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history meme (french edition)  →  free choice: relationships (1/?) Marguerite de Valois and Henri IV’s children.

“When Marie de Medici, second wife of Henri IV, was crowned queen of France, Marguerite, his former first wife, garbed in crown and royal mantle, followed behind. This is in fact quite a good metaphore to resume their family life. Marguerite acted as a kind of honorary aunt to her former husband’s children; she was godmother to his son Gaston, and the Dauphin, later Louis XIII, tenderly called her “mama”. After her death in 1615, the young King confessed that ‘he misses her dearly’. A. Lloyd Moote, Louis XIII, the Just

So basically Francis dies next week…seriously the worst writing team in history…

It never ends well when Nostra is around…fuck you and your prophecies ruining our lives since day one…

Is that a crypt/vault????

Mary has blood on her dress and she doesn’t have any when Francis is still alive in the woods…

Looks like Mary is giving her crown to Catherine because she’s so fucking done and out…

Heaven metaphor…Francis is sailing away…and the music dramatic and melancholic as fuck…I wish it was Mary like she’s leaving and mourning in peace…

Everything is going to be rushed and badly written like they always do….

So yeah next week I’ll be free for good and finally able to stop watching this non sense….

RIP Reign….you had 13 great episodes…


In 1547, King Henry II proposed a union between his six year old son Francis, and Mary, who was also six years of age. This was an important agreement between the two countries. Scotland needed strength and allies against current and future threats, and The Queen of France, Catherine de Medici, was unsuccessful in carrying a second male heir to term after the birth of her first born son.
Within months, Mary was moved to France, where she resided with the Valois family for many years. She spent her time gallivanting through the castle and playing with other children, especially Francis. However, the royal family feared for Mary’s safety (although many believed that she was simply becoming an annoyance to the French Queen) and she was moved to a convent at the age of nine.
During her time away, tragedy struck in France. Francis was a sickly child, and around the age of ten, passed away. Catherine had no other male heirs to take the throne upon Henry’s death, and with that, an uprising began.
The Bourbon line, a family that resided in Navarre, had desired the French crown for decades and wanted it for themselves. Shortly after the death of Prince Francis, when France was in a fragile state, the Bourbon family waged war and after a little over three years, they took the country for themselves and became its official rulers.
Charles de Bourbon, the new King of France, decided upon his rule that he wanted to keep the alliance between his country and Scotland, and by doing so, he would marry the Queen of Scotland to Louis Bourbon, his son.
A couple years passed and later in 1557, when Mary was fifteen, there was an English assassination attempt at the convent where she was living. Worried about her safety and more importantly, the alliance, King Charles decided that it was time for Mary to return to French court; where she would meet, and soon marry Prince Louis.
She traveled by carriage for many days, and she soon reached the castle walls of French court. She remembered the sights and smells of her surroundings and her memories there. But she knew the atmosphere would not be familiar at all. She was nervous, as she grew up thinking she would marry her playmate Francis.
She stepped out of the carriage with grace and smiled as she looked around her for the Prince, whom she had never laid eyes on. As she looked far to her right, a tall handsome man began walking towards her, and like magnets, she began walking towards him.


… ☾ … ☾ … BELLUARUM COLLEGE … ☽ … ☽ ☽ 

a duodecim (12-member) roleplay:
a story of mystery, murder, and conspiracy
(3rd of my murder plots; after little philosophers & o dionysus)

Forgive me father for I have

                                      s i n n e d

I have left bodies bruised and broken

                                      bleeding out

But my biggest sin, the cherry on top is…

                                     that I don’t care

                       whether you or god or anyone else

                                     forgives me at all (-theburningsouls)

A civil war is brewing in the supernatural population...

“Have you ever seen the students at the school up on the hill?”

Tucked away in a small town in upstate New York is Belluarum College, founded in 1819. Known to be selective, isolated, and eerily suspicious, the famed liberal arts school is the home to the most unusual students—so unusual and extraordinary that they couldn’t really be considered human at all. Each student is with a uniquely monstrous pedigree and an eternal pledge to keep the supernatural a secret from the rest of the human world. With mystical powers comes governance, and with governance comes harsh rules—all in the name of keeping the supernatural as just another fairy tale for the humans.

“There’s something about them… unearthly beautiful, every one of them…”

And with that pledge, the Belluarum Guard was assembled by the elders council in guise of the student senate. Six of the two thousand students are recruited each year to protect their surreptitious existences, not without using discrete assassinations, executions, and unsavory espionage. As the new school year begins, an elite team comprised of a faerie, reaper, wizard, kitsune, vampire, and angel find themselves thrust into a series of mysterious murders of supernatural students and increase of suspicion from the townspeople.

“But they seem to hold a sort of sinister ambience.”

However, the story turns for the worst when they find the mutilated corpse of a siren outside the campus gates with “MONSTER” carved on her forehead. A band of six anti-pledge supernaturals who call themselves the Belluarum Liberators, consisting of a sphinx, werewolf, ghost, phoenix, banshee, and valkyrie, boil with bitter hatred towards the elders council and Guard. It is their wish to bring down the ruling hands and unleash the supernatural world’s secrets out in the open. Millennia-old conspiracies among the supernatural community are beginning to unfold.

“Are you curious or scared?”


Application Information: If interested, please reblog this post, submit a sample para (3rd person in character), an explanation of why you selected the character, ideas for the character and plot (feel free to ask for prompts and such), and selected face. Please also indicate your out of character name, age, activity level, and why you are interested in this group.

Disclaimer: This roleplay will feature mature themes. The plot and character developments will be very detail oriented. It will require quite a lot OOC communication so please have a Skype account when a role is given to you and create a character account (not side blog). This will be a group with a mix of paras and one-liners. Feel free to reserve a character for the next 72 hours if you are interested (just reblog this post and shoot me a message; if you need 72+ hours due to circumstances, let me know). Any questions or discussions about character sexualities and such are always welcome in my inbox! Don’t be afraid to talk or ask me. This group will be open as soon as each role is filled (hopefully at the end of August/beginning of September).

Tips: Follow #belluarum college for info posts! Check out the tag on my page here, to get more inspiration! Sample apps can be found here (from the O Dionysus days). Make sure to read all the character information, as a lot of information pertaining to the story as a whole is scattered throughout. Asking for para prompts may be useful, so don’t be shy! My ask box is always open for questions and comments! If you could help spread the word regardless of whether you will apply or not, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much :)


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