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HELLO THERE, I’m back again with the most horrific edition of F1 Face Swaps.

The 2017 edition. Enjoy the season.

F1 as Demigods (Percy Jackson)

Lewis Hamilton:
- Son of Zeus
- Definitely acts like the queen bee at camp
Valterri Bottas:
- Son of Demeter
-  Shy friend that follows Lewis around (Lewis’s only friend at camp)
Sebastian Vettel:
- Son of Hermes
- Likes to joke around and prank fellow campers (especially Lewis, that kid is too in to himself)
Kimi Raikkonen:
- Son of Dionysus
- Sits next to Sebastian and quietly drinks, constantly
Daniel Ricciardo: 
- Son of Hermes (I’ve always seen Vettel as an older brother to him)
- Pulls pranks constantly
- Makes sure he is friends with everyone (This kid would literally jump at the shy kids and scream,” I’m your friend now”(He gave Valterri a heart attack the first time))
Max Verstappen: 
- Son of Janus
- Dad helped him speed up his beginning
- Always think he knows the correct doorway to choose
- Sometimes even his dad’s skills do not help him
Carlos Sainz: 
- Son of Hephaestus
- Works hard, but things don’t always go his way
- He may have his father’s skill, but looks nothing like him (That boy is gorgeous
Daniil Kvyat:
- Son of Apollo (more like Lester Papadopoulos tbh)
- Deserves better
Fernando Alonso: 
- Son of Hades
- Considered really cool, but doesn’t seem to have all the luck
Stoffel Vandoorne: 
- Son of Athena
- Smart and really shy
- Alonso has taken him under his wings so he could be the next cool kid ™
Felipe Massa: 
- Son of Aphrodite
- Full of love and wants everyone to feel it
Lance Stroll: 
- Son of Aphrodite
- Is way too into himself
- Thinks he’s smooth, but isn’t
- Felipe has to constantly watch his brother
Esteban Ocon:
- Son of Nike
- Ready to fight (says “fight me” a lot)
- Constantly challenges people and tries to win                                                                                                                              
Sergio Perez:
- Son of Hephaestus
- Likes to keep to himself and tinker
- Always accepts Esteban’s challenges                  
Nico Hulkenberg: 
- Son of Ares
- Strong and constantly shows it
- But is also a dork and is a bit clumsy
Jolyon Palmer: 
- Son of Hypnos
- Needs a nap tbh
- Is always there to calm Nico down
Romain Grosjean:
- Son of Hecate
- Mom likes to mess around with him and give him random bad luck
- Likes to put little spell on people just to inconvenience them
Kevin Magnussen: 
- Son of Ares
- Doesn’t like his brother Nico
- Acts tough, but is really a nice guy
- Wants to make dad proud
Marcus Ericsson:
- Son of Apollo
- Have you seen that hair? Literal ball of sun
- Dad’s favorite, even if he isn’t the best
Pascal Wehrlein :
- Son of Iris
- Cute ball of fluff and rainbows
- Likes to have tea with his mom
- Doesn’t like to fight
- Helps Marcus when he is healing
Pierre Gasly:
- Son of Poseidon
- Gets in to friendly competitions with Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc:
- Son of Zeus
- He has amazing skill, but doesn’t like to use his fathers name for his own gain

Lewis retiring at the end of the season !?

So I just read a few rumours that apparently Lewis may be retiring by the end of the season after getting his 5th world title. Anyone believe this ?

I don’t think he’s going to retire, he said he still has a passion for sport and it clearly hasn’t died. I’m sure Lew didn’t sign the contract for another 2 years for nothing if he basically knew he was going to win the title this year.

If this rumour comes out to be true imma be so heartbroken. PM me or comment below what your thoughts are about this.

I’m to the point now that I’ve adopted half the grid. I need to stop. I’m running out of room in my already undersized heart.

F1 Drivers in Divergent

Lewis Hamilton
- Dauntless
- Never even thought of going to any other faction
- Dares all the newcomers to jump in to the hole, pushes them if needed
- “Come on, you can’t be that scared. What kind of Dauntless are you?”
     “He wet his pants the first time he had to jump”
    “Shut it Valtteri”
Valtteri Bottas
- Originally from Erudite, goes to Dauntless (Only chose Dauntless because the Aptitude test had put him there
- When he got to the Dauntless and Lewis was taunting them to jump in to the hole, he pushed to the front and stared Lewis in the eyes and jumped in without a second thought
- He’s Lewis’s favorite person  (Cough cough boyfriend)
Sebastian Vettel
- Candor
- Finds the Dauntless annoying and irresponsible
- Finds pulling pranks on others is his rights and is part of justice
Kimi Raikkonen
- Candor
- Follows Sebastian to make sure he doesn’t mess up too bad
- (Shhh they’re secretly dating)
Daniel Ricciardo
- Originally from Dauntless, but goes to Abegnation
- Likes being brave, but found the Abegnation’s selflessness to be amazing
- Makes everyone laugh is everyones favorite
Max Verstappen
- Dauntless
- The aptitude test put him in Abegnation, but his father threatened him to stay in Dauntless (I think we can all see Jos doing that
Carlos Sainz Jr.
- From Amity, but goes to Erudite
- The minute the test told him he belonged in Erudite he decided to change, feeling it was for the best (for his fists)
- “I’m too… angry to be peaceful” (Just wants to punch someone tbh)
Nico Hulkenberg
- Dauntless
- The aptitude test said Amity, but he punched the guy giving him the test and decided to ignore it
- “Peaceful my ass.”
Pierre Gasly
- Erudite
- Never questioned it and likes his libraries too much to leave
Daniil Kvyat
- Abegnation
- Hates making people feel disappointed
- Smol puppy that needs help
Felipe Massa
- Abegnation
- Literally everyones dad
- Got both Amity and Abegnation on his test, but felt there is always a good time where punching is necessary
Lance Stroll
- From Amity
- Brags about how Dauntless is his true calling
- He couldn’t make it on to the train and cried all the way to the factionless Chicago
Sergio Perez
- Erudite
- Bashes all the other factions
Esteban Ocon
- From Erudite, but changes to Dauntless
- Violent little thing
- Aggressive af and wants to succeed in every test/skill
Romain Grosjean
- Erudite
- Felt disgusted by the idea he could belong to another faction
- Made sure his blood fell in to the correct one to be cautious
Kevin Magnussen
- Amity
- Realized the bread had a drug in it to make them be more peaceful, but made sure to eat more (I mean free high tbh)
Pascal Wehrlein
- Abegnation
- The test was split between Amity and Abegnation, but he would die to make someone else happy
Marcus Ericsson
- Amity
- Wants people to just stop fighting
- Refuses to eat the bread after Magnussen tells him
Stoffel Vandoorne
- From Candor but went to Dauntless
- He got Dauntless on the aptitude test and sighed for so long
- He chose Dauntless cause he was bored at home
- #Ididn’tsignupforthis
Fernando Alonso
- Dauntless to the core
- “Stoffel you have to be braver then that.”
     “Dude I didn’t leave my house to get away from my mom’s nagging        just to come to yours.”
- Constantly fights Lewis over who is the bravest (Stoffel and Valtteri are exhausted from stopping their idiots from killing themselves)
Jenson Button
- Dauntless
- Fernando and Lewis don’t fight him cause don’t you just see the braveness rolling off of him
Charles Leclerc
- Erudite
- Spends time with Pierre studying facts about anything
- Doesn’t even want to mention the other factions

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(Hunger games is next)


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