My Favorite Leatherman multi tool was a well used Surge Model but as I dont need to carry one everyday anymore I much prefer the Charge TTI for a lighter  low profile carry .

The CPM S30V steel of the main blade out performs the standard 420 stainless and the lighter Titanium makes all the difference when coupled with the bit kit and extender all carried in a High speed gear Taco with Custom paracord lanyard work from Andrew at Valleydeepmountainhigh .


Ru Titley kit markers in use .

Andrew from twin Brother recently completed a Help for Heroes Saharan challenge which included trekking one of the worlds highest sand dunes .

Fitted to his Hill People Gear pack he choose to fit a mini sawn- off Strip -lights (top of pack in first pic )  which he had asked to be prototyped and fitted to the sides a red and green 10 hour mini chem- light holder  as kit markers both of which helped him to keep a tab on his pack in the sever sand storms they encountered .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Kifaru E&E.

My Kif E&E recently passed its 4th year of service and its still going strong.

The only issue I’ve ever had with it has been a little degrading of the velcro patch panels which will be easy to replace and they get a lot of use testing out new versions of my personal markers .

Seen here with added Kifaru Skinny mini long pockets and a Kif organizer, pimped GITD Grimlocks, and Custom CB zip pulls from Andrew at valleydeepmountainhigh.

On the reverse side are aftermarket Max P shoulder pads that velcro over the original E&E straps with a Custom Kydex Molle holder for a cf Go tube  and a Recta strap compass.

On the sternum strap are a Brite strike APALS in one off my holders and a Cyflect Mk3 personal marker mounted onto a web dominator.

I’m only 16.

I’m not posting this for sympathy at all. I’m just here to let you know that I decided that I’ll continue fighting. Why? Because some people who I only know from tumblr have told me some things.

So thank you to: 

  • valleydeepmountainhigh who has been calling to check up on me and give me a shoulder to cry on. 
  • tastelikecyanide for being absolutely lovely and thoughtful. Sometimes a few words can mean more than paragraphs.
  • kilted4herpleasure for being there in case I needed anyone.
  • not-your-typical-indian for being my ‘adoptive’ dad. Whatever the weather he’s been there. THANK YOU <3 Not being creepy, but dude, I genuinely love you.
  • kn1fehand for offering words of support and motivating me to fight. As he put it “But don’t just suck it up. Keep fighting. You are a tenacious Amazonian/British Warrior Lady. You kick ass. I know you’ll come out on top.”

 Thanks to the anons as well. 

So, thanks guys. Shit is bad, we have to pack up, but damn it if I don’t go out with a bang.

I lived hard once, I’ll do it again.