I’m currently rewatching S3 and I can’t believe no one has mentioned Valtor again since he was defeated. I mean, the guy was very dangerous and powerful and he managed to affect the planets even more than Trittanus with the pillars. I just saw S3Ep18 and he defeated like 20 guards without getting hit once. He’s the most awesome villain Winx ever had and they should bring him back, even if it’s just the mention of his name. He deserves recognition for all he did.            

By @sweetmemories2606

Wizard meets Fairy, Legend meets

Bloom : *walking at the garden* *heard a sound from the bushes* Who’s there!?

??? : Psst! Come here quickly!

Bloom : H-huh….? *entered the bushes* *whipped her face to the man*

Valtor : It’s been a while, bloom

Bloom : uh…….

Valtor : what’s wrong? Lost some words? *smirk*

Bloom : ….who are you again?

Valtor : *flipped out* (well it certainly have been 3 years since I last met her.) I’m Valtor, that wizard you hate the most?

Bloom : Va-valtor….? *snapped* wait! You still alive?! *call immediately* Girls, I’m in trou-!

Valtor : *push the phone away* Keep it down! No cellphone! I just want to ask you something!

Bloom : Well if you say so, unless if you want to trick me again :/

Valtor : No no! I’m not lying! Seriously.

Bloom : Then prove it >:(

Valtor : (How on magix can I use to prove myself…?) •_•?

Bloom : Nevermind then, what’s your problem?

Valtor : How can I apply as teacher in Alfea?

Bloom : ….. sorry, did I hear wrong? Say it again

Valtor : How can I apply as teacher in Alfea?

Bloom : 0_0"

Valtor : W-what’s with the face? •_•?

Bloom : Valtor, you haven’t forgot about your actions in Alfea, don’t you?

Valtor : oh that? It’s just a little damage

Bloom : Very clever of you. Really, never ever hope on joining the alfea. Even faragonda have made you as their most dangerous enemy. In a whole dimension.

Valtor : Now that you mentioned it….. Well then, I’m off then, since there’s nothing I can do

Bloom : Well, that’s ok. As long as you didn’t do something stupid along the way

Valtor : Hey, bloom? Can you come here for a sec?

Bloom : What?

*valtor hugged bloom*

Valtor : Thanks for the advise

Bloom : W-WHA WHA WHA WHAT!?? *blushed* •///•

*Ashley went out*

Ashley : Ok, TIMES UP YOU TWO! Onii-san, you didn’t eat lunch aren’t you?

Valtor : em…. nope

Ashley : As I thought. Bloom, we are leaving now okay?

Bloom : S-sure…..

Ashley : *dragged Valtor* Let’s go, it’s getting late

Valtor : See you later!

Bloom : Y-yeah…..

Bloom : (what a strange dream I have…..)

Okay, my bff just reminded me of Winx and how the Villains in it always had the coolest sense of style.

I’m not kidding, look at Valtor and the Trix. The witches were awesome goths, while he always made sure to look classy as fuck.

And the Wizards of the black circle. Ogron and Duman had the most wicked outfits.

And I am not embarresed to admit that I liked Winx even if when I started watching it I was already 18 ok

Winx Club 30 Day Challenge - 06- Favorite Villain


Ah yes, Valtor. Unfortunately for him he was placed in the most awkwardly paced and plot-holey season, yet somehow he managed to shine anyway.

Once upon a time, the Three Ancestral Witches took a piece of the Dragon Flame, mixed it with primordial darkness and created a boy who they raised as their own. They gave him a partner, the talented witch Griffin, and they spread chaos and the Ancestresses’ will throughout the galaxy. Then Griffin ran away and was taken in by Faragonda (without any visible punishment from her time as an evil minion, maybe suggesting to the evil side that she was a spy all along), and Valtor gets frozen, yet still awake, and ends up being bored out of his mind for seventeen years/centuries.

Then he gets thawed out by the Trix, finds delicious irony in ordering the descendants about, manages to convince Bloom that not only did he defeat her parents, but that he carries them inside his body, hindering her from hurting him. For some suspicious reason, Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin allows Bloom to continue believe the lie.

Anyway, Bloom finds the spirits of the Ancestresses whom, for some other suspicious reason, wants her to defeat Valtor. Then they puppeteer Valtor into a monstrous form, making him easier to kill (it is easier for humans to kill beasts, even if said beasts are really human-like). Valtor tries to make Bloom join him against the Ancestresses, but Bloom destroys him because by now, she totally hates him.

Coincidentally, the Ancestresses then gain enough powers to free their minion, possess people, and attack Alfea soon afterwards.

Yeah… Something is suspicious about this, and it fires up my plot bunnies, so for that, I like Valtor the most out of the villains!