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Perhaps some Farmer (They/Them) and Harvey "Playing" in the spirits eve maze? *intense eyebrow wiggling*

*eyebrow wiggles back*



Harvey hugged a shrub, with the Farmer pulling on his jacket. They didn’t know that Harvey had such good grip.






Attention, all my followers who would like to see a video game made with female, POC and trans characters!

There is an amazing video game being developed by Sketchy Panda Games called Aberford that desperately needs your support on Kickstarter to come to fruition!

Picture it: The 1950s.

In the small, picturesque town of Aberford, Ohio, a zombie apocalypse begins. At first glance, it’s a pretty overdone plot for a game. There is a twist, however.

This game is about 1950s housewives who fight the zombies (previously their friends, husbands, and neighbors) and seek the cause of the outbreak that has decimated only Aberford’s male population.

This is NOT a standard shoot ‘em up/brawler zombie game. The creators have crafted fantastic and realistic backstories and motivations for the main characters, and over the course of the game, themes like sexism and racism will be explored.

The creators of the game are also striving to make the game as diverse as possible, within the realms of historical plausibility. With that said, these are the four main characters, playable in the main campaign:

Peggy Whitman, a former baseball player and now dissatisfied wife of the town police sergeant. She hates cooking.

Betty Smith, an ideal 1950s housewife and nurse (former Army nurse) at the local hospital. While she and her husband Phillip are economically middle class, as well as perfect friends and neighbors, they still experience the subtle and often overt discrimination common against black individuals in the pre-civil rights era.

Doris Baker, a first-rate riveter during the war, is now a hard-working waitress at a local diner. She is of Lebanese descent, but passes for white.

Sylvia Hornberger, previously a biochemical scientist alongside her husband,  had to give up her job after the war ended. She’s now a stay at home mother who is bored out of her mind.

There will be diverse side characters with minor roles in the main story, who will be playable in the “Challenge” campaign:

Norma, a transgender woman (!) who has transitioned to the extent possible in the 1950s. She was a GI during the war, and now runs a no-nonsense boarding house in town. She takes black-market experimental anti-androgen which protects her from the outbreak’s effects. Learn more about Norma here on Sketchy Panda’s Tumblr.

Patricia is Peggy’s teenage daughter.

Mary is a third generation Asian American woman who works in the town’s industrial laboratory as a researcher. She struggles with acceptance.

Alejandra is a Latina woman who finds herself in Aberford right as the outbreak starts. She speaks little to no English and is new to the US.

Gameplay will focus on strategy, as you’re playing as a woman with no combat training, with only realistic weapons at your disposal (cast-iron skillets, rolling pins, baseball bats, etc). There will be no flaming chainsaws, nor will there be piles of ammo scattered all over town for firearms. Zombies will be the dangerous, fast-moving “infected” type that can kill you quickly if you don’t fight effectively.

Please note that the main trailer for the game on the Kickstarter page was made a while ago, and has pretty clunky graphics (very stiff and uncanny valley-looking character models, and slow rather than fast zombies. The color scheme is spot on for the 1950s, though). This more recent video, however, shows much improved graphics and motion (keep in mind it’s still pre-Alpha placeholder art).

This post is getting rather long, so please refer to sketchypandagames and their Kickstarter page for additional information about the game, how to pledge and what you’ll get in return, why they’re making this game, and why their funding goal seems so high.

Even if you can’t afford to pledge, PLEASE hit the reblog button if you want to see a video game with strong female leads and a diverse cast become a reality. The Kickstarter closes on October 19, 2015, at 1:59 AM EDT.

Artwork and video above are property of Sketchy Panda Games.

ID #62323

Name: Sarah
Age: 23
Country: Germany

Hello cuties!

I’m Sarah, 23 years old (I often forget how old I am and tell people I’m 21 :‘D Genius!). Others say I look like 17 and act like 29, or so. Nah, I feel like 14 :’D (Most of the time)

I’m a very openminded person and search a snail mail pal (new friend ûu) who is also openminded. I’ve many interests including photography, cooking (I’m a vegan ♥), writing own projects, fanfictions and rpg’s, watching documentaries, sitting in cafés and drinking too much coffee, take a walk in the nature, learning new things (at the moment I’m trying to learn Korean – a learning partner would be awesome!), gaming (like Stardew Valley, The Last of Us, Harvest Moon, Sims, Zombie-Games…), watching tv-shows like Hannibal, Bates Motel, Skam, American Horror Story, Teen Wolf, Sense8, Game of Thrones, How to get away with murder, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, The Tudors and so on. I just started with K-Dramas and I L.O.V.E. it! Haha. I’m in love with anime/Manga since I was a little girl and some of my favorites are Haikyuu!!, Code Geass, Digimon, Beyblade, Dragonball Z, Wolfs Rain, Death Note and and and. I just started with My Hero Academia! ♥ Let me tell you that I’m totally into boys love and girls love. Ohohoho. (I ship them all! û_u)

Music! Oh lovelies, I love music! I’m addicted to kpop (BTS, GOT7, BigBang, Nell, Monsta x, Block B, Winner, SF9 …), but I’m not into girl groups this much :’) But I don’t just listen this this genre, I also like stuff like In This Moment, Samsas Traum (very good German group!), Fever Ray, Starset, Simon Curtis, PVRIS, Tagtraeumer, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Being as an Ocean, The Amity Affliction… Music is my weakness!

