valley of the dades


Dare say the best picnic lunch I’ve ever had. The location was near the Valley of the Rose, somewhere in the Dades Valley of High Atlas. The weather was not too cold, not too hot, the shade was perfect and there was thick carpet to sit on with pillows. A real Moroccan picnic experience. Everything was brought out fresh including the beef and eggs and cooked by our awesome tour guide and his friend. The omelet was cooked in a tagine pot which I should’ve learned the name.

Derelict Kasbah Architecture, Dades Gorge, Southern Morocco 2016-05-13.

The main road running through the Dades Valley is known as being the ‘road of a thousand kasbahs’, stretching from Ouarzazate to Tinghir as it passes stunning arid gorges and landscapes, which are naturally eroded by the winds from the Sahara desert.

The region offers stunning trekking, hiking, driving and cyclying routes throughout the gorge, oasis palmeries which are built alongside the Oued Dades (Dades river) and the crumbling derelict kasbahs.