Moscow-based designers Lyuba and Max of Krukrustudio create awesomely delightful and sometimes impressively geeky felt and leather ‘bags-objects.’ Their creations are shaped like various animals, objects, and pop culture characters, including this fantastic Ohmu from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind:

Visit Krukrustudio Etsy shop to check out many more of Lyuba and Max’s fabulous handmade bags and purses.

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Storm Trooper.

Vogue One.

Van Ness Ave @ Market St in San Francisco, Ca

This Vogue One TDK storm trooper was just finished off Van Ness Ave by Market Street in San Francisco. Vogue is a long time member of the TDK crew - Those Dam Kids that paints a lot of production pieces in Oakland and the SF East Bay. This is a rare event to see his art in San Francisco. And, on such a prime visible wall. Note that hand style!!! He still has his magnificent flowers down on Claude Lane off Bush Street. This artist crushes everything he does. 

Vogue has some wonderful murals he painted solo and with other artists in Oakland that are on a must see list if you haven’t already seen them. There are 3 pieces in West Oakland by West Grand and Mandela Parkway: The metallic skull spouting fire on 1350 West Grand, the TDK mural on Mandela across from that remembering the 1989 earthquake and the West Side is the Best Side mural on Peralta at 16th St. Then there is the collaboration Elephant mural In the Fruitvale area of Oakland on Lancaster St.

See other art by Vogue
The Year Silicon Valley Went Morally Bankrupt

“Their utopian vision of California depends upon a willful blindness towards the other—much less positive—features of life on the West Coast: racism, poverty, and environmental degradation.” They had identified an early version of Evgeny Morozov’s “solutionism,” which he defined in 2013 as “an intellectual pathology that recognizes problems as problems based on just one criterion: whether they are ‘solvable’ with a nice and clean technological solution at our disposal.”

here she is! i’ve pretty much already said all i have to say about her, but i’m excited that people are excited. sprite previews are below the cut.

i have not yet tested her jump rope sprites, her startled sprite, or the luau sprites, so i can’t speak to how those look in-game. hopefully they turned out okay!

(download this and my other mods here!)

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