valley of the deer

Oh sweet baby Jeebus HOW DID SHE GET HERE

DON’T YOU SASS ME, SIR.  :|  No flirting with that.

Oh.  Look at her.  All preeny for Artyom.  It could be shipped.  Artyom does well with the ummmmmm… mousier females (unless they’re Grumpy).

….. you are a troll though.  D:

Don’t be worried, Connor.  It’s only Andrei!

…… okay that didn’t come out as reassuring as I intended.  :|

Oh look.  Isabella finally made Cat Burglar, it looks like.  She’s finally shed that stupid af cap and striped sweater.

The female thief’s uniform is hot af.  …. but tell me seriously:

Whose knob got polished for that one?  Isabella’s been in that ridiculous burglar outfit FOREVER.

… Andrei would never do such a thing, even with a knob so polished you could see your reflection in it.  xD  Artyom might after a point.

The world may never know.

Goddammit, you.  :|

Don’t think too much about this.  Any of it.

It will fry what’s already rolling around in there, dude.  Just let it go.


A protest at City Hall, I assume in protest of police.

…… I get that.

For the most part.

… I don’t get this though.

You ARE a cop.  What did they not give you enough shit to steal?  Substandard kibble as an anniversary gift?  What, man, what?  D:


…. I have NO idea what just happened.  xD

Perhaps Tyoma’s just sexually frustrated.  I’m not gonna speculate about Kathy’s actions.  I don’t even think she really likes Andrei.

… welp.  This entire thing has devolved.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Gear Up Guide #5: Huntress Outfit

“Lara’s huntress outfit uses the surrounding ecosystem to protect against the cold weather, and enable her to blend into the valley forest. Layers of Red Deer hide are hand-stitched together to create a tunic that drapes into organic cuts below her holster straps. Her boots use the longer, thicker fur from the tail of the Red Deer, fashioned into moccasins for deep snow traversal. Bone toggles keep the asymmetrical tunic flap fastened, and a patterned sash provides a base for the leather belt to rest on. A dark forest green variation of her cargo pants and leather fingerless gloves polish off the outfit.”

- Brenoch Adams, Art Director

Get the full resolution on Flickr

Connor took the time to boo his great-grandson before….

Taking up his own sign about fighting the regime.

Peter….. well Peter’s special.

I’m sure he came to protest police too, despite being one, but… the game ended up turning him into far too good an egg to disparage his place of employment (which I might add is almost within view in the background).  The moment he arrived, everyone started internally freaking out and breaking shit.

So really the entire time the events on lot unfolded, it made him look like “HOW COULD YOU DEFAME POLICE?!” even though he came to sully the good name of law enforcement with the best of them.

…… yeaaaah.

Spring Break Planning
  • Louis: What do you think about a Spring Break trip?
  • Danielle: Oh, that sounds lovely! Somewhere like Maui or Barbados?
  • Louis: No, Deer Valley.
  • Danielle: What?
  • Louis: Skiing in Utah!
  • Danielle: Utah? But...what about Vail? Or Aspen? Or Park City at least?
  • Louis: No, Deer Valley is cheaper and it'll be crawling with families and co-eds.
  • Danielle: .......
  • Louis: Cool?
  • Danielle: Do I have to come with you on a trip where you spend 3 hours a day taking pictures with people again?
  • Louis: Yes.
  • Danielle: Can I get a picture with you this time?
  • Louis: No.
  • Danielle: Can I bring some friends?
  • Louis: That would be wise.
  • Danielle: Ok. Woo. Can't wait.