Its been quite a few years since Mai had dueled. Once renowned top eight duelist in the country now spent her days sponsoring modeling for a living. It paid the bills and helped her stray from the game that always swayed where her life went.

The busty blonde was tired of the hardship. Tired of the pain. Tired of needing the tedious power trip from winning the silly game every professional duelist strived for.

With her friends taking the opposite road she did, Mai lived her life differently–alone. Thunder roared in the Domino City sky while the warmth her skin became dispersed. Skipping the morning news and the lack of posessing an umbrella came with this consquence.

Mai wrapped her arms around herself, feeling her body spread with goosebumps as rain began to fall. Today left her feeling oddly nostalgic. She was cold, drenched, and alone, heading to the apartment where no one awaited her arrival.

Her scrunched layered locks became straight and draped over her tired eyes. A somber sigh escaped her petite rogue lips as she walked. Her designer boots could be ruined by the time she’d get home, but it didn’t even matter.