

I will open just four slots, once all four slots are filled i will close the commissions.

1. blackasacrow
2. nirnrootnoise
3. yappapaa
4. arcadiiabay

Please signal boost ! Thank you (♡´౪`♡)
"Why is this simple PDF graph several megabytes in size?"

It turns out there are rectangles in the graph made of thousands upon thousands of thin lines. Seriously. VECTOR LINES. To store a vector line, the computer has to remember two coordinate points (four numbers), a line width, and a color. Six numbers. THAT’S IT. There are enough sets of six numbers in this fucking graph to take up megabytes of memory. I select one of the sets of lines and hit the delete key and then have to do something else for a few MINUTES as the computer grinds through and removes every fucking line.


The hell.


This graph software?

somewhere during the building of the drill, peridot (presumably) got so bored that she drew a fairly detailed image of the earth exploding. 

i say that because the only other explanation is that she legitimately stood there at the chalkboard in deep concentration as she drew this like, “yes this is a valuable use of my time steven will require this infographic to fully comprehend the situation”.

I’m frustrated because I come to school and sit on my phone. I could be using this valuable time to be experiencing new things, meeting new people, going new places, trying new foods, learning a new language, Ya know…..actually learning things…..but here I am….on my phone………go public education in America……snaps for you…….