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Dashie and friends: Mystic adventure

Chapter 1: First encounter with mysterious neighbor part 1

Inside the small shop at the crystal empire, the two unicorn ponies were right in the middle of working, creating their little master pieces for their client’s orders. At the knitting section of the shop, Heart Felt was right in the middle stitching up a few pillow cases with heart shape design in front of them, for a couple that wanted something nice for their wedding anniversary. At the back corner of the store, with a few different design of crystals, Dark crystal is sculpting a life size moth creature out of ember crystal for an important client, who like scary and mythical creatures. Dark crystal been working on this sculpture for weeks and did her best to make it exactly how the client wanted in every detail. She was about to vial a certain area of the sculpture, until heart felt call her name, which force her to stop. dark crystal look at heart felt and notice that she was holding up two different fabric that look the same, she look at heart felt with a grumpy look and continue trying to work on her sculpture, heart felt knew that she wasn’t going to say anything to her, so she try to ask her anyway.

Heart Felt: hey dark Crystal, can you help me for a quick second

Dark Crystal: can’t you see I’m right in a middle of something important heart felt, I need to vial this area of the moth creature side properly or else my clients won’t like the sculpture.

Heart Felt: I know your very busy dark crystal, but you’re the only pony that can help me decide which fabric would be for the pillow cases I’m working on.

Dark Crystal: why can’t you bother Wit Craft, knowing her she be happy to help you decide whatever lame fabric

Heart Felt: true, but you have better taste in different colors than her, also she right in the middle building something in the back room and I kinda scared to go there by myself?

Dark crystal: *hoof palm* don’t tell me that crazy unicorn making another one of her magic invention again.

Heart Felt: in the matter of speaking, yeah she is

Dark Crystal: you got to be kidding me, every time she build one of her contraption of her, someone get hurt, especially one of us

Heart Felt: you know wit craft mean well Dark Crystal, sure some of her invention tend to get out of hooves, but she does her best to build something amazing, that ponies would be happy to see.

Just when Dark Crystal was about to say something to heart felt, both of them heard a large explosion that was coming from the back room. The look at the entrance and notice that smoke was coming out of there. Heart Felt was plan to head inside and see if wit craft was ok, but Dark Crystal stop her and pointed out that someone was coming out. They look and see that wit craft was able to get out of the back room alright, beside her coat and witch hat was cover in smug. Wit Craft use her hat to clear away the smoke around and finally she was able to see again.

Wit Craft: wosier dossier that was one crazy explosion.

Heart Felt: are you ok Wit Craft?

Wit Craft: Besides being cover in smog dust, but I’m perfectly fine. But as for my invention in the other hand, I think my client might had to wait a little while longer.

Dark Crystal: what was you making, that cause that explosion?

Wit Craft: I super glad you ask DC. You see my client ask me to build them something that would bake bread very quickly, at first I was thinking making a simple small oven would be to easy. So I say to myself, Wit Craft, why what if I make a little device that take two slices of bread and burn them a little well done.

Dark Crystal: … so in other words, you’re making a toaster.

Wit Craft: exactly DC, but it wasn’t no ordinary toaster, I was making a crystal power automatic toaster.

Heart Felt: A crystal power automatic toaster, that sound … well interesting.

Wit craft: not just interesting heart felt, simply wosier dossier. think about it, sure a simple toaster will cook the bread in a matter of minutes, but this crystal power automatic toaster would cook the break, in a few seconds

Dark Crystal: bake the break in second, sound a good idea, but having the toaster that cook it in second, the device would need a lot of energy.

wit craft: which what you say is true, I know electricity would give me enough juice to power up the toaster, but with the last few invention I build, I kinda trying to cut back on that.

Dark Crystal: especially the electric bill

Heart Felt: dark crystal, be nice

Dark Crystal: what, it’s the truth.

Heart Felt: sigh, so since you can’t use the electricity, you decided to use crystal instead

Wit Craft: that right heart felt and the only crystal that are strong enough to do it, is the solar crystal.

Heart Felt: solar crystal, what that?

Dark Crystal: solar crystal are the only one of their kind, which can actually absorb solar energy from the sun and can be used for backup energy. They are extremely rare to find, since most of them are well hidden in the mountain side, which is why they are very valuable in certain crystal market.

Heart Felt: I see, but if they are rare to find, how you was able to get a hand on them.

Wit Craft: simple really, I was lucky to found some that were laying around the shop.

Dark Crystal: really, I don’t remember seeing any solar crystal in the shop, except the one that I

when she stop talking for a second, Dark Crystal just relies something of what wit craft said, which she ask her once more, of where she got the solar crystal.

Dark Crystal: Wit Craft, when you say you found them laying around the shop, exactly where you found them

Wit Craft: I remember I found them laying around by your second of the shop, I saw the two solar crystals laying on and figure that you didn’t need them and

Dark Crystal: *she use her magic to levitate wit craft and brought her in front of her* so let me get this straight, not only you went to my private area where I work, but you stole my solar crystals

Wit Craft: …. well I wouldn’t say I stole them, more like barrow them for a moment, but you won’t be seeing them for a long time.

