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I just wanted to say I love your blog! ♡♡ Could you make a list(love to hate) of which bachelors love to cuddle?

Thank you so much!!! I personally like to believe they all will be happy with a nice cuddle every now and again, just some more than others B) 

but!!! Here is the list from likes most to least.

Alex - you know his partner loves being wrapped up in his strong arms, and you know he loves knowing this (and providing it <3). Honey, he won’t let you go. 

Sam - he would be number one, since he does love to cuddle sososo much, he loves to hold his partner! Buuut he’s just a bit fidgety. He’ll be fine for about 10-15 minutes until his leg starts jigging, and eventually has to move. 

Elliott - He enjoys cuddling, but what he loves most in a cuddle is gently stroking his partner - their arm, hair, leg. Anything’s good! It would also depend on the activity, he will be at peace cuddling his partner whilst reading a good book, whereas whilst watching TV, like Sam, he gets fidgety, especially if he starts to get invested in the show.

Harvey - honestly, he is indifferent. On one hand he loves holding his partner, knowing you’re there and you love him, but on the other he became accustomed to living alone and so doesn’t always find it necessary to be all over his partner. He also sometimes believes he’s a bit old for it all (even though he’s not, cuddle that man!!). 

Sebastian - he isn’t always the biggest fan of intimacy, especially at first, but he will warm up to his partner the more time they spend together, and become more comfortable initiating cuddles. He mostly likes to rest his head on their shoulder, though, and have them rest their head on his. 

Shane - whilst he may not always be in the mood for a full on cuddle, he will happily sling an arm around his partners neck, and hold them against him. Although he does love his partner to hug him from behind, or wrap their arms around his neck and hold onto him. He loves his partner to initiate intimacy.

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Perhaps some Farmer (They/Them) and Harvey "Playing" in the spirits eve maze? *intense eyebrow wiggling*

*eyebrow wiggles back*



Harvey hugged a shrub, with the Farmer pulling on his jacket. They didn’t know that Harvey had such good grip.






Attention, all my followers who would like to see a video game made with female, POC and trans characters!

There is an amazing video game being developed by Sketchy Panda Games called Aberford that desperately needs your support on Kickstarter to come to fruition!

Picture it: The 1950s.

In the small, picturesque town of Aberford, Ohio, a zombie apocalypse begins. At first glance, it’s a pretty overdone plot for a game. There is a twist, however.

This game is about 1950s housewives who fight the zombies (previously their friends, husbands, and neighbors) and seek the cause of the outbreak that has decimated only Aberford’s male population.

This is NOT a standard shoot ‘em up/brawler zombie game. The creators have crafted fantastic and realistic backstories and motivations for the main characters, and over the course of the game, themes like sexism and racism will be explored.

The creators of the game are also striving to make the game as diverse as possible, within the realms of historical plausibility. With that said, these are the four main characters, playable in the main campaign:

Peggy Whitman, a former baseball player and now dissatisfied wife of the town police sergeant. She hates cooking.

Betty Smith, an ideal 1950s housewife and nurse (former Army nurse) at the local hospital. While she and her husband Phillip are economically middle class, as well as perfect friends and neighbors, they still experience the subtle and often overt discrimination common against black individuals in the pre-civil rights era.

Doris Baker, a first-rate riveter during the war, is now a hard-working waitress at a local diner. She is of Lebanese descent, but passes for white.

Sylvia Hornberger, previously a biochemical scientist alongside her husband,  had to give up her job after the war ended. She’s now a stay at home mother who is bored out of her mind.

There will be diverse side characters with minor roles in the main story, who will be playable in the “Challenge” campaign:

Norma, a transgender woman (!) who has transitioned to the extent possible in the 1950s. She was a GI during the war, and now runs a no-nonsense boarding house in town. She takes black-market experimental anti-androgen which protects her from the outbreak’s effects. Learn more about Norma here on Sketchy Panda’s Tumblr.

Patricia is Peggy’s teenage daughter.

Mary is a third generation Asian American woman who works in the town’s industrial laboratory as a researcher. She struggles with acceptance.

Alejandra is a Latina woman who finds herself in Aberford right as the outbreak starts. She speaks little to no English and is new to the US.

Gameplay will focus on strategy, as you’re playing as a woman with no combat training, with only realistic weapons at your disposal (cast-iron skillets, rolling pins, baseball bats, etc). There will be no flaming chainsaws, nor will there be piles of ammo scattered all over town for firearms. Zombies will be the dangerous, fast-moving “infected” type that can kill you quickly if you don’t fight effectively.

Please note that the main trailer for the game on the Kickstarter page was made a while ago, and has pretty clunky graphics (very stiff and uncanny valley-looking character models, and slow rather than fast zombies. The color scheme is spot on for the 1950s, though). This more recent video, however, shows much improved graphics and motion (keep in mind it’s still pre-Alpha placeholder art).

