I recently started playing Demon’s Souls and the tower knight was awesome af, just like the whole game so far.
(valley of defilement gives me war flashbacks of blighttown, tho)

Also, this is my first drawing where I used an actual fountain pen with a quill tip and traditional ink instead of just a very thin felt tip pen. It felt a little unfamiliar at first? But I’m getting used to it.

Top 10 Worst Souls Levels

Thanks for the input! I took your votes and was pretty surprised at the results! Here they are! The worst levels!

Honorable Mention: Blighttown

-Blighttown is a magical place of poor Framerate, awful platforming, clipping mosquitoes, toxic darts from every direction…and just when you think you made it…welcome to the poison swamp.

10) The Catacombs
-Come with meeee and you’ll see a world of pure imaginationnnn…and Bonewheels…mostly Bonewheels. And respawning douchey skellies…and exploding heads.

9) Valley of Defilement
-Hey I have an idea. Lets not have a poison build up meter! And then put them in a poison swamp where they can’t even dodge! And the mosquitoes here make blighttown look like a fun time at Disney world.

8) Black Gulch
-Wall to wall poison statues taking potshots at you and the only “safe zones” are pools of tar that have hungry tar hands. If you walk, Black Gulch takes you 20 hours. If you run it takes you 20 seconds.

7) Doors of Pharros
-welcome to the madhouse batman! I sprung a trap and you walked right into it!!!

6) Nightmare of Mensis
-Frenzy Mother Brain, invaders everywhere, rock throwing snipers, creepy metal babies, and fucking Spiders…

5) Bergenwyrth
-Too short to have an impact and the 5 or so enemies here are just annoying. Nothing like reaching the smartest man in the city only to receive an “ehhhhhhh.”

4) Lost Izalith
-Unfinished Izalith. Am I right!? Dino legs everywhere, no items of true interest, Only like 4 Chaos eaters in the whole level making farming a pain. The titanite demon can suck it. And of course, The Bed of Bullshit.

3) Ash Lake
-There’s Ash, There’s a lake, Time to leave.

2) Earthen Peak
-Visually unappealing tower of poison, Cheap kills, Pyromancer bitches, and those god damn manikins that always strike first regardless of what you do. And god help you if you don’t burn the windmill…

1) Shrine of Amana
-Obvious number one pick. Amana can suck it. Putting you in waste deep water so you can’t move. Mages that snipe you a mile away, ogres that aggro for no reason, aggressive as fuck archmages, frogmen hiding underwater, the red phantom hexer, the useless NPC summons, the corrosive bugs, and the cherry on top is the fact that if you aggro one enemy you AGGRO EVERYONE.

Thank God Demon of Song is easy or else Everyone’s tv would be thrown out the window.

Why Maiden Astraea is Evil

Yes, I promised a write-up on the Navlaan/Felkin/Aldia love science triangle. I can assure you that it’s on the way. First, however, I’d like to discuss a topic that requires a little less research – for the sake of keeping the blog active.

It’s going to be a hard sell, but I think that I can persuade a few readers to think differently of Maiden Astraea.

It is natural that those who take in all that is impure are themselves the most impure of all. – Death Cloud

The above quotation is essential to understanding Astraea.

Most people read it as commentary on society’s abandonment of the Sixth Saint, but it’s best viewed in a religious light: In the Judeo-Christian tradition on which the Demon’s Souls church was based, “evil” is anything that is contrary to the will of God. And what better represents the will of God than the natural order, free of disease?

This line of reasoning can be found in some nasty real-world doctrines – but today I’ll be using it to justify my thesis that Astraea is pure evil.

Or as close to “pure evil” that a Souls character can be, that is.

(Caveat: My attempt at organization falls flat below. I wrote this all in one sitting; organization without preparation is difficult.)

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  • Souls Players: Man FUCK Valley of Defilement, FUCK Blighttown, FUCK Harvest Valley, FUCK Nightmare Frontier!
  • Souls Players: Just fuck these goddamn poison swamps in general man.
  • From Software: Okay.
  • From Software: How about a TOXIC Swamp?
  • Souls Players: ...
  • From Software: :D
30 days of Dark Souls

Whoops. Here’s days…nineteen-twenty…three? I think. I am not mathing today. 

Day 19: First stat to 50?

Stamina. What the fuck else would it be? HA.

Day 20: Favorite armor set?

Bitch, have you SEEN that Ornstein Set? You’d best be lovin that shit.

Also I love the silver knight set. So dosh.

Day 21: Blighttown or Valley of Defilement for best “WHAT THE GODDAMN FUCK VIDEO GAME DEVS?!”




innocence. ._.

Day 22: Parry or Backstep?

Limit me to one? Fuck you, I do both equally. 

Day 23: Two handed, or one handed with shield?

Two handed, mothafucka. 

Until Gwyn, o'course. 

Dark Souls: A Closer Look at the Duke’s Archives Whispering, and Other Ambiance

Something that players are often surprised to discover is the weird, faint whispering that can be heard throughout the Duke’s Archives (and as I recently found, also by the Sanctuary Garden bonfire). I had spent some time poking around audio dumps to see if we could get a cleaner version than what we hear in-game, though I could never find it.

As it turns out, a lot of these ambient tracks were in fact missing from existing audio rips, due to being encrypted and stored differently than the rest of the audio. Thankfully, due to the format they were stored in, they have some separation from other audio in the ambiance (I assumed it was going to be 1 mixed-down file with the whispering still very faint).

The whispering isn’t completely isolated, it’s still part of a track with other sounds, but lots of extra wind and noise are removed when listening to this source file. It’s still mostly unintelligible, and as I suspect, probably meaningless stock audio.

Credit goes to my friend Demon’s Lantern for figuring out where these files were stored and how to get at them. I’m not qualified to explain what he did, but here’s one of the images he sent me as he was working on it:

He’s uploaded more of the ambient audio. The first 4 tracks are the previously-unripped samples that hadn’t been isolated before:

I find the Demon Ruins (first area by the Egg Bearers) backing audio to be pretty interesting. The file is m14x.wav, and it sounds slightly similar to m11x.wav, which is the creepy audio when you’re in the zone where Jeremiah Invades in the Painted World. There aren’t other files with this naming convention. In-game its hard to hear since it’s low in the mix with other ambiance, and I believe it may be audio taken from the Valley of Defilement (Demon’s Souls), but I’m not 100% sure.

I’ve also heard people mention the random footstops and weird noises you can hear when you’re in the interiors of Anor Londo, that’s another track on the soundcloud you can now hear more clearly with thanks to Demon’s Lantern.