Lookie!!! Guess who has a 5.5 gallon set up ready for her koi betta baby that is on hold? Yeeeeeeah! I got a Cobomba, a Vallisneria (i might get another) and a bunch of dwarf hair grass all planted with pretreated flourite. I have a Biomaxx nano and a 50 watt heater. Tomorrow I am picking up hidey place for him, a thermometer cuz i forgot and food cuz I forgot that as well. I wont be picking up Koi Boy till saturday or sunday. His tank mates are a Dwarf frog (no name yet) and an Assassin Snail (Ezio) for the snails that will be aboard the Crypts that the amazing Gar-a-ash is sending me! I cant wait to get them! I just cant believe I own a koi betta!!