This post is getting rather long, so please refer to sketchypandagames and their Kickstarter page for additional information about the game, how to pledge and what you’ll get in return, why they’re making this game, and why their funding goal seems so high.

Even if you can’t afford to pledge, PLEASE hit the reblog button if you want to see a video game with strong female leads and a diverse cast become a reality. The Kickstarter closes on October 19, 2015, at 1:59 AM EDT.

Artwork and video above are property of Sketchy Panda Games.

DeanXReader: Zombacalypse

Request: Can I request a one shot with TFW and reader and its the zombie Apocalypse(walk ink dead) and there just trying to find a home?

Request: Can you do a one shot of some dean x reader and something super fluffy with some scary stuff? And maybe ghosts or zombies or something? Love your writing by the way

Request: I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Could you do a one shot of team free will trying to survive the zombie Apocalypse? Maybe deanxreader? It’s cool if you don’t, I was just wondering. Sorry if it’s weird…

Request: So, Monday! Could you do a deanxreader, where Dean tells the reader to be patient, and that things can get better with time, please? Thank you very much :)

Request: Can u do a dean x reader based on the song cactus in the valley by lights?

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Cotton Candy, Rocky Road, and Salted Carmel for the ask thing! (Btw, this made me hungry! 😂)

!! ahh you and me both, babe! 🙊☺️

cotton candy: “cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?”

before i meet fate, i hope to travel to Paris, France (of course!), Ireland, and New York City. :-)

rocky road: “favorite songs at the moment?”

arghhh there’s always such a huge variety at work for me!! a few current faves would have to be: “warm thoughts” by flume, “leave” by wavves, “summertime” by the zombies, “billabong valley” by king gizzard & the lizard wizard, “a hazy shade of winter” by simon & garfunkel, and “in between” by the growlers ♡♡

salted caramel: “favorite movies?”

i have FAR too many 😬, but ones they will always sit at the top of the list include: gentlemen prefer blondes, the shining, donnie darko, pretty in pink, almost famous, rosemary’s baby, the misfits, the original texas chainsaw massacre, girl interrupted… and any studio ghibli film! ✨ …among a thousand others. 😌


State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Releases April 28 for Xbox One

State of Decay was one of the gaming highlights of 2013 (and much of 2014). A persistent, open-world zombie survival game, with base-building, resource management, and perma-death? Heck yes! It was unique and addictive – the kind of game that is different for every player, yet with a cohesive, universal feeling and message. And soon, State of Decay fans and newcomers alike will get to experience the post-apocalyptic adventure in a whole new light in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition for Xbox One.

State of Decay puts you in the center of a zombie apocalypse in Trumbull Valley. With an ever-growing band of survivors under your control, you have to figure out a way to stay alive long enough to escape. In Year-One Survival Edition, along with the base game, you get both DLCs: A more open-ended, “how long can you survive” experience (Breakdown), and a more structured experience (Lifeline) that includes a different location (Danforth) and you playing as a military unit, Greyhound One. Year-One Survival Edition comes with all three for $29.99 – which is an insane deal.

For its Xbox One upgrade, State of Decay gets a fancy new coat of 1080p paint. New textures add an increased level of detail to the world, and the lighting changes make day more vibrant… and night more treacherous. The increased draw distance lets you see zombie hordes coming from way down the road, giving you more time to prepare (or panic).

But State of Decay is really about the people, and developer Undead Labs made improvements to them as well. New animations make both humans and zombies move more fluidly and realistically, while an improved interface makes it easier for players to manage items, equip weapons, and make snap decisions during an intense horde attack. On top that, some of the characters from the Lifeline expansion are now playable in the Breakdown expansion.

Oh, and you’ve got a knife now – a sweet, sharp-ass knife. So if your melee weapon breaks, you can go all Michael Myers on the zombies instead of kicking them to death.

For the loyal State of Decay fans, Microsoft and Undead Labs are sweetening the deal: Everyone who already owns the Xbox 360 version receives a 33% discount on Year-One Survival Edition when it hits Xbox One later this year. On top of that, returning players receive a new exclusive character, the sword-wielding Indian-American badass, Gurubani.

Year-One Survival Edition is truly impressive, and definitely closer to the vision that Undead Labs had for the original game. State of Decay was an ambitious project – and it’s exciting to see it on hardware powerful enough to really handle its apocalyptic scope. 

i think it says a lot that my two favorite Scooby Doo movies are movies where the monsters aren’t evil

like in Ghoul School they’re just little kids who wanna finally beat the neighboring school in their yearly valley ball contest and win a trophy for once

and in Zombie Island, the zombies aren’t the bad guys. they’re just. trying to save Scooby and everyone from the same horrible fates

it’s like the one movie where i prefer the zombies over the cats, too