Dark Crystal: …… *she drop her to the ground* run

Wit Craft: what?

Dark Crystal: you know what, start running.

Wit Craft: oh right, then I guess I start running

Wit Craft didn’t hesitate and start running for her life, Dark Crystal wait for a moment to give her a chance, before she chase after her. when Dark Crystal was ready to run after wit craft, she notice that her cousin Heart Felt stood in front of her, doing her best to stop her from harming wit craft. Dark Crystal look at Heart felt with an annoyed look in the eye and start asking her to move.

Dark Crystal: Heart Felt, you better have a good reason for standing in front of me.

Heart Felt: dark crystal, I know your upset with wit craft, but you can’t just chase after her, every time she brake something of yours.

Dark Crystal: uh yes I can, she went into my personal space area, stealing my stuff without asking me and destroying the rarest and experience crystals, that going to take me forever to get again.

Heart felt: ok, you have a really good reason to go after her, but don’t forget that Wit Craft is our friend, our best friend since the school for gifted unicorn.

Dark Crystal: so she our best friend since school, what the big deal

Heart Felt: the big deal is that wit craft was able to help us a lot at that school and we all made a promise that we become a team, if we ever open up a shop together.

Dark Crystal: ……

Heart Felt: so that mean, no more trying to hurt your friends, even if they make you upset

Dark Crystal: …… alright fine, I won’t hurt Wit Craft

Heart Felt: that more like it, you see how much you feel better, after we calm down a little

Dark Crystal: whatever I guess, but if she so break one thing of one of my stuff, not even you can stop me from hitting her.

Heart felt was going to say something, until she heard the store bell ring, letting them know that someone had enter their store. Heart Felt and Dark Crystal were excited that a costumer is visiting their shop, things had been slow for a while and hadn’t any decent costumers for weeks. Heart Felt and Dark Crystal ran towards the front counter and greet their costumer. Once they got there, they look at the pony that came in the store, but notice it wasn’t a new costumer at all, it was their average Pegasus mail pony Derpy, who stop by to deliver some mail. Heart Felt was happy to see their favorite mail pony, who is happened to be their best costumer, but Dark crystal clear her through and walk back to her section of the shop, to continue to hunt down Wit craft. Derpy was confuse of what going on, but heart felt talk to her and let her know that everything was alright.

Heart felt: sorry for how my cousin act in front of you Derpy, it been awhile since we had any costumer that in our stores.

Derpy: it’s alright heart felt, I dealt with a lot of people like that before, so no hard feeling.

Heart felt: thanks, so what can I help you with, are you here for business or you need to ask us a commissions to make for you.

Derpy: I’m only here for mailing business, I got a few letters for you *she place them on the counter* just a few letters and a couple of bills that need to be paid.

Heart felt: …. just great, I thought we got these bills paid already. Wait a minute, what that large package by your side?

Derpy: oh you me this, it’s a special package I’m delivery to a very important pony that lived nearby here, but I’m having a hard time finding the shop

Heart felt: maybe I can help you find the place, do you know the name it address to

Derpy: sure do, said on top of the package, it going to a pony name Dashie writer and the name of the store is Dashie sanctum of books and magic

Wit craft: hey I know that place

Heart felt: *she jump a little, after seeing Wit craft standing right next to her* Wit craft, what are you doing her and how you manage to escape from Dark crystal?

Wit craft: I will tell you later how I got here, I’m more curious of why you guys were talking about the new pony Book Shop.

Derpy: actually I was telling heart felt about a package I’m delivery to Dashie writer

Heart felt: Derpy is having a hard time finding Dashie writer book shop, I figured I help her find the place for her, so she can deliver the package on time.

Wit craft: wosier dossier, why you guys didn’t say this earlier, I know where her Book Shop is

Derpy: that is great news, and do you happen to know where it is.

Wit craft: sure do, it’s a few stores down from where we are. You may not find it yet, do because she is right in the middle of renovating the place.

Heart felt: oh that why I didn’t recognize the store name, is she new to the area?

Wit craft: she sure is, I heard rumors from a few ponies that she moved in only a few days ago. Words is that she is a well-known book writer from Ponyville and wanted to open up shop around the crystal empire.

Heart felt: she must be sound interesting, maybe we can visit her sometimes

Derpy: or maybe you can right now

Heart felt: what do you mean?

Derpy: I really need to deliver this package to her, but since her shop is the opposite direction, I won’t have enough time to deliver an important letter to princess Cadance at her castle.

Wit craft: are you saying, what I think your saying?

Heart felt: I already know what you want us to do, but I’m not sure we should

Derpy: please can you do this little favor for me, for your dear friend and number one costumer

Heart felt wasn’t sure if she can do this favor for Derpy, since this pony is new to the area, she had no clue if Dashie writer is friendly or not. heart felt sigh a little bit, knowing that she going to regret this later, she told Derpy she will do it.

Heart felt: alright Derpy, I help deliver the package for you.

Derpy: you will, that is great heart felt. But are you sure you can deliver it for me

Wit craft: of course she can Derpy. In fact, DC and I will be by her side and deliver the package to the mysterious pony that live in the strange book shop.

