Brite -Strike APALS .

I was first sent one of these great bits of kit by Andrew from Valley deep mountain high about 2 years ago  and found that for their size and versitility they are invaluable items to have if you need to be seen or to see in the dark especially when partnered up with other flaslights or illuminating kit .

 The latest versions apparently have a 200+ hour runtime , can be seen up to a mile away and have 2 strobes and constant on / off ability with a 3M adhessive pull off tab that allows them to be stuck to many types of surfaces .

 In use the APALS is supplies enough light to naviagte a small room , read or check a map by as well as a great marker for personal or kit use to find your gear or team mates in the dark .

This white one was kindly sent to me by the folks at  who I beleive are the only place in the UK that are currently selling them individualy rather than in standard packs of 10 of the same colour .

Full specs here

Valley deep mountain high

Firstly… If you haven’t check out this blog yet, you really must! From gear reviews to amazing shots of all the writers outdoor activities, this is a must follow blog.

You don’t often see this combination of dark coyote, foliage green and grey. It’s a really nice mix of colours for an outdoorsman who wants to break away from the traditional greens, camo, or bright reds and blues.

The pack looks like it’s set up with everything really conveniently positioned, and that chest pouch must be brilliant. I know he’s a big fan of Hill People Gear so if you like any of what you see, check them out first. A great photo and a great looking pack.

I’m only 16.

I’m not posting this for sympathy at all. I’m just here to let you know that I decided that I’ll continue fighting. Why? Because some people who I only know from tumblr have told me some things.

So thank you to: 

  • valleydeepmountainhigh who has been calling to check up on me and give me a shoulder to cry on. 
  • tastelikecyanide for being absolutely lovely and thoughtful. Sometimes a few words can mean more than paragraphs.
  • kilted4herpleasure for being there in case I needed anyone.
  • not-your-typical-indian for being my ‘adoptive’ dad. Whatever the weather he’s been there. THANK YOU <3 Not being creepy, but dude, I genuinely love you.
  • kn1fehand for offering words of support and motivating me to fight. As he put it ”But don’t just suck it up. Keep fighting. You are a tenacious Amazonian/British Warrior Lady. You kick ass. I know you’ll come out on top.”

 Thanks to the anons as well. 

So, thanks guys. Shit is bad, we have to pack up, but damn it if I don’t go out with a bang.

I lived hard once, I’ll do it again. 



My Favorite Leatherman multi tool was a well used Surge Model but as I dont need to carry one everyday anymore I much prefer the Charge TTI for a lighter  low profile carry .

The CPM S30V steel of the main blade out performs the standard 420 stainless and the lighter Titanium makes all the difference when coupled with the bit kit and extender all carried in a High speed gear Taco with Custom paracord lanyard work from Andrew at Valleydeepmountainhigh .


2000 Landmark Submission: Ru Titley of Ru-Titley-Knives – PART 01

When we arrived at 2000 followers, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite bloggers and asked them to submit images of their packs for the blog. This submission comes from Ru (Blog: ru-titley-knives) who produces custom made knives, sheaths and tactical products. What he sent was such a clear and detailed break down of his pack configuration and is really a prime example of what PackConfig is all about. This guys products are really something else. I’ve been testing a few pieces out for a while and I will be posting up a review. Make it a priority to check out his blog after reading this:

First up is my Kifaru E&E which is my main go to day pack.

Ive got a Kifaru organizer on the front which is attached with four slick clips as its speedy removal allows me to mount my Kifaru Claymore for use as a DSLR camera bag.

I have a series of GITD/Reflective Velcro backed glint & glow markers on the loop panels, custom made zip pulls from Andrew at valleydeepmountainhighGITD pimped Grimlocks and a host of ITW Nexus web dominators.

Two skinny mini long pockets are attached to the sides with mounted small ultralight pullouts, one side has my water bottle the other a Bacho Laplander saw, Princeton tec head torch and other items.

The back of the pack features add-on Maxpedition non slip strap pads as these were a cheaper option than the replaceable Kifaru X-ray straps, basic webbing compass, and custom Kydex Go-Tube holder (snakedrblog) and a Brite strike APALS holder on the sternum strap. I can interchange between a small hydration blader in the slot pocket but usual carry a medium Kifaru padded pullout with a piece of neoprene foam inside which acts as a small seat and as a basic back support.

