My 29 gallon fish tank. Photos include past and present residents, but current stock is otocinclus catfish, rummynose tetras, blue rasboras (sundadanio axelrodi), chili rasboras (boraras briggitae). 

Plants (submerged):
Amazon sword (echinodorus amazonicus)
star grass (heteranthera zostirifolia)
red ludwigia (ludwigia repens)
java fern (microsorum pteropus)
java fern var. ‘needle’
java fern var. ‘trident’
java fern var. ‘lace/windelov’
peacock moss
anubias barteri var. ‘nana’
anubias barteri var. ‘golden’
anubias barteri var. ‘petite’
bolbitis heudelotii
jungle val (vallisneria americana gigantea)
tiger val (vallisneria spiralis)
blyxa japonica
staurogyne repens
marsilea minutia
limnophila aromatica
mystery plants!
duckweed (GROAN)

Plants (emersed):
peace lily
dwarf hair grass
pothos vine
philodendron (var ‘green’?)
unknown ivy
unknown dracaena
2x unknown tillandsia
unknown mushroom


still a little cloudy, but it’s already looking much better. i love the hardscape, the little castle turned out well too. i can’t wait for the plants to really grow in, i might need to get a couple more.. big leafy space filling stuff. though the hornwort is going to start filling in on the left, then there’s a long flowing val-type plant behind the left driftwood. limnophilus sessiliflora between the two. on the right there’s giant val and another bunch of limno… bla.. i have to look up the english name sometime. the tiger lotus next to the dragon is reaaally nice and hasn’t sufferend from the water chemistry desaster i had. left behind the castle there’s a lot of somethingsomething rosanervig ‘sunset’. both plant packages i got had that plant and i love it, veiny pinkish stuff. oh and next to the dragon there are normal spiral vallisneria, though i’m not sure how well they’re doing. they’re not melting, but one time i tried to move one and the leaves came off? oops….