Heart felt: why did you call Dashie writer as a mysterious pony, when you already know her name?

Wit craft: give a pony a break, whenever we get the chance and go on a mystery quest like this

Heart felt: after we were kick out from the mystery club, when you use one of your invention, to make someone actually disappear.

Wit craft: I thought it would be cool, if we had a real pony actually disappear and beside the pony was ok, we’ll after coming back from a faraway land.

Derpy: well I just hope all this won’t be a bother *she place the package on the counter* here the package that going to Dashie writer, just make sure you be extra careful with it.

Heart felt: what inside?

Derpy: not sure, the pony that gave it to me said to deliver it to the location that is address on the package and make sure to not break it.

Wit craft: hmm, whatever inside the package, must be very important

Heart felt: *she use her magic to levitate the package away from Wit craft* and very delicate, I will hold the package, while we go and see Dashie writer

Derpy: ok then, since you guys do that for me, I will go and deliver this letter.

Heart felt: speaking of which, isn’t it princess cadance and her husband going out of town, for a royal meeting of some sort

Derpy: oops that right, if I don’t go now, they won’t get this letter. I see you guys later, to check up on your delivery

wit craft: no problem and don’t worry, the package will be taken care of, without fail.

Derpy knew that her friends will take good care of the package, she wave goodbye to them and start heading out for important delivery. While the two waving goodbye to Derpy, Wit craft look at the package and try to take a sneak peek, to see what inside. Heart felt notice what wit craft was up to and use her magic, to levitate the package even higher.

Wit craft: aww come on heart felt, can I at least take a quick look and see what inside the package.

Heart felt: no wit craft, it bad enough that we have to deal with this package, but you volunteer dark crystal without asking her and you know how she is, whenever someone do something like that without asking.

Wit craft: so I volunteer her without asking, it not like she going to get about it

Dark crystal: that because I already am wit craft

wit craft look behind her and notice that dark crystal was there, she got frighten a little and ran by heart felt and stand right behind her for protection.

Wit craft: DC, how long you been there

Dark crystal: long enough to plot my vengeance for using my solar crystal. Now hold still, so I can finish the job.

Heart felt: hold on a second Dark crystal: I know you wanted to hurt wit craft, but we going to need her, for something important.

Dark crystal: what more important, than me harming wit craft?

Wit craft: we going to drop off an important package, to the mysterious pony, that moved in a few a while ago.

Dark crystal: wait, you guys talking about Dashie writer, right

Heart felt: yes, but how you know her name?

Dark crystal: she not that really hard to know about, unless you read a few of her books. She a famous book writer like her, Thomas the writer. Her dad own a book shop and she use to work there, but after publishing her first book, she wanted to open up her own store.

Wit craft: wosier dossier DC, how did you know so much about the pony we going to meet?

Dark crystal: simple really, a costumer name Pera-medic usually shop around here and gossip about her favorite writer all the time. She a nurse at a Ponyville clinic and met her a few time.

Heart felt: it sound to me that she could be one of those fanatic fans that have secret shrine of their favorite celebrity.

Dark crystal: like you whit your favorite singer and don’t try to deny it, I see your secret collection from your one time.

Heart felt: … sigh, I’m not, but since you know about Dashie writer, would you like to join us and deliver this package.

Dark crystal: you know I’m going to say no right, but since I’m guessing that Wit craft volunteer me without asking, I guess I have no choice. Beside it give me the chance to see what inside that shop.

Heart felt: you never see inside her shop yet

Wit craft: nobody had Heart felt, ever since she moved in the area, no one haven’t set a hooves inside that place.

Dark crystal: rumor is that her shop is filled with ancient magic artifacts from across equestria, even some of them are dangerous to be use.

Heart felt: but isn’t she a normal book writer, like her father.

Wit craft: even her father is a mystery too. Both Dashie and her dad are well known in equestria, but not a lot of folks know about their past. So who never know what she really do in her personal time, whenever she not working on a book.

Dark crystal: well then, I guess we have to go there and see for ourselves. *she use her magic and did her best to carry the package* are you girls are coming?

Wit craft: of course, wouldn’t miss an awesome adventure

Dark crystal: I want to finish my project for my client, but I guess I come too, someone have to watch you two, to make sure you stay out of trouble.

Heart felt: ok then, to Dashie Sanctum shop of books and spells

and so Heart felt, Dark crystal and Wit craft join together and head for Dashie sanctum of Books and spell, to deliver the mysterious package to her. Heart felt is a little nervous about this journey they are going on, but she made a promise to Derpy that she will do it and with her two close friends by her side, things will be ok. Just hope they don’t try to kill each other, before they reach their destination.

to be continue in part 2

so here a little story I been working, well one of the several stoies that is. this story was plan to be a whole story, but since i been busy for awhile and a few people ask for something good to read, so i’m turining this story into a two part. look like the three girls are going to meet Dashie writer the first time, will she be nice or those many rumors they heard about her come true. no one will know, but stay tune for the second part to find out more. especially learning what inside the package and all i can say for it, that all four of our characters will have a snake encounter.

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