As a woman, I know you’re young, but you gotta hear it now: the most valuable part about you is your brain. Get an education; don’t let anybody tell you that your body or the size that you wear or any of that BS matters, because it doesn’t. Your brain matters, so be the smart girl in the room. Because, to be funny, you have to be smart, because you have to get the joke.
—  Sophia Bush

Because all women need to hear this from time to time.
Black Woman, yuh value more than gold.
Enjoy yourself but don’t lose control.
Don’t make dem tek yuh for no piece a meat, look how yuh sweet!
Tell dem certain things yuh just nah go dweet
—  Queen Ifrica“Black Woman” (2016)

How To Have Confidence | Specifically With Acne

If you struggle with acne or any other insecurity I made this video in hopes to maybe help you learn self love.

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