valley of the flame


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Dark Souls III: The Fires Fade Edition
Ashes of Ariandel
The Ringed City
“Return From Whence Thou Camest” 

♫♪ Agnes Obel – Familiar ♪♫

I am the flames that crown the Sun.

I am the valleys and craters of Mercury.

I am the burning clouds of Venus.

I am the life that blooms on Earth.

I am the dust and darkness of the Moon.

I am the towering mountains of Mars.

I am the swirling storm on Jupiter.

i am the frozen rings of Saturn.

I am the floating mist of Neptune.

I am the diamond rain on Uranus.

I am the subterranean ocean of Pluto.

I am made of the same stardust as the planets and one day I will return to them. 


The other doodles I mentioned in the tags back when I drew farmer!Lux. Apparently purple-black hair attracts her like a moth to a flame D:


“Hah! Take this!” A red-haired figure shouted, slaying the last of the monsters within the West Wind valley with a powerful triad of flame pillars. And with that, he falls back-first to the ground to take a breather.

“Whew. I think that was the last of them. Man, when Tetsuya said the monsters in this continent were weird, he wasn’t kidding. Though I can at least count a couple kinds of monsters I’m familiar with, but man, is that a lot of them to contend with. No wonder he said, “Don’t go alone”. But at least I held up.” As he lay under the sun, he doesn’t notice someone approaching him nearby.

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“same as always”

sugakookie & namseok, ~1.4k, seasons au 
(summer!kook, spring!hobi, winter!yoongi, autumn!RM)

Summer shakes Autumn’s hand and the Earth shifts around them. 

Jungkook says goodbye with a toothy smile, Namjoon with dimples.

Jungkook feels traces of Winter in Spring’s touch—snowmelt and crisp air, clouds of breath touching Spring’s cheek because Hoseok likes to make the transition with his arms wrapped around the other seasons. He wonders how Winter can stand the warmth of Spring against his ice cold skin when he can barely stand how cool Hoseok’s is against his own. 

“It’s always nice to see you, Jungkookie,” Hoseok says, tucking Summer under his arm. 

“You too,” Jungkook replies. He slips his own arm around Spring’s waist, digs his fingers into his side when Hoseok tickles the back of his neck. 

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Just hold on

Summary: Pearl and Garnet are on a reconaissance mission in Homeworld-controlled territory when disaster strikes and Pearl’s Gem cracks.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1,820

“Behind you!”

Garnet swatted away the Cirtine lunging towards her. Her gauntlet caught her attacker in the jaw with a loud crack, and Citrine disappeared in a puff of smoke. Garnet called out a thanks as Pearl’s form flashed past her.

She barely had time to pause when another gem - Tanzanite, she decided - came at her.Tanzanite slammed into her back and knocked her to the ground. Garnet drove upwards, but her attacker only wrapped her arms around her neck and fell backwards, dragging Garnet onto her back. She twisted, trying to break the gem’s grip just as she began to choke her. Garnet slammed her head back into Tanzanite’s face, dangerously close to her Gem. She cried out and released her, and Garnet rolled away. 

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