Check out the color of this lake! The color is from finely ground sediment called glacial flour suspended in the water.


Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

Dear Stardew Valley Beginners, I leave you this post to teach you how to make business on your farms a booming. 

The answer to all your money woes after your long struggle with starting up your farms is by starting up a brewery. 

Brewery farms are highly profitable and the returns are fast and valuable after a short time. However, you can only get it when you reach Farming Lv. 8, it’ll take time but you’ll get there soon enough. 

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iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

Can I request a flustered/blushing Shane or Sam?

Yes, yes you may~ Here’s some blushing boys for all your blushing needs.

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Bonus: Who knows what the farmer told Sam. I know I don’t. ;)

Yes I know I’m being total Loki god.  IT’S FINE.  xD



Go be a friggin’ savior to someone else.  xD


Don’t be that sim, Ginger.  This is their sheep.

Sheep!  … it looks like it wants a swift death.  :D