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Lake Wakatipu – a lake with tides?

Lake Wakatipu lies on the South Island of New Zealand and is the country’s third largest lake. It occupies a glacier-carved trench with an unusual shape and is surrounded by tall mountains on all sides.

Lake Wakatipu is not only a beautiful spot it also shows an interesting natural phenomenon. Approximately every 27 minutes its water rises and falls for about 20 centimeters.

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I wanted you to be the last thing on my mind by Wolfgang Schrittwieser

Jurupa Valley Sheriffs Station despite having a Pokémon-Go gym, does not welcome trainers to their parking lot
  • I just got carded for parking there because they've been getting reports of odd people walking around it and it's sidewalks after hours<p/><b></b> So I got told not to come back unless I had official police business
  • But here's the thing,
  • The Gym is always held by Mystic everytime I've been there before
  • And once on my lunch break I was being sniped by a Mystic Trainer that was nowhere in sight and had to be inside the station everytime I cleared it out and tried to drop a pokemon in it, and when I did leave a Pokémon there, less than 5 minutes later and it was beaten... nobody in view except some deputies in the back parking lot that has a tall gate
  • Jurupa Valley Sheriff's Deputies are Team Mystic and are abusing their power to hold a gym and are discriminating against other teams

(via ‘Silicon Valley’ Interview: Thomas Middleditch, Cast on Season 4 ‘Drama’ | TVLine)

anonymous asked:

How about Harvey and Maru reacting to a farmer who constantly goes into the mines and always comes into the clinic all banged up and limping but really happy cause "Hey I found gems want some? :D"

When Maru sees the farmer, she frowns.

“Harvey won’t like that.”

“But. I have diamonds.” The farmer holds them out. She smiles, rolling her eyes.

“He doesn’t care about diamonds. He cares about your twisted ankle and bruised skin.”

“Diamonds, Maru.”

“Maybe your sleep deprivation as well.”


Harvey walks out and gasps when he sees the farmer, then frowns.

“I thought I told you to rest.”

“Diamonds, Harvey! I found diamonds.”

He looks at them, not being able to help smiling.

“You did. But if you keep not letting yourself heal, you’ll lose all the diamonds in medical bills.”

The farmer considers this, yawning. Harvey leads them back and has them lay down so he can check for broken bones, and the farmer ends up falling asleep.


TVLine Cast Portrait Studio at SDCC 2016 (Part 1)

  • Mr. Robot
  • Silicon Valley
  • Teen Wolf
  • NCIS Los Angeles / Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders / Zoo
  • Scorpion
  • Marvel’s Luke Cage


I’ve been sick all week so instead of resting I fulfilled a childhood dream and put together a patch that allows players to choose to marry the same gender in the gamecube game Harvest Moon: Magical Melody !! There’s a few other games with hacks like this, but Magical Melody was a big part of my childhood, so I really hoped I could make this someday. and, today is that someday?? thanks

>>> download links & instructions here <<<

mirakloscibernoides  asked:

The bachelors after getting married finding out that their sweet and humble farmer actually has a kajillion $G in the bank and only works like, two days a season because sprinklers and automated everything.

Shane didn’t really approve of everything being automated, especially with the chickens, but having money was really nice, so he went and took care of the chickens himself and lived happily.

Sebastian did not expect the farmer to have millions upon millions of G in the bank, but it was awesome because the farmer bought him some new computer stuff off the internet, so he got to relax a lot more.

Sam liked being able to not worry about doing chores for the farmer, and being able to walk around and laugh with them, not having to wait for hours for the farmer to be done with chores.

Alex personally thought it would be healthier to water all the crops by hand, but after the farmer made him do it one day, he never opened his mouth about that again.

Harvey wasn’t sure about how safe everything being automated was, but his farmer was extremely relaxed and didn’t overwork themselves anymore, so that was a really good thing.

Elliott liked walking around on the nice paths and getting some inspiration from the blooming flowers and bees, but he’d also like to see the farmer outside, working. Not having to worry about money was also nice, since writing doesn’t bring in a lot of cash.