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Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!

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Ahhh, hello! Ive never talked to you, but i really love stardew valley too! Im in my second year and I've decided to romance Emily. She decided to dance with me @ the Flower Dance and now its the day after and! In the mail! Perrie tells me about the bouquet, Emily sent me the letter for her 8 heart event, and Demetrius (my closest friend in game) sent me an amethyst, one of Emily's favorite gifts!! It feels like Perrie and Demetri are playing as my wingmen and I'm so excited about this!!

THIS … IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST i am 100% in favour of top wingmen pierre and demetrius ……. demetri getting all emotional about his best friend’s blossoming relationship …. pierre delighted that the farmer is really finding a home in the community ……………….

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Hey Taryn! Could you draw your favourite ft character? I would love to see that! Have a day as beautiful as your drawings ♡

I told myself I wasn’t going to draw Lucy again but before I knew it, it was already done aaahhhh! But here you go! I drew a little farmer Lucy because ive been playing Stardew valley again and im addicted. 

Thank you for the request! You are as always very sweet, I hope you have a great day yourself!  

I want an update of stardew valley to introduce a new single character that moves to town in like year 5 when your character is (presumably) already married. Like you know every completionist player out there is gonna immediately divorce their spouse to romance the New Person. They’ll be one of the most interesting characters in the whole game, funny, tragic backstory, likable personality, cool heart events, and in the code their name is homewrecker

Merry belated Feast of the Winter Star!! @otagen
I’m you’re stand-in Secret Santa but I’m really glad I could draw this. You’re farmer is great and all I could think about with you’re request was “bad winter sweaters” and no one actually looking at the camera while they’re trying to do their holiday photo. They all make a great little family~  Cheers!!

Everyone’s waiting with baited breath for Stardew Valley to come out on a handheld/portable console and I’m sitting here rocking back and forth in my rocking chair like, “Back in my day, that was called Harvest Moon DS, sonny.”


Haley part two from Stardew Valley! She is a cutie pie! and up next is more pictures of my Penny cosplay! I wasn’t happy that I only got like two good pictures of my last shoot…maybe I’ll post more from my first shoot >.<. until then enjoy more haley>

(Edit I posted penny’s already before this) This whole cosplay is a closet cosplay and costed less than 5 USD excluding the wig and shoe. The shoes were 5 USD, and the wig was around 40 USD (real human hair is the reasoning) with added weave (real human hair)  of 20 USD.

Haley - moi
photographer - Palm-Grizzie