In the organiser I have my basic first aid kit in the mesh front panel, then from left to right in the elastic holders: a glow-tube, LMF army fire-steel / scraper, red Fenix lens for my PD20 flashlight, refillable led cigarette lighter double ended micro screw driver, spare batery in AAA to AA battery convertor, Gerber diamond hone, Kershaw torx driver and an iPod. In the back stash pockets are a notebook, micro survival kit in a thin tin, ti folding spork and other items.

The main section of the pack is set up as needed but generally have a large Kifaru ultralight pullout with basic cooking pot, flat pack ember lit stove, food rations, GB mini hatchet with custom kydex and a TAD gear Shemagh.

There are also two Kifaru chamber pockets, one has more first aid/survival gear in the other has a Leatherman Charge TTI and bit kit holders, Spyderco Manix / native 5 folders.

Check out Ru-Titley’s blog here.

Part 02


Kifaru E&E.

My Kif E&E recently passed its 4th year of service and its still going strong.

The only issue I’ve ever had with it has been a little degrading of the velcro patch panels which will be easy to replace and they get a lot of use testing out new versions of my personal markers .

Seen here with added Kifaru Skinny mini long pockets and a Kif organizer, pimped GITD Grimlocks, and Custom CB zip pulls from Andrew at valleydeepmountainhigh.

On the reverse side are aftermarket Max P shoulder pads that velcro over the original E&E straps with a Custom Kydex Molle holder for a cf Go tube  and a Recta strap compass.

On the sternum strap are a Brite strike APALS in one off my holders and a Cyflect Mk3 personal marker mounted onto a web dominator.


As I had some of my High speed gear tacos off my EDC belt for photographing some of my recent Kiridashi’s on I suddenly had a thought.

So I took 2 of my elastic shock ties that I make and sell and passed them through the front of the sheath then passed the loop over the toaster cordl-ock allowing me to double mount another HSPG taco to the front .

Custom made GITD and skull lanyard made by valleydeepmountainhigh

I then thought about if it would still work carrying a SIG 226 mag on the front offsetting it for easier draw  it worked well but could possibly risk losing a round .

Then I started stuffing any other items I could find about in the workshop to see what fitted whenb cinched down from Leatherman multi tool , folding knives , small flashlight , small fixed blade in this case one of my  kiridasi’s (notice how the shock tie passes through the kydex eyelets for secure retention ) and a mini go-tube from oscar delta / snakedr .


Ru Titley kit markers in use .

Andrew from twin Brother recently completed a Help for Heroes Saharan challenge which included trekking one of the worlds highest sand dunes .

Fitted to his Hill People Gear pack he choose to fit a mini sawn- off Strip -lights (top of pack in first pic )  which he had asked to be prototyped and fitted to the sides a red and green 10 hour mini chem- light holder  as kit markers both of which helped him to keep a tab on his pack in the sever sand storms they encountered .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


The new Janus Strip -light can be lashed or tethered to gear for kit marking , it can be screwed / nailed to trees or buildings as a trail marker or worn around the neck as a personal marker  .

It can be attached direct to MOLLE or any 1 inch webbing  vertically using Blade -tech MOLLE locks or Tactical Tailor Malice clips or horizontal should you prefer using ITW Nexus web dominators .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from


Some pics sent in by customers of some of my Glint &Glow MK4 Velcro and mini Strip -light markers being used on Tad Gear , Hill people gear , and a gorgeous old School Wynnchester canvas bag  as well as various helmets and other kit .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from


A good friend recently brought a stash of 9mm Swedish  Army fire-steel blanks and was looking for a few quick solutions for handles .

This very basic pimp using the top of a Staedtler Lumocolor map pen works well enough and stows away great in any pen pockets like my Rite in the rain small note book holder .

fire steel blank

 Custom zip pulls from Andrew at

Rite in the rain{0FF378C9-46C8-413B-ADA3-821FA8A9D63A}

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Prototype marker .

Back in November of last year I was playing around with some cool bike spoke reflectors made by 3M see this post here .

