My 29 gallon fish tank. Photos include past and present residents, but current stock is otocinclus catfish, rummynose tetras, blue rasboras (sundadanio axelrodi), chili rasboras (boraras briggitae). 

Plants (submerged):
Amazon sword (echinodorus amazonicus)
star grass (heteranthera zostirifolia)
red ludwigia (ludwigia repens)
java fern (microsorum pteropus)
java fern var. ‘needle’
java fern var. ‘trident’
java fern var. ‘lace/windelov’
peacock moss
anubias barteri var. ‘nana’
anubias barteri var. ‘golden’
anubias barteri var. ‘petite’
bolbitis heudelotii
jungle val (vallisneria americana gigantea)
tiger val (vallisneria spiralis)
blyxa japonica
staurogyne repens
marsilea minutia
limnophila aromatica
mystery plants!
duckweed (GROAN)

Plants (emersed):
peace lily
dwarf hair grass
pothos vine
philodendron (var ‘green’?)
unknown ivy
unknown dracaena
2x unknown tillandsia
unknown mushroom

Lookie!!! Guess who has a 5.5 gallon set up ready for her koi betta baby that is on hold? Yeeeeeeah! I got a Cobomba, a Vallisneria (i might get another) and a bunch of dwarf hair grass all planted with pretreated flourite. I have a Biomaxx nano and a 50 watt heater. Tomorrow I am picking up hidey place for him, a thermometer cuz i forgot and food cuz I forgot that as well. I wont be picking up Koi Boy till saturday or sunday. His tank mates are a Dwarf frog (no name yet) and an Assassin Snail (Ezio) for the snails that will be aboard the Crypts that the amazing Gar-a-ash is sending me! I cant wait to get them! I just cant believe I own a koi betta!!