You blinked and quickly turned to see Mon-El watching you with bated breath before asking, “What?”

“Could I… Um… “He tried, furrowing his brow and crossing his arms over his broad chest. “You said Christmas is one of those things where you spend time with loved ones so, maybe I could spend it with you.”

Lifting a brow, a slow smile tugged at your mouth and without thinking, you kicked at the box of Christmas decorations that you’d been tinkering with before saying, “You know… If I could get some help hanging this mistletoe, I might be able to swing that.”

“Sure… Um…” Mon-El gave a quick nod and pursed his lips before quickly dropping his eyes to the box and asking, “What’s mistletoe?”

“C’mon.” You laughed, rolling your eyes and making a grab for his hand. “I’ll teach you.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Trying to Explain the Importance of Christmas to Mon-El*

Request: Christmas is to Mon-El (cause Daxon wouldn’t have Christmas) and trying to explain why it’s so important and how you spend it with the people you love and then he goes “can I spend Christmas with you then?” And it’s all sweet and couple-y


🌴👑🌸Happy Blackout🌸👑🌴

🌺🌸SC Flower Crown Edition: Part 3🌸🌺

Growing up beauty was ‘thin & fair with straight hair’, so I never fit the concept of beauty in my family or in society…but I learned, like everybody else, that beauty is never a limited concept. Blackness is never something to be ashamed of, and even if you’re mixed, you can still be proud of it.

Por eso siempre me estoy llamando la reina caribeña en todas de mis redes sociales y en general..porque finalmente puedo ver mi valor. Y que soy hermosa dentro y fuera. Esta negra tiene tumbaoooo 😂😂😍

No te ocupes demasiado al grado de no notar lo que #Dios está haciendo a tu alrededor. #Atención #Conciencia #Sencillez #Agradecimiento #Gratitud #Gracias #Frases #Amor #Virtud #Amistad #Alabanza #Lealtad #Valores #Verdad #TeAmo #Jesús #Sinceridad #Vida #Buenas #ExploraDios

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