Yeah, I’m a nerdy person I think.

I want to tell you that I’m a very moody and sensitive person (hsp and infp). I’m struggling with eating properly but I do my best. So, if you have such problems too, feel free to talk with me about it.
My life is pretty awesome at the moment, but I’ve many dreams I want to come true and for that I’m working hard.
I want to see the world, travel different countries and learn about cultures and humans. I love deep conversations and long midnight calls. Parallel Universes are one of my others weaknesses and creating new worlds is one of the things I’m doing on a daily base. I love languages and I love the German language. All the ways you can talk to people and how you can touch them.

So… I’m a little fangirl who loves deep conversations, parallel universes, music, writing, travelling, learning. I cry easily and laugh every day.

Maybe we can be friends? Sending cute letters to each other and build up something that lasts… longer then just a few month.

I’m waiting for you. ♥

Preferences: Snail mail ♥
Sex, Gender… it’s not important to me. I’m LGBT+ friendly and so should you, please.
I think the age from 16 to 28 works for me very well :)
It would be awesome if we had things in common, so we can cry together about new music, episodes, seasons, games… or ships!
I want to hear from your life, your thoughts, the world you’re living in. And this I give in return ♥
I also can help you with German and maybe we can improve our English… or Korean.
Openminded and with an open heart.

alternate monstergirl challenge for october

1 kappa
2 faerie
3 mummy
4 jackalope
5 oni/ogre
6 froggirl
7 medusa/gorgon
8 minotaur
9 invisible woman
10 vampire
11 hive/swarm girl
12 post-apocalyptic mutant
13 golem
14 elemental
15 classic biblical angel [ergo, less holy choir, more abstract terror]
16 tragic fusion (of humans)
17 crone
18 fishgirl/gillgirl [creature from the black lagoon-type]
19 The Fly girl
20 deep earth cave creature/troglodyte
21 nightmare girl
23 empusa [mismatched bronze and goat legs, flaming hair and eyes]
24 double-faced monstergirl
25 uncanny valley human mimic
26 Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot girl 
27 brain-in-a-jar monstergirl
28 female lure on larger monster
29 a monstergirl and her prey
30 a monstergirl and her family

if you do this, use the tag #alternatemonstergirls so i can see them!

DeanXReader: Zombacalypse

Request: Can I request a one shot with TFW and reader and its the zombie Apocalypse(walk ink dead) and there just trying to find a home?

Request: Can you do a one shot of some dean x reader and something super fluffy with some scary stuff? And maybe ghosts or zombies or something? Love your writing by the way

Request: I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Could you do a one shot of team free will trying to survive the zombie Apocalypse? Maybe deanxreader? It’s cool if you don’t, I was just wondering. Sorry if it’s weird…

Request: So, Monday! Could you do a deanxreader, where Dean tells the reader to be patient, and that things can get better with time, please? Thank you very much :)

Request: Can u do a dean x reader based on the song cactus in the valley by lights?

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Have ten postcards where there is another EP featured besides the world in question’s native EP; werewolves from Supernatural and changes in weather from Seasons don’t count.  Dragon Valley and Sunset Valley aren’t tied to an EP, so have something fairly random!

  • Al Simhara - Kicky Bag (University Life)
  • Bridgeport - Tell Ghost Story (Generations)
  • Champs Les Sims - Alien (Ambitions)
  • Dragon Valley - Sculpting Wheel (Ambitions), Clone Drone Potion (Supernatural)
  • Isla Paradiso - Deadly Meteor…sssss… (Ambitions)
  • Moonlight Falls - Mixologist (Late Night)
  • Oasis Landing - Full Moon (Supernatural)
  • Shang Simla - Child Waiting for Bedtime Story (Generations)
  • Sims University - Dirty Laundry (Ambitions)
  • Sunset Valley - Whimsy Waltz (Into the Future), Zombie (Supernatural), Ice Cream Truck (Pets)

it always ends in a fight - a bucky barnes/winter soldier fanmix 

i. hurt // johnny cash | ii. glass heart hymn // paper route | iii. lost cause // imagine dragons | iv. snuff // slipknot | v. renegade // styx | vi. through the valley // shawn james | vii. pet // a perfect circle | viii. zombie // the cranberries | ix. run boy run // woodkid | x. mother // lissie | xi. afraid // the neighborhood | xii. simple man // deftones | xiii. bother // stone sour | xiv. who are you really // mikky ekko | xv. dog teeth // nicole dollanganger | xvi. kingdom come // the civil wars