I've been playing SoA with my brother since I've been home

I’ve beaten the game over half a dozen times, but I still get really sad when Enrique leaves to go back to Valua.

Which is dumb because I know we’ll see him again.

Which is dumb because he isn’t even that interesting.

Which is dumb because he isn’t even my favorite fourth party member (I always go with Gilder).

Which is dumb because he isn’t even real.

But when he leaves on that ship (and I tell him he can’t be seasick anymore, because even in video games expressing emotions makes me feel uncomfortable and I’m much better with light hearted banter) from Sailor’s Island I always get more than a little teary eyed and choked up.

It’s something about the imagery. I really don’t even know…

Valua gets a lot of hate, for a lot of obvious reasons. Belleza and Gregorio aside, every ranked official is a bloodthirsty tyrant in one form or another, and even the rank and file soldiers seem to get off on wrecking the main characters’ shit. But, these soldiers are still human. They get scared. They have families. A fair number of them were probably like Belleza before they enlisted: Homeless, alone, and starving. And, for all their dedication and loyalty, they’re slaughtered like animals in the Rains of Destruction.

Just remember that Valua may be the enemy, but not all Valuans are.