 One of the configurations using safety break away cord-locks kinda appealed to me as a hanging kit marker or zipper pull, but then it went back in the prototype box to gather dust .

 I’d sent a couple of the 3M silver reflective spokes Andrew over at valleydeepmountainhigh to play with who then came up with a short zip-pull version and we decide to re look at the idea once more .

This is the new version which is currently being tested by VDMH and depending on the outcome may be made up in x3 different sizes , all utilizing the safety end caps and very high glow  GITD tape and the 3m silver highly reflective spokes .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Cyflect Big Square .

 To celebrate one year of using Cyalume Cyflect I asked Joe at to  see if he could order in some of the wider 2 inch cyflect to allow us to make up larger / wider Glint &Glow markers .

The 2 inch wide sew on version of this great Mil-Spec NATO approved reflective and glowing tape will allow me to make up some new prototypes including a larger version of our Velcro backed  MK4  with x5 removable GITD Micro dots to place behind the main marker .

Shown here on the sleeve patch of a TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie in low and no light modes  and in varying lumens of flashlight to show its reflectiveness next to a standard MK4 circle to show size  .

 This Cyflect version will replace the older PT belt material that we tested last year as the UK SAR guys seem to prefer the cyflect material over it and this one will shortly be heading out to Andrew at for full field testing

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


x2 versions of simple friction fit holders for mini light-stick which I believe are currently on test by the Valeydeepmountainhigh guys in an abandoned mine complex under a North Wales mountain .

 Both versions can affix direct to any Molle or 1 inch webbing tabs or could be converted to neck carry lanyards and are simply made from easy to access materials .

 These are the slightly longer 10 glow hour versions as the guys reckon it will take between 8-9 hours to explore though the mine shafts .

 Hope all goes well Guys and come out the other side with some great pictures of your adventure .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Mk3 Glint & Glow markers .

Seen here are a variety of standard and mini versions of my MK3 Glint & Glow markers being used in the role as guy-rope markers and zipper pulls on my Soul Pad bell tent .

The Mk3 double sided versions are made from Cyalume Cyflect which has the unique ability to both glint and glow and have highly reflective 3M orange tape on the reverse .

 In low light and the dark of the night they emit a safely seen green glow but shine out a silver bling of light when a light source is directed to them making them helpful when not wishing to trip over guy ropes and tent pegs in the dark .

 Also seen is a MK4 velcro backed version that I’m testing out to see how well the marker stays on the guy rope .

Many thanks to Andrew over at for all his continued real world SAR testing and design input into these markers, and to Joe at for supplying the Cyflect .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Best of both worlds .

I’m always looking to further improve my own gear and when I need to be seen I like to be seen  so had been trying to figure a way to add mini chem- lights to my Glint &Glow Cyalume Cyflect personal markers .

The simple addition of a micro zip tie allows either the double sided  MK3 or MK4 Velcro backed versions of my markers to be secured to any MOLLE or 1 inch webbing but also makes a great and secure attachment point for mini chem- lights .

 I will be sending a couple of these out to UK SAR team members for testing and hope the simplicity of this addition makes a brighter impact for the Guys volunteering on the ground.

 My thanks as always to Andrew valleydeepmountainhigh for design input / field testing,  happy Birthday Man for the other day

and Joe lumisafeltd for the cyflect tape .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


MK4 Velcro backed Glint &Glow .

 To celebrate our one year of using Cyalume cyflect as a base material for the Ru Titley knives Glint &Glow line up  , I would personally like to thank Andrew from Valleydeepmountainigh for all his hard work evaluating / field testing and helping to inspire new designs over the last year of us using cyflect .

I would also like to thank Joe from and for supplying  Cyalume cyflect in the UK and for taking a chance with us .

I would also like to thank all the other volunteer Search and rescue guys, LEO’s , first responders etc as well as the everyday back packers who have submitted feedback concerning the cyflect material and their reasons for choosing it in their personal markers over other types of either reflective or GITD tapes

cheers Guys !

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Cyflct Big Square .

Just as at home on a pack or pouch loop panel as a jacket sleave my new Big Square Glint &Glow  Velcro prototype seen here under no light and red light on a Tareinco neck neat freak pouch with custom GITD zip -pull by Andrew at valleydeepmountainhigh 

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from