Gym Battle

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Gym Battle (Zelo)

Summary: Pokemon Go gym battles are serious business guys, so serious… #Valor

Rated: T

You yawned widely, stretching your arms over your head as you made your way into your bed. You settled yourself, snuggling your face into your pillow with your comforter wrapped around you while the AC buzzed in the background. You sighed contently, hands groping around your head before you found your phone. You did your usual routine of checking your SNS for messages and what not, laughing softly when you came across a few funny memes here and there.

Suddenly your phone vibrated in your hand, notifying you of a new text message. You quickly minimized your apps and opened your inbox. It was from your new friend, it read:

Noona!ヾ( •́д•̀ ;)ノ Emergency! Our gym got taken over by team Instinct!!!! We have to take it back! -  ChimChim

You groaned covering your head with your blanket. You recently got into Pokemon Go, and while you loved the game, you weren’t into these weird turf wars it accidentally created. You loved the aspect of walking around and exploring different neighborhoods or even cities and meeting fellow players and even becoming friends with them. But you couldn’t help but think some people take the whole team concept a little too seriously.

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