Valua gets a lot of hate, for a lot of obvious reasons. Belleza and Gregorio aside, every ranked official is a bloodthirsty tyrant in one form or another, and even the rank and file soldiers seem to get off on wrecking the main characters’ shit. But, these soldiers are still human. They get scared. They have families. A fair number of them were probably like Belleza before they enlisted: Homeless, alone, and starving. And, for all their dedication and loyalty, they’re slaughtered like animals in the Rains of Destruction.

Just remember that Valua may be the enemy, but not all Valuans are.



Nicholas II with a smartphone.

“Our task is not only to recount historic events in Twitter’s dynamic and intense style, but to spark global interest in one of the biggest geo-political events of the 20th century, which may not be widely understood in the West,” RT’s head of online projects and digital media director, Kirill Karnovich-Valua, said.

“Basically, we attempted to create the first-ever monumental social media drama/play involving dozens of characters – their lines are short 140-digit messages and the stage is Twitter.”

the project:


My take on Valua for my Skies of Arcadia redesign project.

As Valua is the most belligerent country, I thought it’d be fitting to have their capital and the majority of the lower city on a giant warship.

I really liked the idea of having a giant cannon over the lower city as a symbol of the upper class suppressing the poor and making them work on the ship. I thought it’d be cool to just look up at the sky and see this huge barrel towering over you.

The last image shows the throne of the Empress. I imagine they revere the yellow moonstones since it provides them an edge over other countries with light and power, so I combined that idea with their dragon motif/insignia from the original game. :)


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